Podcast 026 – eSkarre vs eSorscha – "The Bane Riders stats are Fucking Awful!" – Adam

In continuing with preparation for the Southern Ontario Open, another 35 pt game. People will skin their knees and worse probably. A drink or two will be spilled. Someone might fall off a bike. I don’t know. I was there but I don’t quite remember what happened. I’m sure Marc will fix this. My brain can’t work… good… right now.
(Marc: Oh boy… if you’re expecting ME to fix this, we are all in deep trouble…)


(Marc: This week’s podcast was between the undead swarms of Adam against the Imperialist Khador led by Aaron. Adam has been something of an unstoppable juggernaut these last few months… some close matches, certainly, but would Aaron be able to finally break that streak? Listen in and find out!)

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Aaron’s list was as follows:

– War Dog
– Beast 09
Great Bears
Greylord Ternions
Winter Guard Infantry (full)
– WG Officer and Standard
– WG Rocketeer x2
Aiyana and HoltDSC03251

Meanwhile, Adam was experimenting with the following list:

– Deathjack
Bane Riders (full)
Stytaxis Raiders (full)
– Sea Witch
Orin Midwinter
Pistol Wraith x2DSC03250DSC03248

Khador Turn 1

– Widowmakers advance, shoot but are out fo range
– Great Bears run
– Grey Lord Ternions run
– Beast 09 runs
– Sorscha advances, gives Desperate pace to the Winter Guard
– War Dog advances
– Winter Guard run
– Kovnik Joseph advances, give Tough/Fearless to WGI
– Aiyana and Holt run




Cryx Turn 1

– Sytaxis run
– Orin advances, goes stealth
– Bane Riders run
– Deathjack advances gives Deathward to Bane Riders
– 1st Pistol Wraith runs
– 2nd Pistol Wraith runs
– Skarre casts Admonition on herself, advances forward




Khador Turn 2

– Widowmakers activate, 3 advances, 1 stands and shoots, kill 1 Sytaxis, 3 shots miss
– Great Bears advance
– Ternions advance, cast 3 Blizzards giving Orin 3 tokens
– Aiyana/Holt advance, Aiyana gives Stealth, Holt shoots/kills 1 Sytaxis
– Beast advances
– Sorscha advances, gives Desperate Pace to WGI, casts Iron Flesh on WGI
– War Dog advances
– Joe advances gives Boosted Hits
– WGI Bob and Weave and advance, 3 CRA’s onto Bane Riders, do light damage

DSC03261 DSC03263


 Cryx Turn 2

– 3 focus to DJ, 2 damage to Skarre for upkeeps
– Sytaxis charge Widowmakers, CMA, kill 2, WM pass command check
– DJ charge WGI, casts Blackspot on WGI, WGI pass Abomination check, hits/kills 1
– Bane Riders charge WGI, impact plus charges kill 11, WGI pass command check
– Skarre advances feats takes 5 damage Beast, Sorscha, Kolsk (Great Bear) can’t attack, Orin and Skarre can’t be damaged
scoring starts 0 – 0



Khador Turn 3

– Widowmakers stand, 1 ranged, 1 melee, no kills
– Great Bears charge, 2 charge 1 runs, 2 backswing attacks, kill 3
– Holt charges, kills Sytaxis in melee, 1st shot misses Sytaxis but kills Great Bear, 2nd shot misses, Aiyana does nothing
– Greylords advance, 1 engages Orin, 1 engages Sytaxis, 1 engages Bane Rider, nothing hits
– Beast runs
– Sorscha runs
– War Dog runs
– Joe gives +3 strength to WGI, shoots at Bane Rider, hits but no damage


DSC03272 DSC03273

 Cryx Turn 3

– DJ has 3 soul tokens, upkeeps Admonition and Blackspot
– Bane Riders advance, hit and kill 2 WGI, WGI pass command check
– DJ casts some spell kills 1 WGI, gets free advance, casts another spell kills last WGI
– Sytaxis hit/kill 1 Ternion, 1 Widowmaker, 3 damage on Volkov(Great Bear)
– Orin arc lightning, boosts hit on Holt, Volkov and Aiyana hit/kill all 3
– Pistol Wraith advances attempts shot on Joe, out of range
– scores 3 – 0

DSC03274 DSC03275

Khador Turn 4

– Widowmaker stands and shoots, hits/kills 1 Sytaxis
– Joe advances, shoots at Pistol Wraith, misses
– Beast advances, misses Sytaxis
– Sorscha casts Cyclone on herself and moves to engage Sytaxis, boosts hit and kills 1, casts Boundless Charge on last Great Bear, charge Sytaxis, boosts hit and kills
– Great Bear charges Sea Witch, back swing attack hits/kills
– War Dog runs
– scores – 3 – 2




Cryx Turn 4

– Orin casts Arc Lightning on Great Bear hits/kills but toughs
– Pistol Wraith stands shoots Joe hits/kills
– ends turn
– scores – 5 – 2





Victory Cryx!
Surely it’s the confidence boost that’s needed to succeed at a tournament and also the spirit crushing final blow that is the dark harbinger of a series of terrible defeats at the hand of strangers. By the times this drops the tournament will have already happened. In fact, as I write this I know the outcome of the Southern Ontario WarmaHordes Young Bloods Tournament. I could divulge this information if you can’t wait until Wednesday to find out how we fared. But some might find that mean. Perhaps but they’ll have to pay me more than the people who have paid me to run my mouth. I’ll do anything for money.
(whispered) ANYTHING.

Or just look it up yourselves! Jesus, what is this? 1992? Having a hard time connecting with your 28.8 dial up modem? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

(Marc: Seriously though, I’m hoping to have the tournament podcast out on Wednesday, assuming Nick gets his voice back. It was a great day of games, and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with everyone! And we’ll have lots of content going up this week… painting progress, Nick’s and my battle reports from the tournament, a batrep from last week between Menoth and Circle… lots of stuff!)

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