Tournament Video – JBC 50pt Steamroller

Last Weekend Marc ran a Steamroller event at Just By Chance Games in Kitchener ON.  I wasn’t able to attend but Marc was kind enough to take footage from each round for me.

One of Combo Smite’s favourite Mercenary Co-Hosts, Darrell,  was in attendance and even made it on camera a couple times. Continue reading

Tournament Video – Store Wars 2015 – Hobby Kingdom #2

Last weekend I made the trip down to Hamilton Ontario to play in another Store Wars qualifier tournament. One of the goals I set for myself this year was to make it in to the Store Wars invitational and one of the most important aspects for Store Wars is attendance.

I brought my Legion this time with 2 casters I have only played a few times, (Vayl1 and Lylyth3) not to be competitive but to get some good practice games in with casters I want to learn more about. I ended up going 1-2 plus a bye in the second round. I felt pretty good about my performance in general but I didn’t feel like either of my lists were good for the Legion mirror match.

This is also the first time I’ve been featured on the camera so you can enjoy watching me take on Chris Orr’s Vayl2 in the first round.

Rd1 Legion (Lylyth3) Vs Legion (Vayl2)

Rd2 Circle (Kreuger2) Vs Khador (Zerkova)

Rd3 Skorne (Xerxis2) Vs Circle (Kreuger1)

Rd4 Khador (Vlad1) Vs Cygnar (Siege)

Tournament Video – Day of Valour – The Hobby Kingdom – May 16

This is a bit after the fact.  Kassem and I made the trek down to Burlington a couple weeks ago to take part in another local Steamroller.  In a rare event I took Retribution to a tournament and Kassem was playing his Skorne as usually.

I went 1-3 with 2 close losses and 1 steamroll. Kassem went 2-2.

Rd1 – Skorne (Rasheth) Vs. Skorne (Xerxis1)

Rd2- Skorne (Zaal) Vs. Skorne (Xerxis2)

Rd3- Legion (Thags2) Vs Skorne (Xerxis1)

Rd4 Cygnar (Stryker2) Vs Legion (Vayl2)

Podcast 054 – Cygnar vs Legion, pHaley vs eVayl: Second Verse, Same as the First!

This week’s game saw me squaring off against Nick and his Legion again… last week I managed to squeak out a victory against eLylyth (read all about it in Battle Report 041!), but this week Nick came with the most popular Legion warlock on an international-competitive level… eVayl!

Could my humble pHaley list once again prove triumphant over the vile forces of the dragon? Find out, right here, on Combo Smite!

Direct Download

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Podcast 042 – eVayl Vs. pButcher – Hit and Run

This week I was matched up against Aaron and his Khador.  I was bringing out my freshly painted Legion which I have basically never played before.  Warning: Expect some Gong-Showiness ahead.
DSC_0015 copy

We had just completed a Journeyman game and it was getting a bit late to do a 50 pt game so we opted to do a 25 pointer.

Direct Download

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Battle 006 – Two 50pt Games with Menoth vs Legion

On Sunday, I met up with Ozzie, a friend and regular opponent of mine… this time our armies clashed at Cambridge’s “Forbes Games” (shameless-plug-in-hopes-of-kickbacks!).

Ozzie previously has played Retribution, has collected a respectable Circle army, and has now jumped ship to the soulless and evil Legion. Since he’s only been playing since September 2013, this is a remarkably chain of armies… especially considering how MANY models he has for each… but he’s great fun to play against, and on top of that he takes awesome pictures. I look forward to getting him on the podcast before too long!

Anyway, until then, you can read about 2 more games I played with Menoth, trying to bring the light of the Creater of Man to the mutant elven-heathens of Everblight. And by “light”, I mean “fires”.

Game 1

We decided on a 50pt game, but since my collection of Menites is still very limited, I told Ozzie that I’d be unable to create 2 unique lists (it would basically be every model I owned, with 2 different warcasters!). He created a single Legion list to play against me, and we were off.

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