Battle 034 – Tournament Battle Report – Game Chamber – Nick’s Mercs Run Rampant

We had a tournament at out local gaming store The Game Chamber.  I brought my Mercs out in full force and had a great day of gaming.IMG_4257

It was a great day of gaming and I’m writing up full battle reports of all four of the games I played.  Enjoy!

My Lists

Max Kayazy Assassins + UA
Kayazy Eliminators
Kayazy Eliminators
Max Steelhead Halberdiers
Alexia and the Risen
Kell Bailoch
Gobber Tinker
Dougal MacNaile

This list is designed to abuse the high defense of the Kayazy and use MACBAIN’s feat pluss KillStroke mini feat to make the Kayazy super-annoying to deal with. Galleon fires out cannon balls all game and drags a heavy in for a free kill whenever the opportunity presents itself.

*Sylys, Nailer of Wishes
Max Boomhowlers
Max Kayazy Assassins
Kayazy Eliminators
Kayazy Eliminators
Rupert Carvolo
Gobber tinker
Thor Steinhammer
Aiyanna and Holt

I was a bit leery about taking list of similar build (Colossal plus Kayazy spam) but I’ve been having so much fun with these list lately that I didn’t really care.
This list is designed around having no-Knock-down tough Boomhowlers and Kayazy who are also immune to blast damage. Then use Gorten’s feat to try to get multiple hard targets for free. I had Aiyanna and Holt in the list so it didn’t really need additional armour cracking but I decided to throw Ragman in there just for the LoLs and hopefully I will get to live the dream of an effective P+S 28 Earthbreaker smashing face.

Game 1 Vs. Cygnar

My first opponent was Justin who was playing Cygnar and brought eHaley with a Stormwall and he went with a eStryker tier list.  I had no idea which he was going to take so I dropped MACBAIN because Cygnar always hates to see Countermeasures.

His list was more of a melee focused list but it still had lots of guns because, Cygnar.

*Lancer (Bonded)
Stormblades + UA
Stormblade Captain
Min Storm Lances
Catherine Laddermore
Journeyman Warcaster

This tier list was pretty nasty. +2″ deployment and advance moving Storm Knights plus cavalry means this list get across the board super fast. More improtantly I know how good the Lances are at clearing infantry so I want to deal with them quickly.

I lose the starting die roll and Justin picks first turn so I pick the side of the table with the hill. I still don’t like going second to this list though.


Justin deploys his Lances in the center of the board and everything else on his far left (my right) flank. I thought this was a bit risky due to the scenario being incursion and the flag he stacked most of his army on might just go away.


I deployed my Galleon in the middle so it can threaten as much of the board as possible. The Assassins went on the right mostly just to jam Stealth Def 16 Countermeasures down his throat. A unit of Eliminators went on each flank for shenanigans.  Steelheads went in the middle as a screen for the Galleon and the Nomad went on the left primarily to run to the flag if it didn’t go away and Justin failed to commit models to it.


Cygnar Turn 1

His Lances and Catherine run straight up the middle a bit past the center line.

Runewood put +2SPD on the green Storm blades and they run forward.  The grey Stormblades with the UA (and the marshalled Stormclads) run forward behind the green ones.

The Lancer runs forward and the Stormclads are forced to walk because he forgot to activate them when there were Stormblades around.

Junior puts Arcane Shield on the grey Stormblades.

Stryker advances, puts up Deflection and spends focus to move 2 inches forward to get move stuff in his bubble.


Mercs Turn 1

I deployed like a NooB and my Nomad was out of my control area and I give 3 to the Galleon.

Galleon gets artilleristed and walks up and fires a bunch of shots into Catherine eventually hapooning her in and dismounting her but my attack rolls were really bad and I could roll a 7 to save my life so she survived.

The steelheads charged and finished off Catherine and the rest ran up to jam.IMG_4187

The Eliminators on that side ran up around the forest to threaten from the flank.

Alexia walked forward and killed a Lance with a fully boosted Hand cannon shot.

MACBAIN nestled in behind the Galleon and put countermeasures on the Kayazy Assassins and they ran forward and spread out as much as they could.

Kell aimed and plinked away 2 of the Arcane shielded Storm knights.

The Eliminators on the right flank played causiously and stayed in behind the Assassins.

at the end of my turn the right flag went away and I laughed.  This was super good for me because his whole army was on the far right side of the board.


Cygnar Turn 2

This was Styker’s feat turn and I knew it was going to hurt. Stryker fired a Lighting Storm at some of my Assassins and it deviated onto 2 of them, easily killing them.

The Lancer charged in on my Galleon and did a about 10 points to him so I wasn’t concerned about that.

The Lances made a big dent in my steel heads. Through a combination of Assault charges and feat attacks the 2 remaining Storm Lances were about to take out 6 Steelheads and 1 of them managed to roll to hit one of my Eliminators so the other one got killed by the electroleap.  This was even with one of them not getting thier assault shot because of Countermeasures. Anyone who says Stormlances are bad is crazy.IMG_4189

Things didn’t go quite as well on the other side of the Galleon.

His Stormblades all assaulted in on my Kayazy Assassins and some ran to engage Kell. None of them get to take their assault shots of course but they are somehow able to hit and kill 4 more of my assassins.  Still with all those attack rolls he got, only losing 4 models is pretty awesome.

The rest of his stuff just shuffled forward.  One of his Stormclads couldn’t run because it had gotten out of the jack marshal’s CMD range.


Mercs Turn 2

On my turn Alexia put out a ton of Risen and I give 1 focus to the Nomad. and 2 to the Galleon ad upkeep Countermeasures.

The Risen do a 4-man CMA on each of the Lances and don’t kill either of them.  Alexia walks forward and pops the Stormblade captain who was standing neat the Flag with her handcannon.

Steelheads charge the remaining Lances and are not able to kill them either.

The Nomad walks forward and misses 2 attacks (needing 6’s) on the Stormlance on the left.IMG_4193

The Tinker runs up behind the Nomad.

Galleon walks forward to get the Stormlance in his melee range and fires his initial attacks Runewood. I can’t roll a hit to save my life and he only takes 2 damage. I Boost the hit on the Harpoon on the Lancer and do about 8 damage. Then I miss both my free attack and my bought attack needing 7’s.

MACBAIN activates and pops his feat making Alexia, Kell, the eliminators and 2 of the remaining assassins amaze-balls tough for a round and I move on without casting his spells. (I was going to put Failsafe on the Galleon)IMG_4195

The assassins pop their mini feat to get optimal charge lanes and kill 4 Stormblades and also free up Kell, who them pops 2 more.

The Eliminators go into disruption mode and run up the flank.


Cygnar Turn 3

Stormblades charge and do a few points to Galleon and miss a bunch of Kayazy and miss Kell.

Stryker moves towards the middle of the table with the Sqire, I assume to get into position to either dominate the flag or try to blow up my Galleon next turn.

One of the lances hits a Risen and kills it and a Steelhead, the other misses his attack.


Mercs Turn 3

MACBAIN keep Countermeasures and give 1 to the Nomad.

The assassins free up Kell Again and kill a couple more Stormblades.

Kell puts Junior in the dirt where he belongs.IMG_4200

The Eliminators charge in on Stryker for LoLs.  Actually 1 charges and the other runs to engage and give gang but it doesn’t matter because I miss my charge attack. Which I should have expected because this was a bad day for needing 7’s to hit.

MACBAIN Jackhammers with the Nomad and manages to kill one of the Lances. Then he puts Failsafe on the Galleon and walks to the left to get in a better position to get to a flag next turn.

Galleon kills the other one and puts a bit of damage on the Lancer.

Alexia charges in and wrecks the Stormclad on her second last attack.IMG_4202

Nomad runs to the center flag to control and the Tinker run to the left flag to control and I score 2 control points.


Cygnar Turn 4

The Eliminators in his face have Justin on his back foot but Stryker is able to deal with them admirably.  He fires a Lightning Storm at one of them which catches both the Eliminators and the squire, killing all 3.  I was a bit sad but at least that pesky Squire died as well.

He went balls to the walls and overcharged Strker for 3D6.  He took 7 damage and got +10 strength, so  pretty good trade. Then he charged in on Alexia and killed her easily and Velocitied over to the Nomad and smacked it a couple times but didn’t cripple anything.IMG_4205

His other Stormclad got into melee with some Assassins which results in a couple missed attacks but a Stormblade was finally able to kill Kell.

Finally Runewood ran up to jam my stuff so I couldn’t get to Stryker TOO easily.


Mercs Turn 4

I have a quick way to win but I want to see if I can kill Styker for fun so I load up the Galleon.

He fires all his cannonballs into Stryker but does manage to take him down so I use my Halberdiers to kill off Runewood (who is the only contesting model on the middle flag) and run MACBAIN to dominate and I score my 4th and 5th control points for the win.


Victory to Mercs! I am now 1-0.

Thoughts on the game

-eStryker’s tier list is pretty good.  With advanced move and calvaly options the list is deceptively fast.

-I got a bit lucky on the right flag going away.  He had a lot of stuff for me to chew through if I had to get to get to that side of the board.  That said I think Justin made a big mistake by not making sure he could get to both sides of the board.

-In case you didn’t know, pAlexia is completely bonkers.  She is like a 5 point once per game remove a Heavy from the board button.

-I love the Nomad/Galleon combo with MACBAIN.  I was so used to only ever running 1 jack in Retribution but having the extra utility of a heavy for scenario is so useful.

Game 2 Vs. Trollbloods

I am paired up against Brandon, a Trolls player who I have played in another tournament before. I still don’t know that much about trolls so I’m not sure what his other list had in it but he dropped pMadrak which seemed like a good choice to me because of his feat, Crusher, which is very strong against infantry swarms. His list was:

*Troll Moses
Min Krielstone + UA
Max Nyss Hunters
*Pyre Troll

I’ve only seen pMadrak in battle reports before but this seemed like a list that wasn’t going to make the most out of his feat. The only models that were going to get use out of it were Madrak, Mulg and 2 non-reach warbeasts.  Not that that’s altogether terrible but I think swapping the Nyss for some reach infantry would synergize a bit better.

I dropped Gorten against him because with the Earthbreaker and Ragman and Aiyanna I think I might just have enough ARM cracking to get through this list.

I lost the starting die roll and Brandon chose to go first. So I picked the side of the table with the hill.


Brandon’s Trolls deployed in a brick across from his enemy objective, with Horgul in the middle and Nyss Hunters on the right.


I deployed my close to the middle for easy access to the zone.  He was flanked by the Boomhowlers with the Assassins on the right and Eliminators on both flanks and support staff hiding behind the Colossal.


Trolls Turn 1

Nyss Hunters run up the right flank.IMG_4214

Tthe Beast brick runs forward with the Earthborn’s animus on him and Mulg, Surefoot on Madrak, Janissa supplying a wall, and the Krielstone humming they were looking pretty safe and snuggly.

Horgul put hotshot on the Pyre Troll and they both advanced forward.


 Mercs Turn 1

Boomhowlers shout Call of Defiance and run forward a spread out leaving a pocket for the Earthbreaker.

Assassins run forward and spread out across from the Nyss.IMG_4218

Rupert walks up and gives them Dirge of Mists for the extra defense.

Eliminators run up both flanks.  I try to keep them out of 12″ from the Nyss hunters.

I forgot to allocate to the Earthbreaker so it just walks forward sadly.

Gorten puts Strength of Granite (+4 strength) on the Earthbreaker and Solid Ground (No Blast or KD) on himself and walks forward.

Aiyanna and Holt run forward and the support staff (Thor, Tinker, Sylys, Ragman) hide behind the Earthbreaker.


Trolls Turn 2

His Nyss hunters moved up into stealth range of my Assassins and did 4 CRAs that put them to RAT8 (or 7 to hit) and he was able to take out 3 of them.IMG_4223

Lanyssa moved up by the house.

Pyre Troll shot and killed a Boomhowler

Mulg and the Earthborn ran forward.  He got the Earthborn animus up on both of them and Janissa uput up her wall and the Krielstone came up behind.  Real revolutionary stuff here.  Madrak also came up behind with Surefoot on himself. End result is a bunch of high DEF high ARM meat to slog through.


Mercs Turn 2

My assassins take sweet revenge on the Nyss.  First the Eliminators charge in and slaughter Cylena and side step in behind. Then the assassins get Dirge of Misted to force a CMD check (which they pass) and they get their turn and charge in killing all but 3 of them forcing another check (which they pass).IMG_4226

Earthbreaker got tuned up for damage and walked forward and shot Mulg with his rough terrain AoE first on deviated short and the other hit for a couple damage points.

Boomhowlers charged in. 1 charged into the Earthborn to jam it up more than anything and 2 charged Mulg and did a CMA for a couple points of damage. I thought about Rage Howling this turn but since Madrak has Carnage I thought my odds were better with Call of Defiance.IMG_4227

Holt moved up and shot the Pyre Troll twice.IMG_4225

Gorten moved up and put up a rock wall in the zone between Mulg and the Earthbreaker hoping to stave off the inevitable.


Trolls Turn 3

This is going to be Madrak’s feat turn so we will see how effective it can be.

Madrak puts up Carnage, walks forward, pops his feat and kills one of the Boomhowlers engaging Mulg on the right.  He overtakes forward and smacks another but he toughs.

The Axer puts Rush on Mulg and kills 1 boomhowler then the next toughs.

The Earthborn walks forward and smashed through 2 or 3 more Boomhowlers making a charge lane for Mulg.IMG_4229

Lanyssa walks forward and puts Hunter’s Mark on the Earthbreaker.

Pyre Troll moves up and fires at Holt and misses but still lights him on fire with the AoE. Horgul Charges in and kills one of the Boomhowlers who will get a free strike on Mulg when he charges.

Mulg charges in and does some serious damage to the Earthbreaker but leaves it on about 15 boxes.IMG_4230


Mercs Turn 3

Whewww!  I’m not sure what the averages on that are but I feel lucky to still have an Earthbreaker. Now it’s time for payback.

The fire on Holt goes out which is good because I don’t want Aiyanna bugging out on me this turn.

Gorten goes and walks over just enough to get the Earthborn into his control area and pops his feat and pulls the Earthborn into the Earthbreaker’s melee range with Mulg.

Ragman walks up and puts up Death Field the Aiyanna walks into melee with Mulg and Kisses him.  Along with Strength of Granite this makes the Earthbreaker an effective P+S28 Against Mulg and 26 against the Earthborn. This was a fact that made me feel pretty giddy although Brandon didn’t seem TOO excited about it.IMG_4232

Thor tuned up damage rolls and the Earthbreaker killed Mulg and the Earthborn with his 2 initials and 3 bought attacks.

Now I want to throw enough disruption at him that he can’t think about killing Gorten who is standing out in the open. The Eliminators charge Madrak.  One of them runs up behind and the other combo strikes and makes him use a transfer.

Next the Assassins pop their mini-feat and charge as well.  2 of them charge Madrak, 2 charge Horgul, the Underboss charges the Pyre Troll and a couple stay back to try to finish off the Nyss. I kill one of the Nyss put a bit of damage on the Pyre and still can’t put down Horgul. The assassin’s charge on Madrak gets scrolled (special ability where he doesn’t take damage once per game).

Boomhowlers activate and just shuffle around to block LoS and charge lanes to Gorten. and shout Call of Defiance.

This was a pretty ball-busting turn for my opponent.

Someone say it…  “Mercs OP!!”


Trolls Turn 4

This turn things are winding down.

The Nyss swing and miss at the Assassins.

The Pyre Troll takes a monster free strike from the Underboss and shoots at one of the B2B Boomhowlers and lights them both on fire.IMG_4236

Horgul attacks the Boomhowlers but can’t kill them.

Madrak swings at the Kayazy engaging him and manages to take out 1 assassin.

Krielstone unit moves up and floods the zone with bodies.

Lanyssa tries to zap Aiyanna but misses.

Axer run up to threaten the Earthbreaker. IMG_4235

Mercs Turn 4

This turn I start thinking assassinating Madrak without realizing the Surefoot was still up. When I realize that I switch over to thinking about scenario.

Earthbreaker gets tuned up for Damage and fires some rough terrain AoEs (Since they’re all in the Surefoot bubble) and Nipple gun shots on to the Krielstone unit.  When the dust settles he’s taken out 4 of the 5 remaing members and more importantly the stone itself is gone.

Aiyanna moves over and Kisses the Pyre Troll and Holt misses his first shot (obviously he’s only RAT8) and kills it with the second shot.

Boomhowlers get a charge order an 2 charge Madrak.  Boomhowler calls Defiance and stays put.  1 eats a free strike from Horgul and is knocked down (because I had dropped Solid Ground last turn). The other one misses Madrak. Boomhowler calls Defiance and stays put.IMG_4239

My assassins charge and 3 of them charge to objective, 2 charge Horgul.  They leave the objective on 4 boxes and finally finish off Horgul.

Gorten walks up and fire his boosted Both Barrels into the objective and does 3 damage. *sad face* I would have scored 2 CPs that turn because the last Krielstone grunt was out of the zone.  IMG_4240

Trolls Turn 5

Then game is mostly over but Brandon is like me and always plays to the end.  Conceding is for babies.

Lanyssa Marks the Earthbreaker.IMG_4241

The Axer charges in and does some light damage.  He buys a second attack and boosts damage doing some more light damage. He leaves the Axer on 2 fury for transfers.

Janissa charges in with her Armour Piercing attack which I totally didn’t know she had. and did a major amount of damage. I had been healing the EB with the Tinker every turn but I think she brought him back down to about 10-15 boxes. Losing the Earthbreaker at this point probably wouldn’t have mattered too much but it would have been a pretty sweet moral victory for Brandon.

Madrak swings at the Boomhowler engaging him and he toughs.


Mercs Turn 5

My Eliminators go first and both do combo strikes one hits and does few points of damage.

My assassins charge in and the first 2 force transfers and the next kills him.


Victory to Mercs.  I go to 2-0.

Thoughts on the Game

-It really could have gone either way.  It was the rough terrain that actually won the game for me most likely.  If Mulg hadn’t needed the Pathfinder from Rush to get to the Earthbreaker he would have had Flaming Fists on instead and been +2 power and that might have been enough to seal the deal.

-This was a super fun grindy game. I think both our deathclocks were at around 8 mins when this game ended.

-I originally added Ragman into this list just for fun and it turned out I actually really needed him in this match-up.  The Earthbreaker only barely managed to kill the 2 Heavies with his 3 focus.  If either one had survived they would have been able to take the Earthbreaker out easily.

Game 3 Vs. Menoth

My third game is a semi-final round against a Alex, a Menoth player, who actually came from Toronto for the day. He brought High Reclaimer and the following eKreos list:

*Fire of Salvation
Knights Exemplar
Knights Exemplar
Knights Exemplar
Max Exemplar Errants + UA
Daughters of the Flame
Daughters of the Flame
Knight Exemplar Senechal
Knight Exemplar Senechal
Errant Senechal

His list scared the bejesus out of me. The entire board was going to be flooded with auto-hitting weapon masters which are a pretty good counter to both my super high defence Kayazy and my high armour Galleon/Earthbreaker.  I went with MACBAIN because I thought his feat might give me a chance to have at least 6 or 7 models survive his feat turn.

I actually won the die roll for this game and I chose table side instead of going first and it was a huge mistake.  I have no idea what I was thinking and I regretted the choice almost immediately.

IMG_4244  IMG_4246  As you can see his deployment was already halfway down my throat.  By giving up first turn he going to riding esophagus before I got to act.IMG_4245

Menoth Turn 1

All his stuff runs forward.  Daughters out front, Errants fill the right zone and Knights units come in behind.

Kreos veers towards the right zone and his jack runs up the middle. Errants get Inviolable Resolve.

Gravus tries to keep as many of the Exemplar models in his command as he can for souls etc. IMG_4249

Mercs Turn 1

Galleon walks up and kills 7 Daughters which was sweet. Kell pops 2 Knights from one unit.IMG_4254

Everything else runs forward.  Eliminators up the flanks, Steelheads in front of the Galleon as a screen and Assassins towards the zone full of Errants with Countermeasures up to make shooting more difficult.

Alexia crafts a thrall which charges a Daughter and predictably misses.IMG_4253


Menoth Turn 2

His Daughters and Knights move up and kill most of my Steelheads. One knight jams up Kell.IMG_4258

His Errants don’t do anything because of Stealth, Countermeasured Assassins. Moral Victory.IMG_4257

Everything else just moves up.


Mercs Turn 2

Alexia has a shit ton of Risen to put out. She puts them in behind the Knights.

Galleon move towards the zone that isn’t full of Errants and fires a bunch of shots into the Knights killing a few.

Kell gets freed up somehow then pops 2 of the knights in the zone.

MACBAIN feats on Alexia, Kell, one Steelhead, and a bunch of Assassins.

The Risen tried some CMAs from behind on some Knights but weren’t able to kill any.  Alexia crafts a thrall and it charged a Knight and killed it.IMG_4262

Left Eliminators charge in on the left and kill a knight and finish of one of the Knight Senechals.

The Assassins mini-feat and charge right into the middle of his Errants and took out a bunch of them making sure none of them was within command of the disabled Knight Senechal.IMG_4261

Right Eliminators charge up the flank and miss their attacks.


Menoth Turn 3

This is gonna be Kreos’ feat turn. He moves up into the right zone and pops his feat.

Gravus moves over and auto-kills one of the Eliminators in the zone he misses his feat attack on the other then buys and boosts with a soul and kills her.

Fire of Salvation charges in on the Galleon and does some serious damage to it (Alex forgot that FoS had dispel on his mace or it would have been worse.)IMG_4264

Galleon got charged by a bunch of Knights and left with about 10 boxes.IMG_4265

One knight also charged the Nomad and did a bit of damage.

The Errants took out the Eliminators easily with Kreos’ feat up but didn’t bother with the feated assassins.

The other Knight Senechal runs into the left zone.


Mercs Turn 3

Tinker heals up the Galleon.

My assassins try to kill some more Errants and have a hard time breaking their armour with Inviolable Resolve on them.

I mis played Galleon a bit this turn but it probably would not have mattered in the long run. I got focused on trying to clear the zone and spent his shots trying to unhorse Gravus then drag him in with the harpoon then buy some attacks on Fire of Salvation afterwards. Unfortunately the harpoon shot killed Gravus so I didn’t get to drag him and therefore no additional attacks.

MACBAIN put some Jackhammers into Fore of Salvation but it wasn’t enough to cripple anything important.


Menoth Turn 4

Alex charged the Galleon with some more Knights and they were able to finish it off.

This left nothing for Fire of Salvation to do but charge MACBAIN. He was able to kill him using his whole stack for boosts but MACBAIN toughed but he was on fire so this could still go very badly.

IMG_4267 IMG_4268 IMG_4269

Mercs Turn 4

I fail my fire roll, then fail my tough roll the MACBAIN dies in a fire.


Victory to Menoth!! Thus ends my tournament hopes and dreams but it was fun while it lasted.

Thoughts on the game:

-Going in to this matchup I actually did better than I thought I would. This list was a really bad match up for both my lists because of all the auto hitting weapon masters.

-Going second was an absolutely horrendous mistake and I have no idea why I picked it.  It probably would not have saved me but it would have helped.

-I’m pretty sure I was still going to lose this one anyway but Alex pointed out to me that I should have feated on some of the Riesn screening the Galleon because it would have prevented him for getting any Knights onto the Galleon and would have given me a turn to deal with Fire of Salvation.

Game 4 Vs. Trollbloods

Well my tournament hopes have been crushed like a puppy’s skull underfoot. So my next opponent was James with his Trollbloods.  He had a pDoomshaper list but he dropped the following Jarl list against me:

*Dozer and Smig
*Pyre Troll
*Slag Troll
Max Warders
Min Krielstone + UA

I don’t know much about Trolls but I know Warders are a pain to chew through so I think I might need Gorten’s armour cracking to get through his them and his beasts.

I win the die roll and this time I use my brain and take first tun.



Mercs Turn 1

I run my stuff forward.

Gotern puts Strength of Granite on the Earthbreaker and puts up Solid Ground.

The Assassins run forward and try to stay in Gorten’s bubble and Rupert gives them Tough + fearless.

Eliminators run up the flanks.

Boomhowers go 4 up tough an try to stay in Gorten’s bubble.


Trolls Turn 1

Warders run forward

Horgul puts Hot Shot on the Pyre Troll

Impaler snipes Dozer and Smig

Dozer fires a shot at the Earthbreaker and is half an inch short and it deviates onto some stuff but they are immune to blast from Solid Ground.

Rok runs forward.

The Kreilstone runs forward and puts out +2ARM

Mercs Turn 2

Boomhowlers walk forward and the ones who have range take their terrible RAT4 shots at the Krielstone grunts.  I actually manage to hit one of them but he toughs. Boomhowler Rage Howls.

Earthbreaker walks forward and fires a Knockdown shot at Rok. It also catches the Krielstone and he toughs. It fires a rough terrain shot then all its nipple gun shots at Rok and does about 16 points of damage.

Right Eliminators charge in on the Slag Troll to tie him up.

Left Eliminators share the Kithcar and kill him then side step into melee with the Warders IMG_4274

Trolls Turn 2

Warders walk forward and 3 of them swing on the Eliminators and miss all their attacks.

Rok charges forward and spray across 2 assassins and 1 Boomhowler and missed all his attacks (Rage Howl FTW).

I forget how, but he gets both of my Eliminators that were engaging his beasts dead.

Pyre Troll walks up and swings at a Boomhowler across the wall and misses.

Jarl kills a Boomhowler with a Black Penny shot.

Dozer took another pot shot at the Earthbreaker for about 8 damage.


Mercs Turn 3

This turn my plan is to safely take Rok with out losing my Earthbreaker next turn.

My Eliminators take a couple swings at the Warder but don’t damage them.

Aiyanna kisses the Warders and Holt takes a couple shots at the Krielstone unit, killing 1 grunt.

Boomhowlers charge and I jam them into his other 2 Warders and a couple of them into his Beasts on the right. They put a couple points on  1 of the Warders and the ones on the right side are out of command so they don’t get attacks. Boomhowler Rage Howls again.

Rag man moves up and giv Earthbreaker Dark Shroud.

Earthbreaker get tuned up and walks forward to max melee range and takes out Rok.

My assassins charge in and do some minor damage to the Pyre Troll and the Slag troll.  The ones that are on the Slag troll get corroded.


Trolls Turn 3

Horgul chages forward and is able to kill 1 of the assassins engaging the Slag Troll.

Pyre Troll misses the Boomhowler engaging him.

Slag Troll swings and misses at the Assassins engaging him.

Jarl kills it with a Black Penny shot.

Dozer walks forward and swings at an Assassin but can’t hit him.

Warders swing on some Boomhowlers toughing one and killing Boomhowler himself. They also swing and miss on my Eliminators some more.


Mercs Turn 4

Gorten feats this turn to pull Dozer and Smig out from behind the wall.

Aiyanna kisses him (Holt shoots some Krielstone grunts) and Ragman Death Fields and the Earthbreaker is able to easily remove him. With a spare focus he swings and misses a Welp. lol.

Eliminators just run into the back arcs of the Warders, toying with them.

Assassin charge and mini-feat. I charge a couple into the Krielstone and 1 into Jarl, 2 into Horgul and a couple into the Slag Troll.  The underboss kills Horgul and I do light damage to the Slag Troll, kill Krielstone Grunts and miss my attack on Jarl.


Trolls Turn 4

On his turn James killed an Assassin in melee with Jarl and ran the Pyre troll towards Jarl to take control of it next turn.

The Warders finally managed to hit one of my Eliminators and the other one fled. A small moral victory there for James.


Mercs Turn 5

The Assassin engaging Jarl moves away and the Assassins kill the Stone finally and damage the Impaler.

Aiyanna moves up and Kisses Jarl and Holt pops him twice for a few points.IMG_4284

Gorten moves up and puts a fully boosted Both Barrels shot into him and finishes the job.


Victory to Mercs!!

Thoughts on the Game

– This was a pretty grindy game but I was on top of it pretty handily.

– Losing Rok for nothing really hurt James’ game

-I think he made a big mistake by letting my Eliminators tie up his Warders like that. He should have gotten them out of there and into the fight. A couple PS9 free strikes isn’t going to do TOO much to the Warders.

Final Thoughts on the Tournament

-This was a great tournament by London (Ontario) standards.  We have a pretty small Meta and most tournaments around here tend to be about 7-10 people. This one brought in 13 so it’s a great start for Marc’s first official Steamroller tourney. Congrats to Marc for a successful first event.

-Also a big thanks to the Game Chamber in London, Ontario and especially the Owner, Tim, for staying a couple hours past closing time so we could finish up our games.

-I went 3-1 which is respectable and SoS placed me 4th overall so I’m relatively happy with that.

-Most importantly my army was judged Best Painted. I’m very flattered.  I do love my paint jobs but I wasn’t under the impression that they were “painting contest” worthy.  It was a nice surprise that softened the blow of not winning the tournament.

-Thanks to everyone who came out.  Everyone I played were super friendly and good players and not dick-holes. I hope no one thought I was a dick-hole either. Always a bonus.

16 thoughts on “Battle 034 – Tournament Battle Report – Game Chamber – Nick’s Mercs Run Rampant

  1. Great showing for Mercs, well played Nick! What place did you finish in? I imagine it’s in the top three at least? Who/which faction ended up winning?
    Also: congrats Marc on making PG and setting up your first tourney!

    • Thanks! I finished in 4th. Adam with his Cryx took 1st.

      Marc’s PG application hasn’t been approved yet but it’s not actually needed to start running tournaments.

  2. Awesome showing and thanks for the write-ups! Every time I see that earthbreaker in action I think I should shelve my Protectorate four months early (I rotate factions each year) and dig out my mercs. Grats to Marc as well on making PG and a successful event!

  3. I really like the Gorten list. You haven’t written about it, but I presume you are aware of the two prime ways of speeding up Gorten (a – charge a Jack in the back, doing the attack with Gutter, b – charging an Eliminator which is placed thusly that Gorten stops in her front arc, amking her DEF 17 against the Gutter attack).

    • Ya, I’ve heard of both of those before. I just didn’t nee to get the extra distance in these games.
      There is also the lesser used “Gorten Bowling” where you use the Earthbreaker to Dwarf-toss him 10″ up field with Solid Ground up so he is not knocked down then you can feat and catch all kinds of stuff.

      • The only issue I see with this “Gorten Bowling” is you have now used your most valuable/destructive model (the Earthbreaker) to “bowl” Gorten up the field. I don’t know if I really see the value in it… but I guess I would have to see it done.

        • Ya I agree. I think it is mostly used just to push everything out of a zone to win on scenario. If you push them far enough you can often score on their turn because they couldn’t get anything back in the zone at -3 SPD.

  4. Great write up, great games and congrats for Best Painted!
    Looks like you’re enjoying the merc colossals.

    Just one thing: I’m not quite sure, but can you take Runewood in a Stryker2 Tier List?

    • *Checks Warroom*

      ASTERIX!!! Ya he is totally not allowed in the theme force. Come to think of it Justin also tried to trigger the accumulator on the Stormclad with Runewood (which he can’t) so he must have just thought he was a “Storm Knight Solo”

      • What kind of TO did you guys have?! Doesn’t even verify lists pffftt. 😉

        Congrats on winning best painted. James’ Trolls are usually a shoe-in for that!

      • “Verify… lists”? What is this “verify” you speak of?

        It actually occured to me around… oh… Round 3… that I hadn’t done that. For anyone.
        *hangs head in shame*

        On the plus side… uhhh… I don’t THINK many people were cheating? Hopefully?

        Hey, I’m new at this!

  5. Nice write ups Nick! I really enjoyed how you wrote these ones up (not your usual point form, which are still good, but dont really touch on your thoughts and/or tactics much). Plus the picture showing action right after you talked about it was enjoyable as well.

    Good job finishing 4th overall with your Mercs and winning Best Painted!

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