Podcast 014 – 2 Vs. 2 Team Game – Davids Vs. The Goliaths

Two heads are better than one!

This week we decided to run a team game for something different.  Aaron, Adam, Kassem and Myself participated in the battle. Everyone brought a 25 point list and then we rolled randomly to see who would be paired up.


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This week’s game was chuck­full of action! Seriously. There was no more room left in that chuck for anything. Had we attempted to add even a thimble of more action to that chuck it surely would have hemorrhaged causing massive internal injuries as bacteria rich bile seaped into the surrounding organs. A chuck is an organ, right? One that doesn’t really do anything? After some light research I’ve discovered “chuck­full” is actually the modern english version of “choke­full”: a person or thing stuffed nearly to the point of choking. I’m sort of surprised that it has its origins in reference to something nearly choking. I thought it would be referring to a chuck wagon that you would affectionately call ‘The Chuck’ if you worked with it everyday as in, “Go down to the barn and grab the chuck to take these crates of bacteria rich bile into market.” I don’t know what a chuck wagon is either. Oh, it’s like a covered wagon. The ones that settlers used to travel west across Canada and the United States. Regardless, if this game had been a living thing and we tried to fit any more action down its throat, it would have vomited bacteria rich bile all over itself.

We decided to try out a  2 vs 2 match in the hopes that we could do it in a reasonable amount of time. Our other two attempts ended badly: both ran way too long and one we just stopped playing because it was so late and an argument erupted about something or rather. To increase the chances we would finish that game at all let alone enjoy it, the turns were 5min with one 3min overage per player (on our second round we changed it to 6min) and the list size was only 25 points.

We rolled to see who the teams would be and after a bunch of re­rolls we determined the teams to be Retribution and Skorne (Team Interloper) vs Mercenaries and Cryx (Team Valkyrie). The scenario that we played was a modified version of Outflank: two 12″ zones placed 24″ from the deployment zones, one 14″ from the left edge and one 14″ from the right edge. Since there were 4 casters (3 casters and 1 warlock, technically) we adjusted the zone control points to 10 for the win instead of 5.

Adam and I won the turn order dice roll and chose to go first however since it was 2 on 2 player order went Mercs, Skorne, Cryx, Retribution.

The Lists

Nick brought a 25 point Issyria list which was focused on Hyperion and getting to fire off 2 Sparkleburst cannon shots each turn.

Magehunter Assassin

Nick was paired up with Kassem who was rocking his Skorne tonight. He had just picked up a big lot of used Skorne models so it looks like he won’t be needing to proxy much any more.

Void Spirit

On other side of the table I was running my steelhead army

Max Steelhead Halbs
Max Steelhead Cavalry
Kayazy Eliminators

I was paired up with Adam playing Cryx.

Max Satyxis Raiders +UA
Max Soulhunters
Pistol Wraith
Warwitch Siren


Kassem and I pre-deployed our Huge bases to the left and right of center.

Aaron deployed first in turn order He put his Cavalry and Battle group near the center of the table and Magnus and the Halberdiers to their left.DSC02687

Kassem deployed his remaining models around his Mammoth.DSC02694

Adam deployed his Soulhunters on the right flank and his Raiders in the middle of the table with the Warwitch Siren and Pistol Wraith.DSC02688

I deployed my Strikeforce in the forest in front of Hyperion, Issyria and the Arcanist beside him and my Assassin I deployed on Kassem’s side of the board to ensure that I would forget to activate her every turn.DSC02691DSC02690

With that we are ready for a brawl.DSC02686

Round 1

Mercs Turn 1 DSC02700– Kayazay run forward.

– Halbardiers runs forward
– Cavalry runs forward
– Magnus advances, casts Bullet Doger on himself
– Since Aaron forgot to assign focus the Nomad and Renegade just advance forward.DSC02699

Skorne Turn 1

– Void spirit runs up
– Gladiator casts animus on mammoth then runs up
– Morghoul casts abuse on mammoth, walks up, casts admonition on gladiator and takes a fury off gladiator.
– Mammoth walks up, takes a shot at a Steelhead Halberdier. And kills a few. Takes 2 more shots with bad deviations.DSC02705
-wilbreaker advances up, and does ancillary on mammoth to make him shoot again. Bad deviation.DSC02702
Cryx Turn 1

– Ashen Veil goes on Raiders
– Raiders move up the boardDSC02711
– Soulhunters spread out far away on their right flank.
– Pistol Wraith run across the table. 
– Cankerworm gets a focus from WWS and runs into the left zone across from the MammothDSC02710

Ret Turn 1

-Issyria moves up, puts IR on Hyperion and blinding lights the Raiders, pops her feat and velocities to the safety of the forest.
-MHSF moves up and kill 5 of the Raiders. 8’s to hit are hard even with Issyria’s feat up.DSC02717
-Hyperion moves up and kills another Raider. Nothing else in range.
-I run out of time before I can activate my assassin.DSC02714

Mercs Turn 2

– assign 1 focus to Renegade and Nomad
– Cavalry charge, one on the Mammoth, the other four on the gladiator after it moves closer (admonition), all do Backswing attacks but only do light damage to both beastsDSC02720
– Nomad runs forward
– Halberdiers runs forward
– Magnus advances
– Renegade advances
– Kayazay run forwardDSC02719

Skorne Turn 2

-Willbreaker does ancillary attack on gladiator and he kills a cavalry model.
-Gladiator activates and kills 3 more cavalry.
-Void spirit charges and kills a few halberdiers.
-Mammoth shoots and kills some more halberdiers.DSC02724
-Morghoul casts admonition on gladiator, counter blast on mammoth, and sheds one fury after tormenting mammoth and then pops his feat.DSC02722

Cryx Turn 2

-Gaspy puts up carnage, hex blasts IR off Hyperion and feats.
-Soulhunters charge MHSFK and kill about 6 of them. Giving Vociferon 3 souls.DSC02728
-Raiders charge the Gladiator but he admonitions out of melee with all but 2 of them who fail to wound him.
-Pistol Wraith moves up and fires on Hyperion but is out of range.
-Cankerworm charges MammothDSC02726
Retribution Turn 2

– Issyria gives 3 to
– Strike force do 2 CMAs on soulhunter but fail to kill. The other one aims and kills the Pistol Wraith.DSC02732
– Hyperion moves up and fired his guns into melee. Killed 1 soulhunter. He fires his Sparkleburst cannon at Vociferon and fails to kill him needing a 6 to kill. Boo!DSC02730

Mercs Turn 3

– Kayazy charge Mage Hunter, one succeeds the other fails, both attacks miss
– Cavalry rally, backswing attack on the Mammoth, both hit, no damage
– Halberdiers charge Void Spirit, pass command check, CMA and kill itDSC02737
– Nomad advances toward Mage Hunter but ends out of range
– Renegade advances
– Magnus pops his feat, cast Bullet Dodger on himself and charges the Mammoth but is way out of rangeDSC02736

Skorne Turn 3

-Willbreak puts puppet master on mammoth
-Mammoth tries to shoot magnus but misses even with puppet master. Magnus bullet dodgers away out of range. He takes a couple more shots at things in melee with him and does light damage.DSC02746
-Gladiator does nothing because of the feat.
-Morghoul puts admonition on himself.DSC02741

Cryx Turn 3

-Gaspy puts up carnage hex blasts off IR
-Soulhunters charge. They kill 4 more MHSF and do light damage to Hyperion.DSC02751
– Raiders did nothing.
-MHSF flees.
-WWS Power boosts Canker
-Canker charges Mammoth does pretty good damageDSC02748

Retribution Turn 3

– Issyria moves up and Anciliaries a Soulhunter to death.
– Hyerion kills 2 more Soulhunter with melee attacks but I forget to get him into the zone.DSC02754

Mercs Turn 4

– assign one focus to Renegade
– Cavalry attacks the Mammoth with Back Swing, does very light damage
– Nomad advances to engage the Mammoth but ends out of rangeDSC02758
– Halberdiers advance, one engages the Mammoth but do no damage
– Magnus casts Bullet Dodger through Renegade onto Mortembrah(?), advances forward
– Renegade advances forward, fires Obliterator at the Gladiator, boosts to hit, hits and knocks it down, does light damage and kills one Mage Hunter caught in the blastDSC02755

Skorne Turn 4

-Morghoul charges the raiders and kills all but one and sprints back towards hyperion
-willbreaker puts puppet master on gladiater
-gladiator slams the bane rider, uses puppet master to reroll his boosted dice, and follows up into the zoneDSC02764
-mammoth bulldozes some models and gets into the zone to contest it.DSC02762DSC02761

Cryx Turn 4

-Gaspy charges the Gladiator and kills it to win on Scenario.DSC02765

So Team Valkyrie pulls out a scenario win after having thrown away most of its army; the battle field reeking of the newly dead and newly re-dead. It was definitely a risky move for Team Interloper to each bring a colossal in a 25 point game just because of lack of attacks however having faced them seemed insurmountable.

6 thoughts on “Podcast 014 – 2 Vs. 2 Team Game – Davids Vs. The Goliaths

  1. Team Interloper? Team Valkyrie? I don’t get it. It’s almost as if the original write up was replaced with the current one.

    • Apparently, Nick was a bit rushed when he did this write up and only “borrowed” part of your full write up for it.

      He has been flogged as a result.

      Thankfully, he has some time these days, and hopefully he can spend a little bit of it to polish up the write up here… I too was wondering where the “Interloper” and “Valkyrie” comments came from!

      • Well, other than the fact that “I” in the first few paragraphs refers to “Aaron”, and then around the underlined “Deployment”, magically “I” because “Nick”. Gong show! Gong show. Gods, who edits this website!?

  2. Actually… I think the model suffers the slam damage /before/ follow-up triggers. Which’d mean that there’d be nothing to follow up to, and so there’d be no follow-up. (AFAIK, tho.)

    • Interesting… I’d have to read the rules more throughly, but I don’t *think* that’s the way it works. Hammersmith’s have a similar rule, and I’m pretty sure they can smash and then follow up, even if the thing dies…

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