Podcast 020 – Retribution Vs. Skorne – Don't Take My Word for it.

This week I am matched up against Kassem who is playing his Skorne.  We both make 2 lists that we were working on for an upcoming tournament…

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I brought a Tier 4 eVyros list with Lots of Griffons and Destors and a Ravyn list that I wanted to try out against his Skorne to see how it handled the armour.

Max HG Halberdiers + UA
Max HG Riflemen + UA
HG Thane
Aiyanna & Holt

The idea behind this list is I get bunch of high-power shots in with Hyperion and CRAs with the Riflemen

His lists were a Xerxis brick list and a Makeda3 list:

Makeda + The Exhalted Court
*Cyclops Raider
*Molik Karn
Max Beast Handlers
Tyrant Commander and Standard
IMG_2826 copy

IMG_2830 copy IMG_2831 copy

Skorne Turn 1

-Void Spirit Runs up.
-Cyclops moves up and farstrikes the Mammoth.
-Mammoth moves up and fires shot off at the MHSF but they all deviate wide put and it put counterblast on itself.
-Makeda and her unit advance up the board.
-Molik Karn runs up on the hill.
-Tyrant Commander advances up behind Makeda.
-Gladiator ran up the board behind Makeda.
-Beast Handlers move up and whip fury off the Raider.

IMG_2835 copy IMG_2833 copy

Retribution Turn 1

-HG Thane Moves up and puts Desperate Pace on Halberdiers
-Halberdiers run forward
-Arcanist moves up and pops a focus to Hyperion
-Hyperion runs up to the river
-Riflemen move up behind the Halberdiers
-Stormfalls move up behind them.
-Aiyanna and Holt move up and Aiyanna gives magic weapons to the MHSF
-MHSF moves up and spreads out and kills the Void Spirit.
-Ravyn moved up and gave snipe to Hyperion

IMG_2837 copy

Skorne Turn 2

-Cyclops puts farstrike on the Mammoth
-Mammoth moves up fires some shots off at Halberdiers. He get some good deviations and kills 6 of them and 1 rifleman.
-TyCom gave +2 move to Makeda and her unit
-Makeda and her unit advance forward. Makeda Fatewalkers herself
-Molik Karn advances forward on the hill.
-Gladiator runs up behind Makeda
-Beast Handlers move up and whip some fury off the Cyclops and the Mammoth.

IMG_2842 copy IMG_2843 copy

Ret Turn 2

-Ravyn upkeeps Snipe on Hyperion and gives him 2 focus
-Hyperion fires a Sparklebusrt shot at Molik Karn but it gets shield guarded by one of the Exhalted court who is killed the blast also puts a point of damage on the objective.
-Hyperion fires all his thresher cannon shots at Molik Karn but has to re-roll a bunch of the shots because of the intuition rule on Molik Karn.
-HG Thane gives desperate pace to Halberdiers
-Halberdiers charge 3 get range on Molik Karn and put about 15 damage on hi with a pretty sweet mini-feated CMAed charge damage roll. They also had to re-roll their first attack roll from intuition but after that Karn was full. One get a charge on the gladiator and does a point or 2 of damage.
-Riflemen move up and do a 9-man CRA into Karn and finish him off.
-Stormfalls move up and one tries to shoot the Mammoth but is out of range with a Snipe shot so there is not much point.
-Aiyanna and Holt move up and stealth themselves
-Strike Force moves up and manage to kill 1 beast handler.

IMG_2846 copy IMG_2847 copy

Skorne Turn 3
-Cyclops puts Farstrike on the Mammoth moved up and fired at a MHSF but missed due to stealth. (Only ignores it when he’s aiming)
-Makeda activates and feats. Her unit charges. 1 kills a Halberdier. She charges a MHSF and kills it, blood boons an eliminator onto another MHSF which allows her to move a bit. She killed another MHSF with an eliminator and moved a bit and killed a forth MHSF with a third eliminator.
-Mammoth moved up and his first shot hit a rifleman also killing 2 stormfalls, shot again hitting another rifleman and killing another Stormfall and Aiyanna. He put counterblast on himself. I think there was a 3rd shot in there that killed some more Riflemen.
-Gladiator moved up and killed another Halberdier
-Beast Handlers moved up and whipped fury off the Mammoth and 1 killed a Halberdier.

IMG_2848 copy IMG_2849 copy

Ret Turn 3
-Ravyn upkeeps Snipe and gives 2 to Hype.
-Ravyns moves up and pops her feat.
-Arcanist moves out of Hyperion’s way.
-Hyperion moves up and kills the last Exhalted Court dude with one of his Threshers. Fires his Sparkleburst Cannon at the Gladiator and it misses. On Ravyn’s feat turn. He fires all the Thresher shot at the Gladiator doing minor damage.
-Thane gives desperate pace to Riflemen.
-Riflemen advance and do an 8-man CRA on the Gladiator I roll boxcars for damage which does 11 point. Not bad.
-Holt moves up and fires twice on the Gladiator. He hits both shots which is a momentous occasion on its own but both shots fail to break armour.
-Stormfall fire brutal shot on Gladiator and fails to break armour.
-MHSF move over. This triggers a counterblast from the Mammoth. He misses the MHSF but it deviate onto the MHSF UA, the HG Thane and a Rifleman. The rifleman dies but both the Thane and the UA make it. The MHSF fire on beast handlers and kill another one.

IMG_2855 copy IMG_2853 copy

Skorne Turn 4

-Cyclops aims, puts Farstrike on the Mammoth and fires at a MHSF and misses.
-Mammoth aims and fire off a bunch of AoEs. All together it kills about 5 riflemen and the Halb Standard.
-TyCom and Standard charge in. The Com kills a Magehunter and the Standard kills a rifleman.
-Makeda advanced over and killed the HG Thane.
-Beasthandlers move up. 1 whips some fury off the Mammoth and 1 heals the Gladiator for 3 points.

IMG_2857 copy

Ret Turn 4
-Stormfall aims and brutal shots the Gladiator for a bit of damage.
-Riflemen go. They aim and kill 2 Beast Handlers.
-Holt moves up and fires at the Gladiator but can’t break armour.
-Hyperion moves up and just toes into the zone. Sparkleburst hit Gladiator and does serious damage. I roll 4 total shots on threshers and they all go into the Gladiator. He dies on the 3rd shot.
-My last 2 halbs charged the Objective and did 6 damage.
-Ravyn hid behind Hyperion.

IMG_2861 copy

Skorne Turn 5

-Cylops aims and boost his shot to kill the last MHSF. He puts farstrike on the Mammoth.
-Mammoth Aims and kills the Rifleman UA with 1 shot and the Halberdier UA with another last shot deviates wide.
-TyCom charges Holt and misses because of the obstruction.
-Makeda moves onto the bridge and kills the last Stormfall and bloodboons a Ground zero on herself that kills Holt.

IMG_2865 copy

Ret Turn 5
-Rifleman tries to shoot a Beast Handler but he is out of range.
-Hyperion moves up and kills the TyCom with one of his Threshers. The rest of his shots go into the Mammoth and do about 10 damage or so.
-Ravyn runs behind Hyperion.
-The last Halberdier runs in to jam the Mammoth.

IMG_2869 copy

Skorne Turn 6
-Cyclops frenzied and killed a Beast Handler.
-Makeda put Vortex of Destruction on herself and charged Hyperion doing a shit ton of damage (about half).
-Mammoth goes and fires on Hyperion and is able to wreck it with the very last shot down to the exact number of boxes.

IMG_2871 copy

Ret Turn 6
-Rifleman goes first and tries to ping a shot at Makeda and he misses.
I know my only chance here (and it’s not a good one) is to kill Makeda.

Luckily, I’ve been upkeeping Vortex of Destruction most of the game since I really didn’t have anything better to do with my focus.

Unluckily, I have a wreck marker directly betweeen Ravyn and Makeda there is no way I can get to her without laying down a veil of mists over the rough terrain. This sucks because it take a bad assassination run and makes it a hell of a lot worse. Ravyn with full focus would struggle to kill Makeda with 1 transfer. Ravyn with 2 focus is barely worth trying. But it’s all I have so I go ahead.

-Ravyn puts down the veil of mists. Since she is in the Vortex I figure hitting the charge attack doesn’t matter especially so I decide to go for 3 attacks. I need 8’s to hit and I miss all 3 attacks.

IMG_2872 copy

Skorne Turn 7
-Makeda slices Ravyn in twain and has a good laugh about it in the office next day.

IMG_2874 copy

Skorne Victory.

Thoughts on the battle.
-This was a test to see how well Ravyn could handle a Skorne Match-up. It wasn’t as bad as I expected. Most of my stuff died because I had such poor positioning that the Mammoth was able to kill 6-8 infantry models almost every turn.
-Hyperion + Riflemen are a potent package that can pack a potentially powerful punch.
-Riflemen have been a somewhat maligned unit in Ret for a long time and its clear they have potential even disregarding the boost they got from the HG Thane this year.
-My assassination run was so improbable that I probably should have just run away maybe put a Veil of Mists down somewhere I was in charge range of Makeda but she was out of Advance range.


Feat Use:  2
Tactics: 2
Scenario: 3
Luck: 4
Time Use: 5
Derptitude: 2

Feat Use: 2
Tactics: 3
Scenario: 3
Luck: 2
Time Use: 5
Derptitude: 1

8 thoughts on “Podcast 020 – Retribution Vs. Skorne – Don't Take My Word for it.

  1. Kassem is pretty boss. I love what he’s doing with his skorne. I hope he crushes more smelly elves in the neat future!

    • I don’t!! Down with Skorne!!

      Kassem is a great opponent in that he always like to try interesting things. This is true for his Retribution army as well as for his Skorne. Some stuff works out better than others but he always likes to play with janky armies and it can be a lot of fun no matter the outcome.

      • Out of our entire group, Kassem’s really the one that approaches the game MOST like a game… win, lose… he doesn’t care. It’s a blast to play against him!

        And he’s getting *better*… a few months ago, I would crush him with 1 hand tied behind my back and only using d5s for all my attacks. These days? If I’m not bringing my A-game, he’s going to make me pay for it!

  2. I heard a lot of guff about Makeda 3’s Feat here, but it’s a very solid one. The dream scenario is that you’ll get Train Wreck onto Molik, and kill your opponent’s entire infantry game in one turn (this happened for me once a week after Makeda 3 was released). The reality is that Makeda will do about twice the amount of damage she normally can, and the beasts will do between 50% more and double the damage they could do, depending on positioning. It tends to swing the attrition game solidly in Skorne’s favor.

    I haven’t played with or against pVyros yet, so I’m not sure how good the comparison is. I suspect that Skorne’s love of large battlegroups (my current list is running 4 lights and 3 heavies) combined with various ways to get mid-activation movement make Makeda’s Feat more useful for Skorne than Vyros’ is for Ret. It will be interesting to see if Imperatus changes that up for pVyros. Overall, it looks like a huge buff for him.

    Also, rivers are the worst to have to deal with. I feel your pain Nick.

    • I’ve faced Makeda3 once, but I managed to trump her Feat by obliterating all her warbeasts before she could use it… so I’ve yet to be on the receiving end of it. She does seem like a very legitimate warlock, though, and damnably hard to kill.

      Rivers… well, it depends on where they are on the board. But usually, yes, they’re a pain in the butt. Nick really picked the wrong side of the table, though. But these things happen sometimes.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. I was surprised that the Skorne List had no Bronzeback – because Makeda3’s feat + Eliminator + Beat Back = Nonsense

    @Nick: Vyros1’s feat is very comparable, but Retribution can’t hand out Beat Back. Imperatus will love it, and an Aspis has Beat Back, but he’s only POW 14 (with Concentrated Power)…
    It still would be awesome to see an Aspis mimick a Bronzeback. Could be a very potent crowd-control (anti-cryx) option for Vyros1.

    • All good points.

      Another key difference is that Vyros can’t keep the focus for himself like Makeda can. He has to allocate it. All things considered Makeda3 makes far better use of the feat than pVyros but I’m looking forward to trying him out with Imperatus and a couple Aspises.

      • I guess if Vyros1 could gain the focus himself, nobody would call that feat (or ‘Caster) bad ever again. Even though… the real deal about such a feat is Beat Back, which he does have, so he’d have to resort to spamming Eliminator and… he did have Stranglehold, didn’t he?

        At any rate, it still wouldn’t be all the awesome it’s on Makeda3.

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