Podcast 053 – Khador vs Trollbloods, for Kith, Kriel and Khador?

Greetings all!  Yet another battle report coming your way from the Combo Smite crew.  This one has nothing to do with tournaments or competitive play but is more entertaining than any of the Rocky movies – except perhaps the one with Bullwinkle.


     This battle report features Old Witch vs pMadrak in a no holds barred fight to the finish is a horrid example of elder abuse.  For this report, in a classic role reversal Aaron will be playing the part of the old maid and I (Darrell) will be playing the part of the unruly combative drunkard.

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Aaron sauntered to the ring bearing this 50 pt list

Old Witch

  • Scrapjack
  • Spriggan
  • Sylys Wyshnalyrr


Doomreavers with Greylord Escort

Max Iron Fang Pikemen with Iron Fang Officer & Standard

Iron Fang Kovnik

Max Kayazi with Underboss

Kayazi Eliminators

Great Bears of Gallowswood

A solid list.  You can never go wrong with Iron Fleshed Kayazi or Iron Fang pikemen and the Old Witch is no slouch.  The Great Bears and the Doomreavers are always solid choices as well.

Fresh out of a truly abysmal tournament showing at the Hobby Kingdom, I came out swinging with this 50 point pMadrak list:


  • Earthborn Dire Troll
  • Rök

Fell Caller Hero

Lanyssa Ryssyl

Horgle Ironstrike

  • Pyre Troll
  • Slag Troll

Troll Whelps

Max Krielstone with Stone Scribe Elder

Max Kriel Warriors with Standard & Piper and 3 Caber Throwers

A pretty good list overall.  The only thing I’m not sure of at the point of writing is the Horgle Ironstrike package.  It’s 12 points and at that cost they could be several other options from the Trollblood arsenal.  I’m also considering adding Thrulg to the list for some spell defense.

The Scenario was Fire Support from the 2014 Steamroller package.


Aaron won the roll to go first and chose to do so.  In my infinite tactical genius, I chose the side I was sitting on.  Mainly because I`m lazy but also because of the large tree base on Aaron`s side of the board.  Aaron deployed his Kayazi Eliminators on his left flank followed by Fenris, the Great Bears and the unit of Kayazi Assassins with Underboss.  Following that his Spriggan was deployed just right of center with the Iron Fang Pikemen on the right side of his deployment zone.  The Old Witch, Scrapjack, Sylys and the Iron Fang Kovnik were deployed behind the pikemen.  Lastly, the Doom Reavers and Greylord Escort were Advance Deployed just left of center in front of the Kayazi Assassin Unit.


Khador Deployment

On my side of the board, I deployed the Kriel Warrior unit on my left side, followed by the Slag Troll, Rök and the Pyre Troll.  Horgle was deployed behind the Slag Troll and Madrak behind Rök.  The Krielstone unit and UA followed and lastly my right flank was protected by the Earthborn Dire Troll.  Lastly Lanyssa and the Fell Caller were deployed centrally behind the Pyre Troll.

Troll Dep

Trollblood Deployment

overall dep

And so it begins . . .

Khador Turn 1

Pretty much everything runs save the Old Witch who advanced and cast Murder of Crows and the Kayazi Assassins who advanced behind the Doomreavers, holding themselves back as a second wave.


Khador Turn 1

Trollbloods Turn 1

  • Lanyssa ran toward my right flank in an effort to discourage the Eliminators from rolling up that side.
  • Earthborn advanced to just behind the wall on that side of the board and riled for two fury.
  • Pyre Troll ran
  • Rök riled for two and ran
  • Slag troll ran
  • Madrak advanced, casting Sure Foot on Rök then put three fury into the Krielstone
  • The Krielstone then advanced, put up Protective Aura and the Elder Stone Warped Combat Warding
  • Fell Caller hero put Overcome on the Kriel Warriors then advanced
  • Kriel Warriors prayed Sure Foot and ran
  • Horgle advanced, cast Hot Shot on the Slag Troll

Trollblood Turn 1


End Turn 1


Khador Turn 2

  • Old Witch upkept Murder of Crows
  • Kayazi Eliminators ran far up Aaron`s left flank, deep into the Troll half of the board
  • Fenris ran forward along the same flank
  • Great Bears advanced
  • Doomreavers advanced
  • Kayazi Assassins advanced
  • Spriggan advanced to just behind the Murder of Crows template, being careful to avoid toeing in so as to stay out of line of sight
  • Iron Fang Pikemen Ran into the woods
  • Iron Fang Kovnik ran
  • Scrapjack ran
  • Sylys advanced
  • Old Witch Advanced to just toe into the tree base

Khador Turn 2


Khador Turn 2

Trollblood Turn 2

  • Hot Shot and Sure Foot both upkept
  • Lanyssa advanced into base contact with closer of the two Kayazi Eliminators, cast Ice Bolt at the Eliminator further away and managed to kill her
  • The Krielstone Bearers ran into base contact with the Doomreavers, making their Command check for abomination, activated their protective aura and the Elder warped Stone Strength
  • The Pyre Troll advanced, shot at a Doomreaver that was out of range, missed and scattered onto a Doomreaver and Krielstone Bearer.  The Doomreaver was wounded but made his tough roll.  Both models were set on fire.
  • Fell Caller put Overcome on the Kriel Warriors and advanced
  • Kriel Warriors sang Sure Foot and advanced, toeing into the woods
  • Slag Troll advanced
  • Horgle advanced
  • Madrak advanced and put three fury into the stone, leaving him with one transfer
  • Earthborn Dire Troll advanced around the wall in front of him such that he was benefiting from the Krielstone aura and his Elemental Communion buff

Trollblood Turn 2

Turn2 end

End Turn 2

Khador Turn 3

  • Fire failed to go out, killing the Doomreaver
  • Kayazi Eliminator in base with Lanyssa, swung twice at her and missed
  • Doomreavers received a run/charge order and charged the Krielstone unit, killing a couple of the trolls
  • The Great Bears charged the Krielstone unit as well, and combined with the Doomreavers managed to reduce them to a two man unit
  • Opened a charge lane for Fenris, who charged the Earthborn (now out of the Krielstone aura owing to casualties) and did 10 damage to the Body
  • Kayazi Assassins advanced
  • Sylys advanced
  • Old Witch advanced, used her FEAT and cast Murder of Crows so that it was covering the Krielstone Bearer and a couple of Kriel Warriors.  She then cast Iron Flesh on the Iron Fang Pikemen
Khador T3

Khador Turn 3

Trollblood Turn 3

  • Hot Shot and Sure Foot both upkept
  • Lanyssa Ryssal cast Ice Bolt at the Eliminator in contact with her but missed
  • Pyre Troll advanced towards the Great Bears, shot at them setting two of them on fire but failing to do any damage
  • Fell Caller put War Cry on the Kriel Warriors, advanced towards the Great Bears, sprayed them but failed to do any damage
  • Krielstone unit moved out of the Murder of Crows but one died to a Doomreaver free strike, reducing the unit to a single member (Command check was made)
  • Madrak advanced and cast Carnage
  • Earthborn Dire Troll advanced, snacked on two Great Bears and Fenris’ horse
  • Horgle advanced towards Fenris in an effort to block a potential charge lane on Madrak, and because I’m terrible at this game he cast Molten Metal at him (RTFC moment)
  • Rök  moved towards my right flank
  • Slag Troll advanced towards the right flank, shot two boosted shots at Fenris, missing both times and hitting the Earthborn instead, though failed to do any damaged, even with the boosted damage rolls
  • Kriel Warriors advanced into melee with a couple Doomreavers and the Iron Fang Pikemen, killing two Pikemen and a Doomreaver.  They also lost five Kriel Warriors to the Old Witch’s FEAT

Trollblood Turn 3

Turn 3 end

End Turn 3

Khador Turn 4

  • Iron Flesh upkept
  • The Eliminator in combat with Lanyssa did four damage to her but failed to kill the Nyss Sorceress
  • Fenris charged the Fell Caller, killing him and berserked onto Madrak doing eleven damage
  • The remaining Great Bear and the Doom Reavers charged the Earthborn reducing it to only four health but caused the Dire Troll to spawn two whelps
  • Aaron forgot to activate the Kayazi Assassins as he was too busy celebrating the ass kicking he was giving me
  • The Spriggan, Iron Fang Pikemen and Scrapjack all attacked the Kriel Warriors but owing to a hot streak of tough rolls, I still had two models remaining at the end of it (Unit leader and Piper)
  • Old Witch advanced further into the woods and cast Murder of Crows

Khador Turn 4


Khador Turn 4

Trollblood Turn 4

  • Hot Shot upkept
  • Lanyssa finally managed to kill the remaining Eliminator with an Ice Bolt
  • Madrak cast Carnage, FEATed and charged Fenris, killing him, and used overtake to advance into a Doomreaver that he failed to hit
  • The Earthborn used the two whelps to heal up then went on a rampage killing and snacking on the Doomreavers and remaining Great Bear but even with the extra Overtake moves was just out of range of the Greylord Escort
  • Horgle advanced toward the Spriggan in an effort to get LoS to Molten Metal it but could not find a line owing to the Murder of Crows
  • Kriel Warriors killed a single Iron Fang pikeman
  • Pyre Troll advanced to try and melee the remaining Doomreaver, planning to kill him then advance into the Greylord Escort so that a lane was opened for Rök and the Slag troll into the Assassins.  Unfortunately it took me all of my initials plus three fury to do so and as a result that plan was moot
  • Slag Troll advanced, and took two fully boosted shots at the Greylord Escort but failed to hit
  • Rök ran to block potential Kayazi assassin charge lanes on Madrak
Troll T4

Trollblood Turn 4

Khador Turn 5

  • Nothing upkept
  • Iron Fang pikemen did a run charge order and handily killed the remaining Kriel Warriors, Horgle and the Trollblood objective whilst forming a wall between the flag and the remaining trolls
  • Iron Fang Kovnik advanced, golf clapping for the Iron Fang Pikemen
  • Spriggan charged the Slag Troll but rolled poorly on damage and caused it to spawn a whelp
  • Scrapjack ran into base contact with the flag
  • Kayazi Assassins used their mini FEAT and jammed into the Troll lines but failed to do any damage
  • Sylys advanced into the woods
  • Old Witch cast Unseen Path to place herself into base contact with the flag then cast Murder of Crows to further stifle any potential Troll offensive

Trollblood Turn 5

  • Madrak cast Primal on Rök, cast Carnage then failed to kill an Assassin in base contact with him
  • Rök berserked his way through five Kayazi assassins
  • Earthborn charged the Greylord Escort then I unfortunately ran out of time

Khador Turn 5


Trollblood Turn 5




All in all, a close, hard fought game by both Aaron and myself.  Congratulations on the win Aaron!  Though I did clock out, Aaron’s time was nearly expired as well.  There were a couple of rules mistakes by both players, but despite this the game was a great learning experience and I’d love to play this match again.  Honestly I’d rather make these mistakes during a practice game, and document it here so that everyone can learn from them than during a tournament.  I think that one of the biggest turning points in the game was the turn Aaron did not advance his Kayazi Assassins.  By failing to do so he stayed out of threat range of my beasts – he kept control of the game’s momentum by preventing me from mounting any sort of offensive on that side of the table.

The Old Witch definitely had the advantage in this match-up but Runes of War would have been heavily countered by her FEAT as well. The hard match-ups really show you what you can do with a list in less than optimal situations and that you learn more from them than from favourable ones.

Thanks again for reading and listening!  Please post any comments and constructive criticism below!

8 thoughts on “Podcast 053 – Khador vs Trollbloods, for Kith, Kriel and Khador?

    • @Umberto: Aww, thanks! I think my cohosts might murder me if I tried (and with justification!).

      Maybe as a fundraiser I’ll release a “Combo Smite Non-Denominational Winter Festival CD”… including all your favourites!
      12 Fights with Khador!
      Frosty, the Gorax!
      Rudolph the Rednosed Titan!
      Silent Blight!
      Ossyan is Coming to Town!
      And, of course, everyone’s favourite, “I’m Dreaming of a White Menoth”!

      Gods. I might actually do that… what is *wrong* with me!?

  1. The Christmas Carol at the beginning was quite entertaining 🙂

    I enjoyed the battle report. The Old Witch vs Trolls is definitely a match up I have done in the past, and in all honesty, is the only time I have actually collected souls for the Old Witch (I’ve done it in 2 different games, eating Digmy souls is surprisingly quite easy to accomplish).

    I do agree, that the Old Witch is not a favorable match up to most of what Trolls brings (mind you most of the time I found myself playing against Grimm, who really doesn’t struggle as much against the Old Witch’s shenanigans). I also agree with your assessment Darell, that you really find out what your list is made of when you find yourself in an unfavorable match up.

    Thanks for posting! I thought the write up was pretty good, as well as the podcast. I look forward to the next one 🙂

  2. pMadrak REALLY needs the Runebearer to run the stone properly. Runebearer puts Surefoot up on something turn 1 letting Madrak dump everything into the stone. Then you’re in a good spot to just have to top it up in future turns.

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