Battle Report: Calaban (Blindwater Congregation) Vs. Irusk1 (Armored Corps)

By request, I’m (Kassem) doing a quick type up of the game Steve and I played this past week. Here are the lists:

Theme: The Blindwater Congregation
3 / 3 Free Cards 75 / 75 Army

Calaban, The Grave Walker – WB: +29
– Dracodile – PC: 36 (Battlegroup Points Used: 29)
– Bull Snapper – PC: 0

Totem Hunter – PC: 0
Thrullg – PC: 0
Viktor Pendrake – PC: 4

Gatorman Posse (Blindwater) – Leader & 4 Grunts: 16
Gatorman Posse (Blindwater) – Leader & 4 Grunts: 16
Bog Trog Ambushers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 8
Gatorman Posse (Blindwater) – Leader & 4 Grunts: 16
Bog Trog Ambushers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 8


Theme: Armored Corps
3 / 3 Free Cards 75 / 75 Army

Kommandant Irusk – WJ: +27
– Spriggan – PC: 17 (Battlegroup Points Used: 17)
– Rager – PC: 10 (Battlegroup Points Used: 10)

Man-O-War Strike Tanker – PC: 5
Man-O-War Suppression Tanker – PC: 0
Man-O-War Suppression Tanker – PC: 0
Man-O-War Kovnik – PC: 4

Man-O-War Shocktroopers – Leader & 4 Grunts: 16
– Man-O-War Shocktrooper Officer – PC: 4
Man-O-War Bombardiers – Leader & 4 Grunts: 16
– Man-O-War Bombardier Officer – PC: 5
Kommandant Atanas Arconovich & Standard – Arconovich & Standard Bearer: 7
Battle Mechaniks – Leader & 3 Grunts: 3
Kayazy Assassins – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15
– Kayazy Assassin Underboss – PC: 0


I won the start roll and decided to go first ( I feel ambush is a little more effective when your opponent has to worry about positioning right off the get go vs having free reign on placement on their first turn if they go first)

Deployment: Steve advance moves his tankers and both man o war units. My totem hunter makes Irusk his prey.

Turn 1:  Calaban puts occultation on the white gators, carnivore on the old metal unit, and then walks up. The white gators run as far as the can, while the green gators behind them run up just outside the demo corps normal threat range (reason is if he desperate paces them, they would get into threat range of my white gators). The old metal unit runs just outside his suppression tankers threat range while thrulg hangs out at the edge of the forest to take advantage of stealth. The totem hunter runs behind the middle forest to keep the pressure on Irusk. The Dracodile and bull snapper rile and run. All gators preyed for Dirge of Mists

Turn 2: Irusk puts superiority on the spriggan, iron flesh on the kayazy, and inhospitable ground and advances up a bit and gets screened by a few models so the totem hunter can’t jump in on him. The shock troopers get the reposition order and shield wall up. The demo corps walk up and do a couple CRA shots into the gators hoping for a good deviation and blast rolls. I believe one white gator takes a couple points of damage here. The kayazy fan out while both suppression tankers lay down covering fire. The strike tanker takes a shot into the dracodile and does some damage.

Turn 3: Steve forgot about my ambushers, so they decide to pop in on both sides! With some fairly hot dice they manage to take out a few Kayazy, a demo corp, and a suppression tanker. Calaban upkeeps carnivore and walks up to put parasite on the shocktroopers and toes the zone. The dracodile then sprays them down catching four of them plus the strike tanker! He pops his animus as well.  The white gators charge in and get a couple shock troopers and a demo corp. The other two units of gators run up for positioning/screening while thrulg and totem hunter stay put. Victor walks onto my flag.

Turn 4: Irusk pops his feat and drops iron flesh from the kayazy and allocates a couple  focus to the spriggan. He also rolls out the corrosion on most of his models. He put iron flesh on the shock troopers and opts to protect himself from totem hunter again. He puts retaliatory strike on the shock troopers who shield wall advance again, forfeiting combat action because of blind.The kayazy kill all but one ambusher on their side while the suppression tanker walks to the flag and lays down some covering fire. Mr.spriggan gets antsy for some action so he charges in on the old metal gators and kills two of them and shoots some damage into totem hunter. The demo corp kill some ambushers before switching back to me. Score go 2 -1 for minions

Turn 5: Calaban  upkeeps carnivore and parasite and decides to counter feat. He pops a boneshaker into the shock trooper in front of him hoping to do enough damage to make his shot reliably turn it into an arcnode. Success! so he shoots it and changes its facing after boosting damage. Dracodile does a spray trying to blind the strike tanker again but misses it and a mechanic! he manages to kill a mechanic and damage a shock trooper though, giving calaban some fury. He pops his animus. The new gators only manage to kill 3 man o wars (damn you super tough!) and the old gators do minimal damage to spriggan and the suppression tanker. Thrulg charges into the spriggan and misses his first attack, but disrupts him with the second attack. Totem hunter kills a mechanic and sprints in front of the rager. Bullsnapper and Victor stay put for scenario. Score 4 – 1  for minions

Turn 6: Steve tries to take the dracodile out this turn by fully loading the rager and putting battle lust on the shock troopers. After throwing everything feasible at it, it’s left just under half health. Unable to contest my zone with some bad damage rolls into my old gators, khador ends up losing on scenario 6 – 1


Thoughts: Steve and I agreed iron flesh was wasted on the kayazy this game and it should have been put on the shock troopers from the get go. Forgetting about my ambushers was also unfortunate. On my side, I think dropping Victor and thrulg in favor of Mire with a free bullsnapper would make this list better by giving the gators access to path finder.


Thanks for reading. Let us know if you have any questions!

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