Podcast 028 – Mercs V. Menoth – Ossrum Vs. pFeora – If It Burns We Can Kill It

This week on the podcast we present a battle between my forces of Mercenaries and Marc’s Menoth. We are back to 50pt games now that we are no longer practicing for the Southern Ontario open 35pt Tournament. It’s nice to be able to take ALL THE THINGS again.

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I brought a Gorten list with Nyss and Boomhowlers designed to abuse Solid Ground for no-knockdown tough shenanigans, and the following Ossrum list:

Max Boomhowlers
pAlexia + Risen
Gun Mages + UA
Aiyanna and Holt
Herne and Jonne
Gastone Crosse

This list was designed primarily to give lots of long range threat and the potential to assassinate most non-stealth casters in the game from up to 22 inches away with the Earthbreaker.

Marc took a pKreoss list that he opted not to take because Gorten was one of my lists and the following pFeora list.

Max Errants + UA
Max Bastions
Max Zealots + Monolith
Bastion Senechal
Min Choir
Rhupert Carvolo
Covenant of Menoth (The Book)


IMG_3245 IMG_3246 IMG_3249

Menoth Turn 1

-Feora get harmoniously exhalted then puts Ignite on the Errants and Hex hammer on herself and walks forward.
-Errants run forward.IMG_3254
-Reckoner runs forward.
-Bastions run forward.
-Choir puts Passage on the Repenters.
-Both Repenters run up
-The Senechal Runs up behind
-Rupert walks up and puts tough on the Errants.
-Book Runs up
-Zealots run up around the Book


Mercs Turn 1

-Ossrum puts Snipe on the Earthbreaker and Fire for Effect on Jonne. He moves up a bit.
-Boomhowlers do 4up tough and run headlong into the Errants.
-Earthbreaker runs up behind the BHs.IMG_3259
-Gun Mages run up the right flank.
-Gastonne runs up behind the forest.
-Hern and Jonne run up behind BHs.
-Alexia and her crew run up behind the forest.
-Aiyanna and her boy run up behind Ossrum.
-Dougal and Thor Run up behind the Earthbreaker.


Menoth Turn 2

-Errants charge into the Boomhowlers. They kill 4 and 2 more are tough. 3 damage gets put on Greygore through quick work shots. Alexia gets 2 corpses.IMG_3265
-Choir puts passage on 1 of the Repenters (the only one in range)
-Feora get exhalted by the Hierophant
-Zealots run forward and pop their mini-feat
-Reckoner walks forward and shoots at the Earthbreaker. Boosts damage for 4 points.
-Bastions run up
-Vassal moves up behind the Reckoner and ancilliarries a shot into Greygore and does 3 more damage.
-The repenters both run up base to base on either side of the reconer to block line of sight to Feora behind them.
-Feroa pulls off a wrack which doesn’t explode and toes up onto the hill behind the jacks.
-The Book moves onto the hill and says no-knockdown


Mercs Turn 2

-One Boomhowler dies to fire and one goes out. Alexia places 2 risen behind the Errants.

-Ossrum upkeeps both spells and allocates 2 to the Earthbreaker.

-Jonne shoots and kills 1 errant and makes 3 tough, but no knocked down means it may as well have never happened.
-Boomhowlers get charge order and kill two more errants. This was a bit of a mistake since 2 of them were knocked down and therefore did nothing and they could have just stood up if I hadn’t charged.IMG_3272
-Dougal and Thor both shuffled around and put their buffs on the Earthbreaker. Thor tunes up damage rolls.
-Earthbreaker shoots Reckoner with all his shots. First torpedo hits and does light damage to all three warjacks. Second torpedo scatters onto Feora but no damage. Nipple guns pelt Reckoner a bit more for a total of 18 damage. Not too shabby for a bunch of POW13s.
-Holt activates, aims and shoots at an Errant engaged by one of my Boomhowlers. Of course he misses and kills my own Boomhowler. I try again because I’m bad at this game and kill another Boomhowler but at least this time he toughs. Aiyana gives Stealth to herself and holt.
-Alexia activates and the Risen in behind CMA and kill an Errant who toughs. Then she makes a thrall. The Thrall charges Rupert, but misses his attack roll.
-ATGM activate and run. Most of them try to run behind the Zealots and spread out as much as they can and after getting some good advice halfway through the activation a couple engage a buch of the Zealots.
-Gaston activates, runs and camps and engages a couple zealots.
-Ossrum shuffles forward a bit and pops feat defensively because I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be eating a Reckoner next turn.


Menoth Turn 3
-Feora upkeeps Hex Hammer and Ignite and give 3 to the Reckoner.
-Errants shuffle forward and try to kill some Boomies. They kill the one on the hill. The one on the left engaged by 3 Errants toughs 3 times (Boo-ya). The one on the right side toughs twice.
-Choir puts Battle onto the Grey Repenter and the Reckoner.
-Feora gets exhalted
-Repenter moves up and sprays one the Boomhowlers (Who toughs again) and the Earthbreaker which he doesn’t damage.
-Non-battled Repenter moves over and sprays the Thrall engaging Rupert and kills it and did 1 damage to the objective.
-Reckoner charged into the Earthbreaker and took out the Left side and did a bit of damage to the right.IMG_3276
-Zealots moved around. 1 unengaed Zealot tossed a bomb that killed 2 Gun Mages and bunch more tried to melee the Gun Mages and only 1 was able to connect and kill. 3 of them tried to attack Gastone and all missed their attack rolls. 1 of them killed a Risem.
-Bastions charged the Objective and killed it on the 2nd attack.IMG_3273
-Feora moved over to the flag and the Book moved over and gave no-knockdown.


Mercs Turn 3

Its do or die time for me now. I can’t get anything into contesting range of the flag Feora is camping on so if I have any chance in winning it has to be by killer her.

Luckily Marc has obligingly left a 1cm gap between 2 of his Bastions that is just big enough to fit an Earthbreaker LoS through.

-I activate my other stuff first, just because, but its all unimportant. I kill some Errants with Jonne and Boomhowlers and Risen and a new Thrall charges and kills the objective for a point.

-Most importantly Dougal gives artilerist and Thor gives boosted attack rolls to the Earthbreaker.IMG_3281

-Earthbreaker shuffles over far enough to draw a line to Feora and goes to town on her.
-Since my left side is crippled so Its only going back up to 2 dice for attack rolls and 1 for damage rolls
-Left torpedo missed and scattered into nowhere, right torpedo misses by 1 point (which actually should have hit because obviously I had forgotten about my artillery bonus because more than 10 seconds had passed)
-I roll for nipple guns and roll 2 on the crippled side and 3 on the good side. All the cripple shots miss (which doesn’t actually matter because they would be d-6 with 1 die and not worth boosting when I only have 3 focus.
-My right side guns fire and I hit all three of them adn end up leaving Feora with 3 boxes.

At this point I remember my artillerist bonus and rabbit chase to see if Feora would have died. I needed a 9 on 2d6 to put her down and rolled it.IMG_3280


Moral Victory to Mercenaries!!! Yaaay!!


Actual Victory to Menoth!!! Boooo!!

Thoughts on the game:

-This was my first time running a list like this and my first or second time ever using most of the units in this list so i don’t feel too bad about the loss.

-Gunmages didn’t do anything in this game. I’m not sure it was really their fault.  More of just the circumstance of being deployed against Zealots.

-Boomhowlers did their tarpitting job pretty well. I had a few strings of successful tough rolls near the end which would have been much more helpful earlier on in the game but all told they did pretty well.

-The Earthbreaker on Ossrum is pretty badass.  Marc was wise to keep LoS to Feora blocked for the majority of the game. This illustrates the importance of taking out anti-knockdown tech like the Book as soon as possible with a list like this.  It probably would have been worth it for me to use an Earthbreaker activation to take out the Book because of all the assassination vectors it opens up.

-Alexia is a really fun character to run and I look forward to playing her again.  I’m not sure if this is the list she will end up in.  I think she would be better in my Gorten highborn list.

As always any comments on our lists or numerous tactical or rules blunders are welcome! Thanks for reading.

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