Tournament Report – Marc’s Results at Black Knight Games

On Saturday I had the pleasure of driving into Hamilton (my old stomping grounds… I was born in Hamilton, and attended university there at McMaster) to attend a 50 point Steamroller event.


This was the first event run by the new Press Ganger in town, Brent (the previous Press Ganger, Tim, now has the honour of being one of only 19 Judges worldwide to have passed the gruelling PP Judges Test, and as such is transitioning some of his tournament hosting duties to the next generation of PGs), and it had a solid turnout at 22 contestants!

It’s been awhile since I’ve played a tournament… and this was going to be the first time I’ve touched Harby or eFeora in almost 4 months! To say I was nervous would be a bit of an understatement!

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Youngbloods Tournament Battle Report – Scyrah’s Perspective

Last weekend we traveled down the road to Hamilton today to compete in the Youngbloods tournament taking place alongside the Southern Ontario Open Master’s tournament as you may have heard about in our last podcast.  Apparently this was the largest Warmachine tournament ever held in Canada at 88 participants.  Pretty impressive.IMG_3154

We, however were entered in the Youngbloods, which is a smaller scale 35 pt tournament targeted more at newer players, which may not accurately describe us but we are still bad enough that we fit in just fine. It was only 14 players which is significantly less than 88 but still the largest tournament I or any of the Combosmite crew have participated in. Continue reading

Southern Ontario Open Youngbloods Tournament Podcast: Menoth Represent!

Nick, Adam, Kassem, and I went to the Southern Ontario Open tournament on Saturday, May 24th… great times had by all, and a solid podcast resulting from it!

Nick will be posting his results in his own thread, but the podcast is being attached to mine because… well, no good reason, so just because! Also, I’m going to apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures… we were on the clock, so I only had enough time to snap a single shot of each turn (and sometimes not even that!), and only using my crappy little camera phone. Thankfully, Nick took much better pictures for his report, so check those out for your pretty-picture fix!

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Background and Preamble

If you’ve been following Combo Smite for the last few weeks, you’ll have heard us all talking about the 35 point 2-list tournament coming up… that was this one, the “Youngbloods” portion of the Southern Ontario Open tournament. The ‘main’ event of the tournament was a massive (EIGHTY-EIGHT MAN!) qualifier for the WarMachne Weekend Invitational… but I didn’t feel mentally prepared for such an event. And after seeing the field… I think I made the right decision. They had plenty of space, but I gotta tell ya, 90 tournament players all trying to talk over each other in a relatively small room? Yeah, I was much happier on my side of the tournament.

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Podcast 023 – Menoth vs Circle, Harbinger vs eKrueger: Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires!

This week we played some preparation games for an upcoming tournament being held in Southern Ontario (named, perhaps not coincidentally, the “Southern Ontario Open”).

The tournament itself is a qualifier for the Canadian World WarMachine Tournament team… but we’re not competing in that portion of the tournament. No, we humble Combo Smite hosts will be competing in the “Youngbloods” portion of the tournament… a 32-man, 35 point two list event.


In the random draw we played, I ended up facing off against Gaven and his forces of the Circle Oroboros (did I add too many “o”s to that name? Whatev’…). Gaven was rocking an eKrueger and an eMorvahna list… while I was hoping to get some practice with my eFeora list (which I am still less comfortable with than I am the Harbinger…) the clutch-piece of that list is the fire-spawning-missiles of the Redeemer… which is enormously less effective against eKrueger.

Give the podcast a listen, and/or read on to see how the battle worked out!

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Podcast 021 – Menoth vs Cryx – Not Even A Little Fair…

This week’s podcast saw my forces of the Protectorate tangling with Adam’s Cryx once again. Last time this happened, I made a couple major blunders in the late game and lost the Harbinger to a couple boosted Venom shots… but before that point the game was definitely going in my favour. I was committed to not making the same mistake in this game… so instead, I made a bunch of brand new ones!

IMG_20140408_190450The scenario we were playing was Outflank (two 12″ diameter zones on the mid-line, 1 point for controlling and 2 for dominating), and I managed to win the Initiative (which is a happy, happy day for the Harbinger!). Give the battle a listen here or on iTunes, and let me know what you think!

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Adepticon 2014!

We three hosts of Combo Smite went to Adepticon this past weekend… and we recorded a quick 30 minute podcast after we got back (tired, sore, over-fed and happy!).
(Note the look of extreme concentration on Nick’s face as he extremely concentrates! And the snazzy Combo Smite baseball jerseys we were rockin’!)

You can listen to it here, or on iTunes, as is your leisure…

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Battle 013 – Quick 15pt Games for Charsaug: Menoth vs Legion

So last week, before the tournament (which is going live in a few hours now… should be up before I finish this!), Ozzie and I got together for a few quick games. Originally, I was hoping to get some practice in for the tournament, but Ozzie’s back had been injured earlier in the day (something to do with moving air conditioners out of a truck) and he wasn’t up for anything long or complicated. So instead, we played a pair of 15 point games pitting Legion against the Protectorate for our part in the Charsaug League!
10 - GthS0Vx

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Tournament Podcast 002 – First Tournament with Protectorate: Will Everything Burn?

So on Saturday, Aaron, Nick, Adam, Kassem, and I attended a tournament.

Well… actually, Aaron had to cancel to keep an eye on his sister while his parents are vacationing. So Nick, Adam, Kassem, and I attended the tournament.

Well… actually, Nick’s girlfriend had to go in for surgery on Friday, so he was at the hospital being a good partner. So Adam, Kassem, and I attended the tournament.

Well, actually, Adam had plans that afternoon and was worried that the tournament would run past 4pm. Which left Kassem and I attending the tournament.

But the two of us did! And it was awesome! And now you can read about my exploits and laugh at my misadventures!

We decided to throw together a quick “Tournament Podcast”, which you can listen to! It’s basically just Kassem and I regaling Nick and Aaron with our tournament stories, and Nick and Aaron mocking the SNOT out of both of us for it!

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Battle 012 – Menoth vs Skorne, Harbinger vs Makeda3: Menoth Protects!

With Nick playing Gaven for this week’s Podcast game (coming out on Monday!), I was left free to challenge Kassem. Kassem is also planning on attending the same tournament that Aaron, Nick, and I are planning to attend (as well as Adam, I believe!), so we were both rockin’ lists we wanted to test out for said tournament.

Kassem was actually trying to decide between 2 experimental lists for the event… two Skorne warlocks that he had “good feelings” about, but had never tested: Makeda3, and Mordikar.

As for me, I’m still pretty unfamiliar with both my lists and warcasters, although I’m certainly getting better. I figured another chance to get more comfortable with the Harbinger was more important than testing out my new eFeora build… which I hopefully will get done during my next games against Ozzie! Besides, taking Errants with Rhupert and a no-knockdown effect… too awesome to pass up!
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Battle 010 – Menoth vs Circle, Harbinger vs eBaldur: Burning Stones

For my game this week, I was lucky enough to be paired off with our resident Circle player, Gaven. Thus far, Gaven is the only member of our plucky band of WarMachinists who is still a purist… he plays Circle, and only Circle. There’s a lot to be said for that kind of dedication!

He’s also in 2nd place in our local totem, having to his credit 5 wins and 2 losses… a perfect counterpoint to my 2 wins and 5 losses so far! Would the gap between us continue to grow, or would the force of the Protectorate stand triumphant over the burning husks of the Circle?

Only one way to find out!

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