Tournament Report – Marc’s Results at Black Knight Games

On Saturday I had the pleasure of driving into Hamilton (my old stomping grounds… I was born in Hamilton, and attended university there at McMaster) to attend a 50 point Steamroller event.


This was the first event run by the new Press Ganger in town, Brent (the previous Press Ganger, Tim, now has the honour of being one of only 19 Judges worldwide to have passed the gruelling PP Judges Test, and as such is transitioning some of his tournament hosting duties to the next generation of PGs), and it had a solid turnout at 22 contestants!

It’s been awhile since I’ve played a tournament… and this was going to be the first time I’ve touched Harby or eFeora in almost 4 months! To say I was nervous would be a bit of an understatement!

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Podcast 030 – Mercs Vs. Circle – Gorten Vs. eMorvahna – Assassination Walk

This week on the podcast we have my forces of Mercenaries going up against Gaven’s forces of Circle. Can the deceptively tall forces of Gorten Grundback take on the annoying tree hunger activists of Morvahna the Dawnshadow? IMG_3406

Find out on this Episode of Combo Smite!

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Battle 018 – 35pt Menoth vs Circle, eFeora vs eMorvahna: Burn ’em Twice!

While Aaron and Adam were busy playing this week’s podcast battle report (an awesome Cryx vs Khador grudge match! Came out on Monday!), Gaven and I were having our own game… his insidious Circle against my pious Protectorate forces!

The last time we played, Gaven had attempted to foil The Harbinger with the awesome might of eKrueger, but was very effectively shut down… basically, I curb-stomped the poor guy. With the Youngbloods tournament coming up on Saturday, and this being my last chance to practice any of my lists before it, I really wanted to try out eFeora… but against Krueger (and, more importantly, that Storm Wall spell of his!) she’s a very bad matchup… thankfully, Gaven’s two lists were a Grayle and a eMorvahna! I settled on the Feora list on the spot, and Gaven decided that the goat-lady would be a safer gamble than risking Grayle.

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