Podcast 023 – Menoth vs Circle, Harbinger vs eKrueger: Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires!

This week we played some preparation games for an upcoming tournament being held in Southern Ontario (named, perhaps not coincidentally, the “Southern Ontario Open”).

The tournament itself is a qualifier for the Canadian World WarMachine Tournament team… but we’re not competing in that portion of the tournament. No, we humble Combo Smite hosts will be competing in the “Youngbloods” portion of the tournament… a 32-man, 35 point two list event.


In the random draw we played, I ended up facing off against Gaven and his forces of the Circle Oroboros (did I add too many “o”s to that name? Whatev’…). Gaven was rocking an eKrueger and an eMorvahna list… while I was hoping to get some practice with my eFeora list (which I am still less comfortable with than I am the Harbinger…) the clutch-piece of that list is the fire-spawning-missiles of the Redeemer… which is enormously less effective against eKrueger.

Give the podcast a listen, and/or read on to see how the battle worked out!

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While I wasn’t certain that Gaven was going to take eKrueger, I *did* know that I couldn’t risk it… which meant taking my new, improved, and radically different Harbinger list out for a spin!

My list

The Harbinger of Menoth
– Devout
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard
Exemplar Errant Seneschal
Exemplar Bastions (max)
Exemplar Bastion Seneschal
Exemplar Cinerators
Covenant of Menoth
Rhupert Carvolo

I’ve just started painting my Bastions (they’re about 30% finished, which is the limit of what I will allow myself to play on the table…), and couldn’t wait to add some additional infantry to my Harby list. Historically, I run Harby very warjack heavy, but I also tend to get her assassinated, so the whole purpose of this list is to get the heck up the table, start scoring Control Points, and keep the Harbinger camping as much Focus as possible to make her as impossible to assassinate as possible.
Is it a good list? That depends… if we’re going to be playing Deathclock at the tournament, then yes! If it’s Timed Turns… maybe not so much…

Gaven’s List:

Kruegar the Stormlord (eKrueger, Krueger2)
– Warpwolf Stalker
– Feral Warpwolf
Skinwalkers (max)
– Skinwalker Alpha
– Nuala (Character UA)

Gaven’s list was basically his 50 point list with 15 points of support hacked out. No Stones, no Lord of the Feast, no Gorax… also, interestingly, he had fewer models on the table than me! This is interesting mostly because I don’t think I have EVER outnumbered an opponent before!

Also, I had as many Weaponmasters (18) on the table as Gaven had *models*… hee hee hee…


I deployed my forces in a long Rochambeau line, trying to keep all of them away from the rough terrain and forests that would slow my already glacially-slow Cinerators and Bastions.
Bastions and their Senny went on my right flank, followed by the Harbinger and her Devout in the middle, and then the Cinerators on the right. Rhupert and the Book were both stuck behind the Harbinger (no other space for them!), and the Errants eventually Advanced Deployed in the middle of the table.
The plan was to rush up, pop my Feat, and then start dominating whichever flag was most poorly contested. And not to have Harbinger assassinated. That was important!


Gaven deployed both warbeasts on his left, Krueger next to them, Skinwalkers next to him, and Bloodtrackers AD across from the Cinerators (who are their Prey).
Menoth Turn

2 Focus to Devout
Errants run forward and spread out.
Devout uses “Spell Ward” and runs forward.
Harbinger casts “Crusader’s Call”, charges forward.
Cinerators and Bastions all Charge.
Rupert moves forward, gives Errants Tough.
Book walks up and says “No Knockdown”



Circle Turn 1

Bloodtrackers activate, run forward.
Skinwalkers run forward, spread out.
Stalker warps for Stealth, runs up a little.
Feral warps for Armour, runs towards the right.
Krueger casts “Stormwall” (-5″ RNG, direct AoEs)

DSC03112 DSC03111 DSC03110
Menoth Turn 2

1 Focus allocated to Devout.
Errants walk forward. They open fire on all the things, but only 1 Bloodtracker is in range. Hits and kills.
Harbinger activates, walks forward, pops Feat. Casts “Crusader’s Call” again.
Devout walks up, uses “Spell Ward”
Cinerators charge Bloodtrackers (9″ with C’ Call). Front 2 get range on 2 Bloodtrackers, third is just out of range and fails charge, other two just run up. Both successful charges hit, explode ‘Trackers (nothing within 1″).
Bastions charge up behind the Errants.
Rupert moves up, gives Errants Tough again.
Book walks up, says “No Knockdown”.

DSC03116 DSC03115 DSC03114

Circle Turn 2

Gaven verbalizes how much he hates Harby’s Feat.
Then he does it again.
Then, to mix it up, he talks about how broken the Feat is.
Then he launches into exposition about all the Feats that are better than Harbinger’s Feat in Circle (apparently none) and all the ways he can “deal with Harby’s Feat” (apparently no way possible).
Krueger pulls in Fury back to full, and we start.
Bloodtrackers shift sideways, throw pointy sticks at Cinerators, kill 2 out of Harby’s Martyr range, then kills 1 which Harby then Martyrs. Forgets or choose not to Reform.
Skinwalkers activate and Charge. First charges forward successfully, takes 6 points of damage (ARM18 against POW14). Second Skinwalker charges forward, takes 2 Damage, third charges and takes no damage, Alpha and last Skinwalkers stand pat. Skinwalkers that charged are within AWE range, but hit a few times: one Errant Toughs 3 times and then is Martyr’d, other is missed twice.
Stalker warps for Stealth, moves towards Krueger.
Feral warps for ARM, moves forward, takes 6 points of damage, forces himself to heal 2 damage.
Kruegar teleports forward 2″ to get into the Killbox. Casts “Stormwall” again.

DSC03119 DSC03118 DSC03117

Menoth Turn 3

So far… so good.
1 Focus to Devout.
Rupert moves up, gives Errants Tough again.
Errants walks forward and shuffle around. Take swings at the 3 Skinwalkers nearby, killing all of them, but everything is out of range for Quickwork shots (stupid Stormwall!).
Exemplar Seneschal runs towards my flag to make sure it will be contested.
Bastions Charge Gaven’s Objective. First 2 obliterate it.
Harby activates, casts “Crusader’s Call”, charges a Bastion but intentionally fails in B2B with Gaven’s Flag.
Cinerators charge Nuala and a few more Bloodtrackers… 11″ charges from Crusader’s Call and “Relentless Advance”. 2 get on Nuala, 1 goes towards the group near the stone wall. First swing misses Nuala, second Cinerator hits solidly and vapourizes her, catches 1 more Bloodtracker on fire (woo!), last one hits and kills another.
Devout moves towards Harby, but she’s charged too far away for me to get B2B with her. So no “Spell Ward”.
Book walks up. I debate on whether to do “No Spells” or “No Knockdown”… decide to go “No Knockdown”.
I score 3CPs (1 for destroying Objective, 2 for Dominating Flag).

DSC03121 DSC03120

Circle Turn 3

Gaven starts his turn by grumbling about Harby’s Feat again. He briefly considers surrendering, but decides to try for the Assassination run.
Krueger pulls in full Fury.
Remaining Skinwalkers charge Errants. 6 attacks later, he’s killed 2 Errants (Self-Sac’d, just in case).
Bloodtrackers activate, shuffle around and throw pointy sticks at my Cinerators… kills 2 of them, leaves the last on 3 boxes.
Stalker warps for Berserk. Charges Errants (who are DEF14 due to AWE). Charge attack hits (Tough’d). Second attack misses. Third attack misses. Fourth attack hits (Martyr’d). Fifth attack hits (Toughs).
Feral charges Errants, warps for Strength. Misses charge attack. Hits 2nd attack (Tough). Misses all other attacks.
Krueger activates and flies forward. Is right at the edge of 10″ (just within range) and opens fire on Harby: RAT6 against DEF16.
First attack, boosts to hit… misses (rolls a 9).
Buys attack, boosts to hit… hits! I shuffle it over to the Shield Guarding Devout (does no damage).
Buys attack, boosts to hit… hits! Boosts damage… POW12 against ARM20 (camping 6 Focus)… she’s got 10 hitpoints… if Gaven rolls 6,6,6 he’ll take the game…

He rolls… a 9. Inflicting a single point of damage.
He ends his turn, I get 2 more points for Dominating “his” flag, bringing the total to 5-0 for Menoth…

Victory to Menoth!
DSC03127 DSC03126 DSC03125 DSC03124

Game End

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