Podcast 024 – Retribution Vs. Skorne – Ossyan Vs. pMorghoul

It was my turn to be on the podcast this week.  We have started doing random pairings in our gaming group lately which I like because it reduces the chance of getting listed. I was matched against Kassem this week.  I hope you guys aren’t get too sick of seeing Ret V.s Skorne.

IMG_2973 We all brought two 35 pt lists in preparation for the upcoming “Youngbloods” tournament taking place alongside the Southern Ontario Open master’s event. My lists were eVyros and Ossyan.  Kassem’s were pMorghoul and Xerxis.

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Kassem brought a Xerxis tier list with MOAR cataphracts and the follow pMorghoul List:

*Titan Gladiator
*Cyclops Raider
Min Beast Handlers
Extoller Soulward

I brought a new 35pt eVyros non-tier Griffon spam list and the following Ossyan list:

Max HG Halberdiers + UA
Max HG Riflemen + UA
Stormfall Archers
Aiyanna & Holt
HG Thane

I picked my Ossyan list because I thought the Xerxis list would tear apart the jacks in my eVyros list pretty easily. With Aiyanna and Ossyan feat and some HG Rilfe CRAs if figure I will have enough firepower to get the job done.

We were playing the scenario Close quarters (2 flags, 1 friendly 1 enemy, 1 to control enemy flag, 2 to dominate, 1 to dominate friendly flag.  kill box).   Kassem won the starting die roll and chose first turn.  So I picked the side of the table with the couch, obviously, because it’s comfy.  No really, since this was a relatively sparse table for us I didn’t see a major advantage on either side and I didn’t really want to deal with the forest with all my non-pathfinder infantry.


Kassem deployed his Mammoth on his right flank just to the left of the forest. The will Breaker an cyclops went next to him. The Soulward and Morghoul went to his left and Marketh and Gladiator were on the left side.  Beasthandlers fell in behind the line.


I deployed in a layered line formation with HG Halberdiers in a single rank across the middle of the board with the HG Thane to their right. Behind them were the Riflemen, the the Stormfalls with Aiyanna and Holt. Ossyan went on the right side of the brick with the Banshee and his Arcanist



Skorne Turn 1

-Marketh moves up and puts abuse on the Gladiator
-Gladiator runs forward
-Morghoul moved up puts abuse and rush on the Mammoth
-Mammoth ran
-Cyclops moved behind the Mammoth and farstruck him
-Willbreaker moved up and did anciliary attack on one of my Halberdiers the Mammoth missed and it deviated short.
-The Beasthandlers moved up and healed the abuse damage off the Mammoth.

IMG_2967 IMG_2968

Retribution Turn 1

-Ossyan walks up and put Quicken on the Halberdiers, Shatterstorm on the Riflemen and Admonition on the Banshee.
-Arcanist pops focus to the Banshee
-The Banshee runs forward and skoches in front of Ossyan.
-HG Thane advances and puts Desperate Pace on the Halberdiers
-Halberdiers shieldwall forward 11″ Should have been 13″ but I added up all my bonuses wrong.Probably for the best as I’m already in threat range of the Mammoth’s guns and a Gladiator charge.
-Riflemen run and spread out behind the halberdiers.
-Stormfalls spread out
-Holts run forward couragously, Aiyanna runs forward cautiously.




Skorne Turn 2

-Cyclops advances through the forward and tries to take a shot at a Halberdier but is out of range and he farstrikes the Mammoth.
-Willbreaker moves up and ancilliaries the Mammoth. It deviates onto 4 Halberdiers but shieldwall saves 3 of them. 1 with the blast in his back dies.
-Mammoth shot 3 times at all my shit. He got some bad deviations and the models he hit were mostly saved by shieldwall. He ended up killing 1 Halberdier, 1 rifleman and the Halberdier standard.
-Morghoul moves up and abuses the Gladiator
-Beasthandlers ove up and 1 enrages the Gladiator and the others whip fury off the Mammoth.
-Marketh moved up and put Admonition on the Gladiator
-Gladiator charges in on the Halberdiers. Misses his charge attack and both initial attacks. He buys 1 more attack and kills 1 halberdier.



Retribution Turn 2

-I allocate 3 to the Banshee and up keep Admonition and Shatter storm.
-Halberdiers get a charge order. First I run 1 of them around behind the Gladiator to trigger admonition. Kassem takes the bait and shuffle a couple inches away from the scary looking Banshee.
6 of them charge the Gladiator and 3 charge the Mammoth.
-The 6 on the Gladiator split into 2 man pods (PS16 on 19 is dice minus 3) and do decent damage.
-the 3 on the Mammoth do a single 3 man CMA and do a bit of damage.
-The Banshee get concentrated power from the Arcanist and charges in on the Gladiator. His charge attack kills it and I Marx 2 focus.
-Ossyan quickened himself and advance towards the middle of the table until he caught the mammoth in his control area and feated.
-Aiyanna and holt went next and Aiyanna tried to moved up to kiss the Mammoth but was a hair out of range. So holt just shot him 2 twice and actually hit and damaged both times even without the feat die. Rolled boxcars for 1 of his damage rolls.
-Stormfalls moved up and did snipe shots because they were definitely too far away to hit brutal shots.
-Riflemen did 2 5man CRAs on the Mammoth and did pretty sweet damage. 1st shot did 6 pts and the second I rolled 666 and did 11 damage.






Skorne Turn 3

-Cyclops farstrikes the Mammoth and tried to shoot a Halberdier engaging thew Mammoth he misses and randomizes to the Mammoth but doesn’t wound.
-Willbreaker moved up and ancilliaried the Mammoth. AoE clipped 1 halberdier but didn’t break armour.
-Mammoth brought the pain
-1st shot scatter long and kills 3 Riflemen and 1 Stormfall.
-2nd shot at Holt missed and scatter nowhere
-3rd shot at rifleman in front of holt and hits him killing and boosting to kill Holt. didn’t break armour on a Halberdier and a Rifleman.
-Morghoul charged in and cut through the clump of halberdiers in front of my Banshee. Missesd his charge attack needing 7 and also missed a bunch of bought attacks needing 5’s. Ended up kill 4 Halberdiers and popping his feat in my face.
-Marketh moved up and put admonition on Morghoul.
-Beasthandlers moved up and whipped fury off the Cyclops.





Retribution Turn 3

-Kept all my focus for obvious reasons.
-Aiyanna went first and kissed the Mammoth.
-Stormfalls went first and did brutal shots at the Mammoth. At dice minus 6 with 3 dice they did some pretty sweet damage.
-The 3 Halberdiers engaging the Mammoth did a 3 man CMA and managed to finish off the Mammoth down to the last point. The other swung at Morghoul and missed.
-Banshee backed away from Morghoul to get out of Melee. The freestrike failed to break armour. He shot at morghould and missed. Also missed the Halberdier engaging him.
-Ossyan aimed at Morghoul and missed as well.
-HG Thane put Desperate pace o the riflemen for no reason.
-Riflemen moved up. Morghoul Admonitioned after the first move and engaged 1 of my riflemen. The leader and 1 other dude did a CRA at Marketh and missed the other 3 CRAd him and killed him.




Skorne Turn 4

-Cyclops moved out of the woods and shot a halberdier.
-Willbreaker moved up and Ancilliaried the Cyclops and killed a Rifleman.
-Beasthandlers moves up an attacked my Halberdierd. 2 hit their targets needing 8’s and 1 missed.
-Soulward moved up and shot a rifleman.
-Morghoul did his thing and killed 3 riflemen and Aiyanna and sprinted away towards his flag.





Retribution Turn 4

Morghoul is sitting on 3 transfers but I think I have enough firepower to take him out if I can get my dice going.
-I allocate 2 to the Banshee.
-Ossyan is barely out of range of Morghoul so he moves up and fires his gun. Needing 11 on 3 dice I hit. Now his -2def bubble goes up on Morghoul. MOrghoul takes 9 damage and keeps it.
-Banshee goes next and boosts to hit with his knockdown gun. I hit needing 10 and do 13 damage which gets transferred to the Cyclops.
-Stormfalls go next and aim brutal shots at a knocked down moghul. First shot hits and does enought to kill the cyclops and puts 1 point back on Morghoul. 2nd shot puts him into the dirt.




Victory to Retribution.


5 thoughts on “Podcast 024 – Retribution Vs. Skorne – Ossyan Vs. pMorghoul

  1. Great report! Nice to see a Retribution victory too.

    I’ll have to try out riflemen with Ossyan one of these days.

    • The addition of the HGT really makes the Riflemen a much more utilitarian unit… a bit of a terror on the field before, now outright bonkers! Usually the trick is keeping the unit alive, but Ossyan’s Feat (when remembered) is a great way to get another round of shooting outta them.

    • Ya it’s been a while. Riflemen are great with Ossyan because he makes their massive CRAs even scarier and with the Thane they cover one of his biggest weaknesses, Stealth.

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