Battle 039 – Cygnar vs Legion, Nemo2 vs eThags: Lightning Striking the Same Place 40+ Times…

Statistically, such an event as lightning striking the same place twice isn’t that unusal… the CN Tower in Toronto is struck an average of 75 times per year. But all the same, getting in about 50 Stormcalls in one game… I think this is a first for me.


Hopefully not the last…

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Tournament Podcast 001 – Marc's Results using Cygnar

On Saturday, Nick, Aaron, and I went to the Game Chamber in London, Ontario, for our first ever actual Steamroller tournament.

For those of you who have listened to Combo Smite for any time whatsoever, you all know this… because for the last couple weeks, it’s all any of us have talked about! Practicing for 7 minute timed turns, and anxiety about competing with strangers… it was all pretty nerve-wracking. Aaron had talked himself out of even going for a few days (Nick and I gently prodded him back into competing).

I’m going to link the audio for the podcast to my report, since I’m not POSITIVE that Nick and Aaron are going to do their own… but I certainly hope they will!

For my own part, I had practiced my Nemo3 list about 4 times and was pretty satisfied that I could get it to perform pretty well… but had only fielded my Siege list once, and my Sloan list once. I had an hour drive into London (my home is in Kitchener, exactly 101.4km, or about 60 miles, from London), during which all the embarrassing, stupid, tactical blunder-filled mistakes I’ve made in the past year decided it would be a perfect moment to remind me how awful I am at this game.
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Battle 003 – Cygnar vs Retribution, Nemo3 vs Garryth

As I’ve mentioned before, there will be occasions where I, Nick, or Aaron play battles that don’t make it onto the podcast for one reason or another… but they’ll still show up here! These battles will be labelled “NPR” for “Non-Podcast Report” to make them easy to distinguish.

So in my efforts to get as much practice going into Saturday’s tournament as feasible, I actually managed to get a game in last Friday against a local Pressganger named “Gingerstein”.

Well, actually he’s named “Todd”, but over on ye ol’ Privateer Press Forums, he goes by Gingerstein, a nickname given to him by his old boss at Games Workshop. He had commented on a few of my battle reports with the usual helpful, insightful way that most people on the PP forums comment (a nicer, more friendly group of avatars I have never met online anywhere), and had happened to notice that I play in London. More importantly, he’s running the tournament that I’m hoping to compete in, so getting his input on how the thing would work… plus any chance to tangle with the evil-elves is a good one in my book, since they’re still a problem-faction for my beloved Cygnar.
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Podcast 009 – Cygnar vs Cryx, Nemo2 vs Gaspy2

For the battle report this week, I was going to be facing off against our local reigning champion from last season: Adam, and his unstoppable Cryx. I was hoping to get a Menoth get on the books, and with all the work I’ve been pumping into my Protectorate, I actually have 50 points of fieldable Menoth with the Harbinger at the lead… mostly warjacks (2 Vanquishers, 2 Reckoners, and a Devout), a few solos (Vilmon, an Allegiant, a Hierophant, Wracks, Choir, a Paladin), and that’s about it. Harby has enough Focus to run the army and keep herself safe, but sadly, there’s one warcaster in the game that this army would be completely powerless against:

Asphyxious2. His Feat has the capability to remove too much of my army in a single go… I could afford to lose 1 warjack in a turn (it would be basically unavoidable I imagine), even 2 if I was unlucky. But Gaspy2 can melt all 4 of my heavies and there would be absolutely, positively nothing I could do about it. Sure, Menoth has plenty of tools to stop the Feat… Greater Destiny’d Zealots, Temple Flameguard, Exemplar Errants, or Bastions, but I don’t *own* any of those yet! And since Adam was keen on playing his Gaspy2 list, I had to switch to my 2nd list… Nemo2.

DSC02538 DSC02537

Now, I love Nemo… all three versions of him, actually (I’m currently undefeated with Nemo3!), but I make no illusions that this is a good matchup. Nemo has 1 tool in his box against Gaspy… Polarity Field… and Cryx is filthy with ways to get rid of it. But at least there was a *chance* I could pull this off… to hear the full battle, feel free to listen below!

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Podcast 001 – Cygnar vs Retribution, Nemo3 vs Ossyan

Our inaugural battle report! Very exciting. This week saw the forces of Cygnar fighting against the fanatical Retribution of Scyrah.

BR001-20-Ret Turn 2

Since this is our first podcast, it’ll run a little longer than the rest as we talk a bit about why we’re doing this, and about the format for the reports. We hope that all of you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed playing and recording this match!

This Week’s Tactical Question:
How do you recommend dealing with Cygnar’s Cavalry (either the light Tempest Blazers, or the heavy Storm Lances). Please comment below with your suggestions, answers, or ideas!

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