Podcast 031 – Menoth vs Retribution, pKreoss vs Ossyan: Reigning Rockets

You’ll all have to excuse the pun in the title… I am a man of simple pleasures (and a simple mind, obviously!).

This week for the podcast I was granted the pleasure of tangling blades and bombs against Todd’s Retribution. Mostly, it was an excuse for me to either get a Judicator on the table (I loves me my Judicator) or High Reclaimer Silent Bob (who I have never tried yet, but looks super-awesome-fun!). DSC03588
Also in this week’s podcast, Nick starts painting his Galleon (which I believe I will nickname “Your Doom”), Aaron discusses Deathclocking his opponents by accident, and Todd takes beautiful pictures!

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Youngbloods Tournament Battle Report – Scyrah’s Perspective

Last weekend we traveled down the road to Hamilton today to compete in the Youngbloods tournament taking place alongside the Southern Ontario Open Master’s tournament as you may have heard about in our last podcast.  Apparently this was the largest Warmachine tournament ever held in Canada at 88 participants.  Pretty impressive.IMG_3154

We, however were entered in the Youngbloods, which is a smaller scale 35 pt tournament targeted more at newer players, which may not accurately describe us but we are still bad enough that we fit in just fine. It was only 14 players which is significantly less than 88 but still the largest tournament I or any of the Combosmite crew have participated in. Continue reading

Podcast 024 – Retribution Vs. Skorne – Ossyan Vs. pMorghoul

It was my turn to be on the podcast this week.  We have started doing random pairings in our gaming group lately which I like because it reduces the chance of getting listed. I was matched against Kassem this week.  I hope you guys aren’t get too sick of seeing Ret V.s Skorne.

IMG_2973 We all brought two 35 pt lists in preparation for the upcoming “Youngbloods” tournament taking place alongside the Southern Ontario Open master’s event. My lists were eVyros and Ossyan.  Kassem’s were pMorghoul and Xerxis.

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Tournament Battle 001 – Nick's Quest for Retribution

This weekend the Combo Smite team played in our first official Steamroller tournament.  The tournament took place last weekend at a local game store in London, The Game Chamber. (PLUG!!)  It was a 35pt Steamroller 3 list required and during list selection your opponent vetoes one of your lists and you get to pick from the remaining two.

As this was my first tournament I was not very on the ball with taking photos every turn but hopefully its enough to get the gist of the games.

I brought Ravyn, eVyros and Ossyan as my 3 lists.

Max HG Riflemen + UA
HG Thane

Min Sentinels + UA
Destor Thane

Max HG Halberdiers + UA
Max HG Riflemen + UA
Stormfall Archers
Aiyanna + Holt

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Podcast 011 – Combo Battle Report 2

2 more Battle Reports this week.

The plan initially was to just report on Marc’s game, but it ended up being two things:

1. Full of particularly stupid mistakes, and
2. Very, very brief.

And so we decided to report on both! Full write ups will follow, but for now at least you can listen!

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Podcast 010 – Legion vs Retribution, Cygnar vs Protectorate, Listen to 1 Get 1 Free!

This week on the podcast we’re doing something different. Instead of facing off against each other Marc and I went down to the local game store in London Ontario, Game Chamber, and decided we would play some randoms. We are each going to give an abbreviated battle report and then rate our performances.

As always, you can listen to the podcast right here or on iTunes! If you’re listening on iTunes and have a minute to toss a quick review on there for us, we’d all be very grateful… we need a certain minimum number of reviews before they’ll show a score for us, and I’ve already asked my entire extended family to review us, so now it’s down to our actual listener(s)!

First Battle – Retribution Vs. Legion – Ossyan V.s Rhyas.

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Battle 001 – Cygnar vs Retribution, pCaine vs Ossyan: Don't Blink!

So, in the spirit of continuing to bring you, our loyal listeners and fans (all 10 of you!) content that you hopefully will find amusing and awesome and educational, occasionally we’re going to post Non-Podcast Battle Reports (NPR). These will be text-only reports, posted both here and on the Privateer Press Forums, that will give you a chance to read some battles that may not have been as cool as to make it into the podcast itself, but should still entertain and amuse.

SR001-05-Ret Turn 1

For example, this week, I played Kassem and his Retribution forces. I’ve been looking for an excuse to field pCaine, and I had a suspicion that Kassem would *not* be bringing a heavy-Stealth list, but *would* be bringing a metric crap-tonne of infantry, which is just about perfect for Caine and his infantry-mulching Feat.
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Podcast 001 – Cygnar vs Retribution, Nemo3 vs Ossyan

Our inaugural battle report! Very exciting. This week saw the forces of Cygnar fighting against the fanatical Retribution of Scyrah.

BR001-20-Ret Turn 2

Since this is our first podcast, it’ll run a little longer than the rest as we talk a bit about why we’re doing this, and about the format for the reports. We hope that all of you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed playing and recording this match!

This Week’s Tactical Question:
How do you recommend dealing with Cygnar’s Cavalry (either the light Tempest Blazers, or the heavy Storm Lances). Please comment below with your suggestions, answers, or ideas!

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