Podcast 029 – Khador vs Skorne, Vlad2 vs Mordikaar: And that’s Why You Always leave a Note… that says “Remember to use Deathclock…”

Good. God. Or as Marc might say, “Oh my Gods.” He’s a little indecisive when it comes to choosing a deity so to be safe he gives them all props. Does this list of Gods include the Flying Spaghetti Monster? We may never know and I’ll forget to ask him but I think it probably does.
(Marc: Yes. Yes it does. And Thor, Om, Crom, Cthulu, and Urd, for those curious, as well as numerous others)

As I was about to say, this game went on for way too long and really cut into my sleep schedule. We had gotten into the good habit of only playing timed games to avoid situations exactly like this one and then at some point someone decided, “Hey, I’ve gotten pretty quick at playing my turns so I don’t need to use a timer!” We’re all captains of our own destinies, I get that and what can we learn about life, nay, ourselves if we don’t make mistakes? Though if the mistake you make is walking through a fireworks warehouse with a lit cigarette you won’t reap the benefits of the lesson; the people who clean up your pieces will.

So reap what we sowed, dear readers/listeners. Whether you’re playing Deathclock or timed turns, always use a timer lest you end up like us: tired.


(Marc: A quick warning about this week’s podcast: it weighs in around an hour and a half after some pretty substantial editing. But it’s not short! On the plus side, you get to hear Aaron disobey a direct order not to urinate, listen to Nick while belligerent and drunk, and find out which one of us claims to be the same as Picasso!)

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Gun Carriage
Shocktroopers (full)
Iron Fang Kovnik
Great Bears
Kayazy Eliminators
Yuri the Axe
Winter Guard Infantry (full)
WG Officer and Standard
WG Rocketeer
Kovnik Joe
Aiyana and Holt

Cyclopes Brute
Cyclopes Savage
Karax (full)
Nihilators (full)
Extoller Soulward
Venator Slingers (full)
Praetorian Ferox (full)
Aptimus Marketh
Paingiver Beast Handler
Tyrannt Commander and Standard Bearer



Skorne 1
– Karax run forward
– Slingers run forward
– Nihilators run forward
– Extoller runs forward
– Savage runs forward
– Brute runs forward
– Savage runs forward
– Markith advances, gives Banishing Ward to Void Spirit
– Void Spirit runs forward
– Ferox run forward
– Mordikarr advances casts Hollow on Karax
– Beast Handlers run forward
– Void Spirit runs


Khador 1

– Shocktroopers run forward
– Eliminators run to left flank
– Great Bears advance forward
– WG bob/weave, advance forward
– Kovnik Joe gives WG Courage of Our Forefathers
– Drago runs forward
– Vlad advances, casts Transference
– Aiyana/Holt advance, give Magic Attacks to Gun Carriage
– Gun Carriage advances, fires at Void Spirit, out of range,1st shot deviates wide, 2nd shot deviates onto Void Spirit, boost damage, no damage ( dice -5, roll 3, 1, 1)
– IFK runs forward
– Yuri advances behind forest




Skorne 2
– upkeeps Hollow and Banishing Ward
– Karax advance in shield wall
– Slingers advance, attempt shots on Shocktroopers, all out of range
– Void Spirit runs forward
– Savage runs forward
– Nihilators advance
– Tyranny Commander gives Pathfinder to Beast Handlers, and advances
– Beast Handlers advance
– Mordikarr advances, feats
– Markith runs
– Ferox run




Khador 2
– upkeep Transference
– Aiyana/Holt advance, give Magic Attacks to Yuri
– Yuri charges Void Spirit, hits and kills
– Great Bears charge Ferox, all do backswing attacks, only kill 1, Mordikarr’s feat pushes back 2 Great Bears
– Eliminators run into Friendly Zone, pass Command Check causes by Abomination (Void Spirit)
– IRK advances, gives Shield March to Shocktroopers
– Shocktroopers advance in shield wall
– Gun Carriage advances fires at Slingers, boosts hit kills 1, blast damage does nothing because of Girded, 2nd shot deviates wide
– Drago advances
– Joe advances, gives boosted attacks to WG
– WG bob/weave, grape shot attacks on Ferox does 4 damage, misses Nihilators, Rocketeer does 2 to a Ferox
– Vlad advances, casts Razorwind on Ferox, boosts hit, misses




Skorne 3
– upkeep Hollow and Banishing Ward
– Tyrannt Commander gives +2 movement to Karax and advances
– Slingers advance, 2 stand/shoot, all attack Drago do 22 damage and cause Corrosion
– Void Spirit charges WG, they pass Command Check, hits/kills, AOE kills 2 more WG and a Great Bear who toughs
– Mordikarr casts Revive, brings back Ferox
– Ferox charge, 2 charge Great Bears, 1 charges Eliminator, kill Eliminator and 1 Great Bear (Eliminators pass Comm. Check)
– Beast Handlers charge/run, charge Eliminator but miss
– Savage charges Eliminator, misses
– Brute charges Eliminator, fails charge
– Markith advances, gives Ghost Walk to Nihilators
– Nihilators run foward
– Extoller advances, shoots Shocktrooper, 7 damage


Khador 3
– upkeep Transference, Corrosion remains, 1 more damage to Drago
– Eliminator kills Beast Handler
– Great Bears kill Void Spirit and 1 Ferox, Great Bear killed by Void Spirit’s AOE
– Aiyana/Holt, stealth, 1st shot at Ferox, Brute Shield Guards for 2 damage, 2nd shot against same Ferox, hits/ no damage
– Joe advances, shoots at Ferox, misses, givers Courage of Our Forefathers to WG
– WG bob/weave, 3 man CRA kills Ferox, Rocketeers miss, 3 man CRA on Nihilator kills but toughs
– Vlad advances, casts Hand of Fate on Shocktroopers
– Shocktroopers Shield Wall, attack Karax, kill 2, 3 tough
– Drago advances, kills 1 Nihilator, toughs another
– Gun Carriage advances, 1st shot at objective, 4 damage, 2nd shot kills 4 Slingers, Nihilators and does 1 damage to Extoller, cavalry kills 1 Nihilator
– IFK advances


Skorne 4
– upkeeps Hollow
– Mordikarr cuts for 2, 2 souls become fury
– Tyrannt Comm. advances, revealles
– Markith gives Ghost Walk to Mordikarr
– Mordikarr advances, shoots Shocktrooper, does 1 damage, AOE kills 2 Karax, casts Revive twice, brings back two Ferox
– Savage advances, attacks Eliminator, misses, buys attack, boosts, misses
– Ferox charge, impact attacks kill Great Bear and 1 WG, attacks Eliminator, misses
– Karax Shield Wall, 1 stands forefeiting attack, 2 stand forefeiting movement, 6 man CMA on Shocktrooper, 1 damage
– Nihilators charge/run, 1 killed by free strike, all others miss
– Slingers advance 3 move, 3 stand, 3 that stand and shoot kill Drago, other 3 shoot at Gun Carriage, no damage but Corrosion
– Extoller advances, shoots at WG, boosts, misses
– Brute advances to Eliminator, out of range, riles for 1
– Beast Handlers advance


Khador 4
– Gun Carriage 1 damage from Corrosion
– upkeep Hand of Fate
– Eliminator charges Beast Handlers, kills 2
– Aiyana/Holt advance, Stealth, shoots Extoller, 4 damage
– IFK charges Nihilator, kills and toughs
– Joe advances, shoots Extoller, hits/kills, gives Bears Strength to WG
– WG bob/weave, Rocketeer shoots Markith, 4 damage, 3 man CRA on Markith, kills, 2 attacks on Nihilator 1 toughs and 2 kills, 3 man CMA on Ferox, no damage
– Shocktroopers Shield Wall, Kill 2 Karax and tough 1 Nihilator
– Yuri charges Karax and kills 1
– Vlad advances, cast Transference
– Gun Carriage attempts Trample but no room, 1st shot at objective, 1 damage, 2nd shot boosts hit, kills 2 Slingers, 1 Nihilator toughs, Rifleman kills 1 Slinger


Skorne 5
– Mordikarr reeves 4 fury, 2 souls become fury, upkeeps Hollow
– Mordikarr shoots at WG, hits/kills 2, casts Revive twice brings back 2 Ferox
– Ferox charge, 1 kills IFK and 2 WG, 1 attacks but misses WG, Kassem forgets to move the rest of the unit
– Brute advances, kills 1 WG, buys attack and boosts, kills another WG
– Savage advances, attacks Eliminator, uses Future Sight to boost and kills, riles for 1
– Beast Handler advances, medicates Brute
– Tyrannt Standard and Comm. charge Shocktroopers, Comm. revealles, standard hits/kills Shocktrooper
– Slingers stand and shoot Gun Carriage, 3 damage
– Karax Shield Wall, 4 man CMA on Shocktrooper, no damage
– Nihilators charge, Yuri and Shocktroopers, no damage done.
Skorne scores 1 – 0


Khador 5

– Uh… Hmmm… At this point I stopped taking notes because it was so late. Everyone had left, my back hurt from standing and I was already trying to prepare myself mentally for waking up tired the next morning. The long and short of it is on this turn I wasn’t able to/didn’t care to contest my friendly zone. I attempted clear the three models out of Kassem’s zone and dominate but they kept toughing. The Gun Carriages shots on the objective did garbage damage. So Skorne gets another another point, 2-0.

Skorne 6

– Turn 6??? Fucking Hell. Anyway, Mordikarr makes it into the zone to dominate and the Ferox charge and destroy the objective making the score 5-0.

I promptly kicked Kassem out and didn’t clean up anything so that I could go to bed. There was a loud thunder storm as I went to sleep the perfectly masked my weeping. Then about two hours later I woke up with a migraine and laid very still, trying not to barf. Bad night. Wouldn’t recommend.

2 thoughts on “Podcast 029 – Khador vs Skorne, Vlad2 vs Mordikaar: And that’s Why You Always leave a Note… that says “Remember to use Deathclock…”

  1. Great Report!

    I have to admit I kind of love epic grinds like that, though getting 2 hours of sleep is harsh.

    Some Models that work very well with Mordi’s Feat are the Archidon and Paingiver Bloodrunners. They’re both Def 14 base, so 17 on the Feat turn. Plus, the Bloodrunners make a great early Hollow target thanks to AD, and the Archidon can threaten squishier casters really well thanks to Ghost Walk making it immune to free strikes.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Glasskin! I’ll be sure to let Kassem know about your suggestion… I don’t think I’ve faced either an Archidon or Bloodrunners yet, but I’m sure that will change before long.

      Also, I hate Ghost Walk. HATE it.

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