Battle Report 090 – Cygnar (eHaley) vs Skorne (eZaal): Nerfhammer ho!

So last week, just after the errata was posted, Kassem and I managed to get a game in. I was preparing for a major tournament that Saturday so needed to get my beloved Haley2 on the table to see how the new Feat changed her playstyle, and Kassem was super excited to get the new Zaal on the table…

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I think, in the end, we were both unprepared for what would happen…

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My Haley2 list was slated to be changed for the tournament regardless… I was planning on fitting in eEiryss into the list which necessitated dropping Pendrake and changing the Stormclad into a Centurion. The net result was the following:

Major Victoria Haley (“eHaley, Haley2”)
– Squire
– Centurion (bonded)
– Thorn
Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers (ATGM)
– Officer
Forge Guard (“Hammerdwarves”, max)
Stormblade Infantry
– Officer and Standard
Journeywoman Warcaster
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (“eEiryss”)
Rhupert Carvolo
Gorman di Wulfe
Anastasia di Braye
Objective: Effigy of Valour

So, recalling that this was post-nerf, this meant both my Haley and Gorman were going to require some re-thinking to get good mileage out of. Usually, I would say that eEiryss and Gorman still combine into a potent combination against warjacks, but this list originally was supposed to drop into Cygnar’s most problematic pairings: Skorne, Trolls, and Circle.

None of those, you will note, are warjack-Factions.
Oh well! Let’s see how it works out anyway!

As for Kassem, he was trying out the following, rather interesting eZaal list:

Zaal, Ancestral Guardian (proxied by Hakaar, “eZaal”)
– Cannoneer x2
– Cyclops Raider
Slingers (max) x2
Extoller Soulwards x2
Willbreakers x2
Praetorian Karax (max)
Paingiver Beasthandlers (min)
Tyrant Commander and Standard Bearer (“TycomStanbear”)
Objective: Bunker

So, right off the bat… only 1 Construct in the entire list (eZaal himself), so Kassem’s Feat wasn’t going to get a tonne of mileage… on the flip side, having +5ARM on your warlock at a critical juncture could be pretty important… and there were certainly enough models to give him souls during the game!

Either way, it was going to be an interesting matchup…

The scenario was “Incoming”: 2 horizontally aligned 12×6″ zones assymetrically on the midline, and objectives 16″ up the middle of the table. 1CP to destroy your enemy’s Objective, control the enemy zone, or dominate your friendly zone, and 2CPs to dominate the enemy zone.

We rolled for initiative, which I won (thanks to Annie) and chose to go first.


I deployed my Hammerdwarves and Stormblades to my right, with Haley and her entourage near the middle of the table (and eyeing a nearby wall to hide behind all game). The ATGM went near the forest, and Thorn and the Centurion flanked on the left. Eiryss would eventually get Advanced Deployed on the opposite side of the table from my warjacks.

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Kassem put 1 unit of Slingers on either of his Flanks, along with a Soulward to each side. The Karax went in front of his slingers on the right. The TyComStanBear went close to the Karax, and eZaal and his warbeasts went smack in the middle.

Tournament and Podcast 003

Okay, time to get this show on the road… let’s see if I still know how to use eHaley!
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Cygnar, Turn 1

– Haley gives 1 Focus to each warjack
– Journeywoman casts “Arcane Shield” on the Stormblades, and Rhupert sings “Tough and Fearless” on the Stormblades as well.
– Stormblades run and spread out to the right
– Haley moves forward, casts “Deceleration”, and camps her remaining Focus
– Gorman walks up and drops a smoke cloud in front of Haley
– Anastasia and the Squire run up behind Haley
– The ATGM run forward, spreading out
– Hammerdwarves run up the middle, behind Haley and the ATGM
– Thorn runs up onto the nearby hill
– The Centurion runs up and just gets onto the hill on Marc’s left
– Lastly, Eiryss runs up the right flank, behind a hut

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Skorne, Turn 1

– The Tyrant Commander gives the “Press Forward” battle plan to the Karax.
– The Karax then “Shield March” forward
– The right unit of Slingers run up to be Base to Base with the Karax
– The left unit of Slingers move forward, spread out, and take some shots that are out of range
– The Cyclops Raider uses its animus on a Cannoneer and then walks forward.
– Zaal casts the Raider animus on the other Cannoneer and walks behind the Raider.
– The 2 Cannoneers walk forward and take shots at Marc’s ATGM: one shot scatters onto 2 gun mages and kills both, and the other shot scatters wide
– The Beasthandlers move up and whip off some Fury
– Lastly, the Agonizer moves up behind the Cannoneers

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Cygnar, Turn 2

– Haley camps all her Focus and pulls a Focus from the Squire. Junior upkeeps Arcane Shield, and we’re off
– Rhupert moves forward and sings “Tough and Fearless” on the Stormblades
– The Centurion moves forward, into the left zone, and uses Polarity Field.
– Thorn walks towards the middle of the table.
– Haley walks up near her Objective and uses her Feat. She catches both units on the right, both Cannoneers, and the Raider. She casts “Deceleration” again, casts “Deadeye” on the Gun Mages, and camps the rest
– The Stormblades receive “Assault” orders. Most of their shots fall short of the Karax, and the few in range miss.
– The Hammerdwarves run forward in pods of 2
– Gorman and Anastasia run straight up the middle of the table
– The Gun Mages walk forward and open fire, killing 5 Slingers (and giving Zaal 5 souls).

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Skorne, Turn 2

– Zaal’s souls turn into Fury, and he pulls in the Fury from his warbeasts
– The Raider gets “Eyeless Sight” from an Extoller
– The Raider then forfeits its movement, uses its Animus on itself, and shoots Anastasia. Boosting to hit, it connects and takes her off the table
– The first Cannoneer open fire and kills more Gun Mages. The remaining 3 Gun Mages fail their Command Check and flee. The Cannoneer uses its Animus
– The 2nd Cannoneer takes a shot at Marc’s Objective, hitting and inflicting heavy damage. Kassem boosts damage against Haley, and inflicts a few points.
– The Slingers on the left activate. Some forfeit their attacks and walk into the zone, others open fire on the Centurion: most miss, but a few hit for no damage. The Centurion gains Corroded, though.
– The Slingers on the right open fire on Marc’s Stormblades, hitting and killing 4 (which is total BS, since they needed 9s to hit).
– The Karax forfeit their attacks to Shield Wall and move forward, engaging several Stormblades and Hammerdwarves
– Zaal moves up a little, casts “Vision” on the Agonizer
– Lastly, the Agonizer moves up behind the Raider

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Cygnar, Turn 3

– 4 Focus goes onto the Centurion. Junior drops Arcane Shield after a few more Stormblades die to Corrosion (leaving 3).
– The Journeywoman Warcaster moves up and puts Arcane Shield on the Hammerdwarves
– Rhupert gives the Dwarves “Tough and Fearless”
– The Stormblades activate and Charge the Karax. between Assault shots and melee attacks, Marc manages to kill about 4 or 5
– Gorman walks away from a Karax, who kills him with a Free Strike
– The Hammerdwarves Charge the Karax, killing all but 1 of them, but not rolling any critical hits. 1 Hammerdwarf gets distance to charge Kassem’s Objective, and inflicts a few points
– The remaining Gun Mages move back and rally
– Haley activates and casts “Temporal Acceleration” on the Centurion through Thorn. She backs up a bit from the objective, hiding behind a fence.
– The Centurion charges the Raider, easily getting distance. The Charge attack misses, the Shield attack hits, and the extra attack from Temporal Acceleration goes into the Agonizer, hits, and triggers “Vision” (which ignores all damage). Buys an attack on the Agonizer, hits and kills it, and then buys 2 attacks on the Raider, missing both times, before buying an attack on a Cannoneer and inflicting piddly damage
– Lastly, Eiryss runs towards the middle of the table, near Haley

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Skorne, Turn 3

– Paingivers “Enrage” a Cannoneer, “Medicate” the Raider for a few points of healing
– Cannoneer charges the Centurion and leisurely rips it to pieces
– 2nd Cannoneer takes a shot at Thorn and inflicts heavy damage
– Raider uses Farstrike on himself and shoots Marc’s objective, almost destroying it
– Slingers on the left all take shots at Thorn, a few hitting for light damage
– Slingers on the right move up and hit all the Dwarves. Few die to the shots, but they all gain Corrosion
– Last Karax kills a Stormblade
– Zaal moves up, puts “Vision” on himself. Casts a few spells to little effect, and camps his remaining Fury. He then pops his Feat, so he’s camping 5 and ARM23. Sounds pretty safe…
– An Extoller runs up to engage Thorn

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Cygnar, Turn 4

– All the Hammerdwarves die to Corrosion except 2.
– Rhupert moves into  Marc’s zone, giving the last 2 Hammerdwarves “Tough and Fearless” again
– The Stormblade Officer swings on the last Karax, and misses
– The 2 remaining Gun Mages shoot a couple Slingers on the left.
– Haley activates and arcs “Time Bomb” into a clump of Slingers in Kassem’s zone. Directly hits 1, who dies, but neither of the 2 hit by blast die
– Thorn stabs the Extoller engaging him dead
– The last 2 Hammerdwarves charge: one kills a Slinger in Marc’s zone, the other charges the Objective and leaves it on 2 boxes.
– Eiryss moves up and takes a shot on the Objective: Marc decides to roll for the damage (needing a 10 to kill it), but fails to wound

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Skorne, Turn 4

– The Raider still has Fury on it, and Frenzies into Kassem’s Objective, destroying it
– Paingivers “Enrage” a Cannoneer and “Medicate” the Raider back to full health
– That Cannoneer charges Thorn and trivially scraps it
– The other Cannoneer shoots Marc’s objective, destroying it
– The left-zone Slingers manage to kill a Gun Mage in the zone (clearing it), but miss the other two Gun Mages
– Zaal charges the Hammerdwarf in my zone, killing it.
– The Slingers on the right kill the Stormblade Officer, the last Hammerdwarf, and Rhupert

Kassem scores 3CPs (2 for Dominating, 1 for Marc’s Objective), and Marc scores 1CP from the destroyed Objective

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Cygnar, Turn 5

– Haley camps all her Focus
– Haley aims and takes a shot at Zaal. She hits, and boosts damage, inflicting a few points. She then casts “Arcane Bolt” 3 times, boosting damage each time, and inflicts a few more points of damage
– The Journeywoman walks towards Zaal, boosts to hit and damage, and inflicts a couple points
– Eiryss walks towards Zaal (and into the zone), hits, and inflicts a single point through Sniper
– The 2 remaining Gun Mages walk over and take shots at Zaal, but are unable to wound him
– Lastly, the Squire runs into the zone to be a bother
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Skorne, Turn 5

– The Slingers activate and move away from the Squire. The first takes a shot: it turns out the Squire is still engaged by Zaal, so the Slinger misses and hits Zaal instead! He inflicts a few points of damage on the warlock. Kassem decides not to attack with the other Slingers
– Zaal moves up to engage the Squire and Eiryss. He boosts to hit Eiryss and effortlessly takes her off the table, and then destroys the Squire with his next attack.
– Kassem ends his turn, dominating the zone again for the win!

Victory to Skorne!

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  1. I come for the battle reports, but I stay for the Canadian law and geography!

    It’s good to see eZaal in more reports. I am planning to take more advantage of Zaal’s feat in my next trial run. AG’s are pretty tanky, and the feat seems decent, so I’m thinking of running 2-3 plus Hakaar, and spamming souls. Honestly, if there are more than 30, I don’t think competition will be too much of an issue, and Feat turns AG’s super-accurate, and super-tough.

    • Ha! I forgot to mention: 10 Provinces and THREE territories now! Silly Kassem.


      I think eZaal is better than I initially thought. And definitely some fluidity to his playstyle with enough Souls… I don’t know if he’ll displace any of the Skorne “big boys”, but he’s definitely interesting.

      And anything that reduces the odds of me seeing another Morrow-damned pZaal Tier list is good in my books…

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