Podcast 013 – Well, Sometimes You Forget Stuff and Lose Games.

This weeks Warmachine battle sees the likes of the cold-hearted Khadoran juggernaut charge slowly toward the equally slow but probably less chilly goliath that is Skorne. My opponent Kassem and I decided on a 50pt two list format using 10 minute turns with one 5 minute overage per game. The scenario we played was Fire Support: two flags, one friendly objective a piece (artillery models within 4″ gain boost damage rolls) and Killbox.

Two apologies regarding the audio for this week’s podcast:
1. We somehow managed to lose about 5 minutes of recording. I blame Marc.
2. The audio quality for the first minute or so is sub-standard. It improves right after Nick puts up his hand to talk about news and announcements, though, so I blame Nick.

Kassem’s list was as follows:

– Tiberion
– Molik Karn
– Titan Gladiator
– Archidon
– Aptimus Marketh
Nihilators (full)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (min)
Mort. Will Breaker
Void Spirit
Tyrant Commander (Tycomm)

My list went a little something like this. Actually it went exactly like this:

– War Dog
– Behemoth
– Kodiak
Great Bears
Assualt Kommandos (full)
Iron Fang Kovnik
Doom Reavers
– Greylord Escort
Yuri the Axe
Manhunters (x2)

We rolled for turns and had to do two roll-offs which I eventually won and chose to go second. By the way, whenever I say ‘roll-off’ I think of that TLC show Little People, Big World about that family of midgets. Sorry, that’s not PC. I think they prefer to be called Ugnaughts.


Skorne Turn 1

– everything runs
– gladiator casts animus on himself and runs towards the middle of the board
– aptimus marketh casts rush on tiberion and advances


Khador Turn 1

– Irusk gives 1 focus to Behemoth
– Manhunter runs
– Manhunter runs
– Yuri advances
– Great Bears run, remain in B2B
– Doom Reavers advances forward
– Widowmakers advance, fire at a dude, do light damage
– IFK advances, gives Shield March to Assault Kommandos
– Assualt Kommandos advance in Shield Wall
– Kodiak runs foward
– Behemoth runs forward
– Irusk advances, casts Superiority on Kodiak, casts Inhospitable Ground


Skorne Turn 2

– some shit goes down
– Void Spirit charges Yuri and kills him
– tycom issues press forward battle plan on nihilators and advances up
– nihilators charge the doom reavers, some stay back, a couple run and tie up a widow maker
– morghoul advances over and casts rush on tiberion, admonition on himself
– aptimus marketh abuses tiberion
– paingivers enrage tiberion and molik karn
– willbreaker runs up to make sure tiberion can be forced
– tiberion charges khador jack and wrecks it
– molik karn charges man hunter? puts animus on his self but runs out of time
– archidon runs up


Khador Turn 2

– Irusk gives 2 focus to Behemoths sub cortex
– Manhunter charges incaporial dude and kills him
– Doom Reavers attack dudes in front of them, kill ONE GUY ONLY
– Assault Kommandos charge dudes engaing Doom Reavers, pass command check, (abomination) kill two or three, some of them tough
– Widowmakers stand and shoot, one shooting into combat misses and kills a Widowmaker, the others manage to kill one
– IFK runs into B2B with the flag
– Behemoth advances forward fires to a dude twice boosting to hit both times, does light damage and blast kills a dude
– Irusk advances out of Killbox, casts Battle Lust on Great Bears
– Great Bears charge a beast, all do back swing attacks killing it and doing light damage to a another beast in range of the last backswing attack
– I used my 5 min overage for this turn
– Khador 1 – 0


Skorne Turn 3

– nihilators annihilate the doom reavers and over half the assault commandos.
– archidon animuses and charges assault kommando, kills it and flies over to irusk
– tycom gives morg +2 movement
– morghoul charges own guy, kills him, gets into range of molik so he can cast fate walker on himself and pops feat
– molik karn kills 2 great bears. they pass 3 tough rolls? 1 dies
– will breaker does ancillary attack on molik karn and he kills another bear
– gladiator runs up
– Khador scores another point for flag control plus two more because Morghoul was outside the KillBox
– Khador 4 – 0


Khador Turn 3

– end my turn immediately
– score another point for flag control
– Khador 5 – 0

So… yeah. Khador wins by brilliantly throwing itself into the jaws of the Skorne front lines to later claim triumphant victory by capitalizing on an egregious error. Really, Kassem beat me and I only narrowly won by holding out hope that with a few unlucky rolls I could win through attrition. However, we did some ‘rabbit chasing’ at the end of the game and even if I hadn’t won by scenario that turn, on his following turn Kassem wasn’t able to kill Irusk while he was camping all his focus so there was a actually a chance for me to win by assassination. I can only dream.

4 thoughts on “Podcast 013 – Well, Sometimes You Forget Stuff and Lose Games.

    • Hey, I did make a mistake, I used overcome on the nihilators for path finder. You can charge when issued a press forward battle plan, you just can’t use that extra speed for the charge. In morghouls case, I only used the +2 speed for his fatewalker movement. His charge was only 10″

  1. Haha, OK! Glad to hear it was all done correctly. It just came out like that in text and every opportunity to learn is a good one ^^

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