Battle Report 103: eThagrosh vs eMadrak 50 pts. Runes? Where We're Going We Don't Need Runes.

eThagsVSeMadrakWelcome dear readers to another Combo Smite battle report.  This week we’ve got Nick’s Legion of Everblight up against Darrell’s Trollbloods.  Additionally Darrell and Nick had a talk before the game and Darrell agreed to not drop Runes of War!  Why, do you ask?  Well, Runes has been on the podcast several times, on the video battle reports several times and quite frankly Darrell is sick of playing Runes of War despite it being the proper drop in his current list pairing.  So in the interest of umm, making things interesting we’ve got eThagrosh vs eMadrak in an eBattle of the eTitans!

The Combo Smite crew is coming to the end of their own tournament league so we’re wrapping up our last few games before we head into our gaming group’s end of season tournament.  Adam has to finish up his games before we can do that, so most of our pairings now are based upon which players have been on the video and/or podcast recently.  You hold a lot of sway dear reader. Do you understand just how much we care about you now?!?!  Or is it just the stockholm syndrome talking?  I’m not sure.  To make a long story short, this resulted in Nick and I (Darrell) playing Legion vs Trollbloods for the battle report this week.  Nick brought both an eLylyth list and an eThagrosh list while I brought Runes of War and an eMadrak list.  In the interest of our mutual remaining sanity, Nick dropped his eThagrosh list and I dropped my eMadrak list.

Nick’s eThagrosh List (50 pts)

eThagrosh (Thagrosh the Messiah)
-Raek (proxied)
Spawning Vessel & Acolytes (max)
Legionnaires (max) with Fairilor & Standard

Darrell’s eMadrak List (50pts)

eMadrak (Madrak Ironhide, World Ender)
-Trollkin Runebearer
-Pyre Troll
-Troll Bouncer
Fell Caller Hero
Fell Caller Hero
Northkin Fire Eaters
Northkin Fire Eaters
Pyg Burrowers (max)
Trollkin Fennblades (max) with Officer & Drummer
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (max) with Stone Scribe Elder
Trollkin Warders

The Scenario this week was Close Quarters from SR2015.  Nick won the roll off and opted to go first.

sr2015_closequartersNick deployed expertly in the following fashion

LegionDeploymentI counter-deployed with my wall of mostly painted trolls

TrollsDeploymentAnd so it began . . .

Turn1Legion of Everblight, Turn 1

-Seraph forced for Slipstream and advanced, allowing the upper Scythean to advance as well
-Thagrosh cast Tenacity on the upper Raek, then cast Dragon’s Blood on the Legionnaires before casting Slipstream on himself and advancing into the woods in front of him.  This allowed the lower Scythean to be advanced forward.  Finally Thagrosh cast Tenacity on himself
-Both Scytheans ran
-Shepherd ran, staying far out on Nick’s left flank
-Proxy Raek ran
-Shredder advanced and put Tenacity on the Proxy Raek
-Legionnaires ran
-Spawning Vessel advanced
-Both Forsaken ran

LegionT1Trollbloods Turn 1

-Pyg Burrowers performed a Tunneling order and vanished from the table
-The Trollkin Warders ran, keeping just over 2 inches apart from one another in an effort to mitigate any Scythean charges
-The Fennblades ran, while trying to stem the Scythean attack – attempting to mitigate the Scythean’s animus like the Warders
-Madrak put 5 Fury into the Krielstone and ran forward
-The Krielstone Bearer put up Protective Aura and the Elder added Stone Strength as the entire unit ran forward around Madrak
-The Troll Bouncer riled for 2 and ran
-Both Fell Callers and the Runebearer ran
-The Pyre Troll advanced and shot at the clumped up Northkin Fire Eaters.  Unfortunately the Pyre Troll incinerated the targeted Pyg Buddy, rolling boxcars for damage.  The rest of the Fire Eaters were unharmed but set on fire.
-Lamenting the loss of the Pyg Buddy, both units of Fire Eaters ran forward, heads held low

TrollT1EndTurn1Legion of Everblight Turn 2

-Thagrosh advanced, cast Manifest Destiny and FEATed.  Put Tenacity on the Raek and Tenacity on himself.  Thagrosh then sprayed a Fennblade, engulfing him in flames but the troll emerged unscathed.  Left himself on one transfer
-Raek advanced and killed two Fennblades with his claws and tail, triggering Vengeance on the unit
-Shredder advanced and put Tenacity on the Proxy Raek
-Seraph forced for Slipstream and advanced, bringing a Scythean forward
-Scythean charged a Warder, which Toughed.  The Scythean then used Slaughterhouse and attacked the Warder again, killing it and another Fire Eater with the Chain Attack:Boodbath
-The second Scythean charged a different Warder which Toughed the charge attack as well.  The Scythean then used Slaughterhouse and killed the charged Warder along with another nearby Warder as well as a Fennblade with the Chain Attack:Bloodbath
– proxy Raek advanced and killed two Fennblades
-Fairilor and the Legionnaires charged forward, used Iron Zeal and killed a Fennblade
-Spawning Vessel advanced
-Both Forsaken advanced, as did the Shepherd
-FEAT attacks resulted in a Scythean killing the Runebearer, another Scythean doing 6 damage to a Warder, a Raek failing to kill a Fellcaller and the Proxy Raek killing a Northkin Fire Eater.  This triggered a Command check on the Fire Eaters which was promptly failed by the Pyg Buddy
-Kill Count: 3 Warders, 6 Fennblades, 2 Fire Eaters, and a Runebearer

LegionT2Trollbloods Turn 2

-The Northkin Fire Eaters take some damage to fire rolls but none of the fires go out
-The Pyg Burrowers emerge from their Tunneling order and the Fennblades did some damage with their Vengeance attacks to the Scytheans
-Fire Eaters charged the Legionnaires, but owing to Iron Zeal failed to hurt any
-The fleeing Fire Eater Pyg Buddy rallied
-Primer white Fell Caller advanced and sprayed the proxy Raek, doing 7 damage
-Pyre Troll advanced
-Krielstone unit advanced and put up a Protective Aura and Stone Strength
-The Fennblades advanced and attacked both Sytheans, doing some more damage but failed to knock out any Aspects
-The remaining Warders advanced and attacked the Scytheans, doing a bit more damage
-The Pyg Burrowers advanced to attack a Forsaken, Thagrosh, the Seraph and a couple of Legionnaires.  One was kept in Command range of Madrak which allowed them to make 3 Abomination checks.  They managed to kill two Legionnaires and the Forsaken while putting a bit of damage to the Seraph.  Apparently they meant business
-The Troll Bouncer advanced and attacked the Scythean in front of it, but only did minimal damage
-The semi-painted Fell Caller swung at the Raek in front of it and missed both of his attacks
-Madrak advanced and attacked the Scythean surrounded by Fennblades, leaving it on 2 boxes.  He FEATed and removed the Legion beast from the table.  The remaining FEAT attacks resulted in the second Scythean being left on 2 boxes and not much else. Insert sad Troll face here

TrollT3EndT3Legion of Everblight Turn 3

-The Shredder advanced and attacked the Pyg Burrower engaging Thagrosh.  The Pyg managed to Tough twice and survive
-Spawning Vessel advanced, two Acolytes attacked the Pyg Burrower engaging Thagrosh, another two attacked the Burrower engaging the Seraph and another two attacked a Fire Eater, killing all three of their targets.  A newly spawned Shredder jumped out of the pot as well
-Thagrosh activated, cast Manifest Destiny and sprayed the Pyg Burrowers, killing two
-The Legionnaires engaged and attacked all of the Fennblades and Warders nearby but didn’t manage to kill a single troll
-Shredder from the Spawning Vessel forced for Rabid and killed a Fire Eater
-Proxy Raek Shadow Shifted and killed the Fell Caller on that half of the board and did a couple of damage to the Pyre Troll
-Scythean on Nick’s left killed the Troll Bouncer, Fell Caller, a Krielstone unit member, and a Fennblade
-The Raek advanced and Shadow Shifted behind the Troll lines before wounding a Fennblade which Toughed and killing a Krielstone unit member via Self Sacrifice
-Seraph shot at the Pyg Burrowers, killing two
-Shepherd charged and wounded a Burrower, which Toughed, only to be killed by a Forsaken


LegionT3.1Trollbloods Turn 3

-The Trolls were running out of bodies fast
-Last Fire Eater died to a fire damage roll
-Fennblade Vengeance move and attack failed to achieve much of anything
-Krielstone unit advanced and put up the Protective Aura and Stone Strength
-Essentially, every Troll unit and beast advanced and attacked the Legion forces where able.  This resulted in a few dead Legionnaires, the death of both Raeks and leaving the remaining Scythean on 1 box
-Madrak advanced toward the friendly flag but was unable to make it into base contact

TrollT3 EndT3Legion of Everblight Turn 4

-Clock was getting very low
-Thagrosh reaved Fury but left one on a Shredder which Frenzied, attacked the Pyre Troll nearby but failed to wound it
-The Shepherd advanced in an effort to get into range to heal the Scythean but was just out
-Thagrosh cast Manifest Destiny and Slipstreamed the nearby Seraph forward as he walked toward the friendly flag before killing a burrower to place an Eruption of Ash cloud.  He then healed the wounded Scythean to full functionality
-Seraph aimed and shot at the trolls engaging the Scythean in an effort to clear them off.  Rolled 3 shots and killed two of the engaging trolls but a shot went wild and killed the Scythean as well
-Nick then elected to end his turn with 16 seconds remaining on the clock

LegionT4 LegionT4.1 T4midturnTrollbloods Turn 4

-Fennblades advanced and killed a few Legionnaires
-Warders advanced to attack the Seraph and a Legionnaire managing to would the beast and kill the Legionnaire
-Pyre Troll attacked the shredder but failed to kill it
-Madrak advanced into base contact with the flag, put one Fury into the Krielstone and camped 3 Fury for transfers
-Krielstone activated Protective Aura and Stone Strength
-The remaining Pyg Burrowers managed to kill the last of the Legionnaires
-2:27 remained on the Trollblood clock when Darrell passed the clock to Nick

TrollT4Legion of Everblight Turn 5

-Cursing the gods of time, Nick clocked

-Victory to Trollbloods via Deathclock!

DeathclockPost Game Analysis

This game was a lot of fun and it was a nice change for Nick and I.  Sometimes it’s nice to just throw a couple of lists on the table and not worry about what the best drop is or go too heavy handed with the tactics, toss some dice and have a good time.

That being said Nick’s eThagrosh army is a pretty solid list and not too far from what I used to field with Thagrosh the Messiah back when I played Legion.  With so many heavies in Nick’s list, it was a great challenge for the infantry swarm of my eMadrak list.  I think that I need some more practice with cycling buffs onto my forward infantrymen to push out a few more points of damage.  If I had remembered to put the Pyre Troll animus on one of the models attacking the Scythean toward the top of the pictures, I may not have left it on one or two boxes for multiple turns.  Nick did a really good job of breaking up my spacing to get the Scytheans deep into the Trollblood lines to take advantage of their animus and chain attack bonuses.  I will have to figure out another method of dealing with Scytheans with this Troll list as they are a real pain for any Trollbloods player.

With respect to how I’d field the eMadrak list in the future, I’m not sold on the Bouncer.  I’ve been switching the light beast out for pretty much any 5pt beast option in Trollbloods library and I haven’t landed on one I really like.  I think next I’ll be trying the Impaler, though if any of you readers have a suggestion for finding a single point so that I can get an Axer in the list, I’d be happy to hear it. Overall I’m happy with how this list functions and it makes a good pairing with my Runes of War list.  That being said, I think I’ll be dropping Runes out of my list pairing for the time being so that I can focus on Doomshaper 3 – so look forward to battle reports featuring the newest Trollbloods caster soon!



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