Podcast 016 – Khador vs Retribution, Vlad3 vs Issyria: Retribution is Magical…

This week on the podcast we are reporting on a battle between my Retribution forces and Aaron’s Khador.DSC02853

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I told Aaron upfront that I was definitely going to be taking Issyria. I also knew I wanted to try out Destors because of the Issyria challenge thread on the Ret forums. I also had just happened to finish my epic My Little Pony Destors conversion so they were definitely going to be in my list the rest I still had to figure out. I went with:

Max HG Halbs + UA
Max Destors
HG Thane
Aiyanna & Holt

Aaron chose to go with Vlad3

Max AKs + 2 Flamethrowers
Iron Fang Kovnik
Battle Mechanics
Great Bears


Retribution Turn 1

Turn 1 Arcanist goes and pops a focus to Hyperion.
Hyperion runs up as far as he can go.
Houseguard Thane puts Desperate Pace on the Halberdiers and they run up the board 14″ and spread out across the middle of table.
Destors run up spreading out in left zone.
MHSF runs up spreading out between the forest the Widowmakers were hiding in.
Aiyanna and Holt walk up and stealth.
Issyria floats up and puts Inviolable Resolve on Hyperion and admonition on herself.DSC02857DSC02859DSC02860Khador Turn 1

Widowmakers move up and kill 1 Magehunter another one takes a shot but is out of Stealth ranage so the last 2 fire on Halberdiers and they manage to kill 1 of them.
Conquest moves up kills 2 magehunters with an AoE and puts creeping barrage templates down in front of the Halberdiers.
Iron Fang Kovnik puts shield march on Assault Kommandos.
Assault Kommanodos move up in shield wall.
Spriggan runs up to the edge of the hill.
Great Bears run up on the middle of the hill.
Vlad moves up and puts infernal machine on Conquest.
Mechaniks move up behind Conquest.DSC02862DSC02865DSC02866Retribution Turn 2

Mage hunter Strikeforce goes first. Most of them aim and I fire on the Widowmakers.  I still only take out 3 of them because of terrible attack rolls.
Hyperion moves up and fires his big gun at the Assault Kommandos.  The shot is out of range and it scatter into the open. He fires on the conquest with his Thresher cannons and does little more than scratch the paint.
Issyria puts Crusader’s Call up and fires another Sparkleburst shot at the Assault Kommands but it also scatters wide.
Houseguard Thane puts Desperate Pace on Halberdiers again.
Halberdiers charge in. 3 of them get into melee with Assault Kommandos. I kill 1 of them. The rest run and I try to get some up in Conquest’s face to tie him up and generally be a nuisance.
I run out of time before I can activate My Destors or A&h. which sucks a lot because the Destors were in threat range to take out the Great Bears and A&H Really needed to be up the board for my next turn which was probably going to be feat turn.

DSC02869 DSC02871 DSC02872 DSC02874

Khador Turn 2
Conquest moved up and fired his big gun at Hyperion and put templates down in front of of the Strikeforce.
The last Widowmaker killed a halberdier.
Assault Kommandos charged halberdiers. They missed al their charge attacks because of set defense but they made most of their off hand attacks for the kill. They killed about 4 of them.
Spriggan moved up and missed a Halberdier then killed one.
Great bears charged into my Destors killing Rainbow dash, Pinkypie and Rarity
Mechanics shuffle up Behind Conquest

DSC02875DSC02877 DSC02878

Retribution Turn 3
Arcanist puts Concentrated Power on Hyperion.
Issyria moves up behind Hyperion and feats then fire the Sparkleburst cannon at the objective. It hits and does 7 damage to the objective and kills 3 Assault Kommandos and the Iron Fang Kovnik in the blast.
My 2 remaining Destors charge the Great Bears. Twighlight Sparkle’s impact attack kills Volkov who toughs. Applejack’s impact attacks kill Yarovich who toughs but fails to kill Korsk. Both of their charge attacks are successful and Volkov and Yarovich are killed when their tough rolls fail.
Halberdiers shuffle around and kill a bunch of Assault Kommandos. The Soulless swings on Korsk but doesn’t kill him.
MHSF move around the creeping barrage templates and fire on Conquest. With feat up almost all of them do at least 1 point of damage and do a great job of softening him up.
Hyperion charges Conquest and finally kills him on his very last attack.

DSC02879DSC02883 DSC02884 DSC02885 Khador Turn 3

Assault Kommandos failed their Kommand check last turn so they just reposition to keep Vlad safe.
Mechanics line up as a meat shield between hype and the Kommandos
Great bears kills another Destor.
Spriggan charges in and finishes off the last Destor
Vlad moves over on to the hill on his right flank.

DSC02886DSC02888 DSC02889Retribution Turn 4

In my turn issyria floats into the zone and sparkle burst cannon kills the objective and I win with 5 CPs.

Victory to Retribution!

Thoughts on the Battle:

This is my first win with Issyria.  I am warming up to her a little bit but I still don’t think she is ever going to be my favourite caster. (Kaelyssa still holds that throne) I like her potential so I am going to do more playtesting to see how she meshes with my playstyle.

We both made lots of mistakes in the game, which we discuss at length in the podcast, but suffice it to say that this wasn’t the most competitive game out there.

Be sure to leave any comments, criticisms and mockery below.


Feat Use: 4

Tactics: 3

Scenario Awareness: 2

Luck: 3

Time Use: 2
Derptitude: 2


Feat Use: N/A

Tactics: 3

Scenario Awareness: 2

Luck: 3

Time Use: 4

Derptitude: 2

8 thoughts on “Podcast 016 – Khador vs Retribution, Vlad3 vs Issyria: Retribution is Magical…

  1. Forgot to mention it during the podcast, but I love the contrast between the grimy, dirty, rusty-covered Khador of Aaron, and the pristine, colourful Destors that Nick fielded. Some particularly good pictures this time around, gentlemen!

  2. Yay! Nice to see a win with Issyria.

    And great work on the My Little Destors. They look amazing on the table next to the rest of the army. I’m very tempted by Destors now. I definitely agree that IR should start on them. Getting them up to Arm 21 will make a big difference, though probably not against Great Bears.

    • Hmmm… running them into engage the Great Bears with IR will… probably… keep most of them safe. Lemme think… dice – 7 on 3d6 is about 3 points of damage per swing? Tricky… if you can engage all 3 fo the Bears with 2 Destors, that should be fine, because the following turn your remaining 3 will wipe them out. But is that a *good* use of your cavalry…?

      Interesting to think about, though.

      • I’d trade 2-3 Destors for the Great Bears. Depending on positioning, I might be happy to lose the whole unit to them if it took them 2-3 turns to chew through. Those guys will scrap a Colossal with the right support. Without support, they still kill heavies without much trouble.

  3. I honestly haven’t seen too much of Issyria’s card for her feat, but I think it differs from Signs and portents. From what I have seen though, don’t you get to choose which dice you discard with Issyria, instead of discarding the lowest? It could allow for better Crit fishing.

    • That’s correct. Usually you are going to be dropping the lowest but if you are fishing for crits it can come in handy.

  4. Another thing I kind of wanted to post was for Aaron. If he really wants to get that conquest into melee with something, I highly recommend using pVlad with the Conquest. 10″ basic threat on feat turn, and up to a possible 15″ threat. It works quite well

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