Podcast 213 – Skorne CID Episode!

Hello loyal listeners! Sorry for the lag in this week’s podcast… we had some gremlins in the website that had to be dealt with. HOPEFULLY this is the last time this year we’ll have to deal with that… we had a hacker attack the site a few months back, and Kassem has been diligently trying to fix things ever since.
Anyway! On with the show… we talk Skorne this week! Exciting! And if Charles Soong is playing Skorne (and he is right now), then you know they’re interesting! Give it a listen, let us know what ya think!

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Podcast 143 – Skorne Errata!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally happened… not only did the new Skorne errata hit… but it looks good.

Before we get to the audio, just want to share an awesome image a couple listeners (hi MIke!) in Omaha sent us.team-kassem-image

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get happy little shivers from that. Thanks guys!
Anyway, on to the Skorne errata!

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Podcast 133 – Skorne, Low Sodium Megasode!

Sure, there’s a lot of salt about Skorne these days. But there’s also a lot of good. And Nick, Kassem, and I sit down for 5 hours to talk about all the good in Skorne.

Yes, there is at least 5 hours worth of good stuff in Skorne. Come learn all about it!


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Podcast 125 – Windsor Steamroller Tournament!

Did you guys know that we’re theoretically a Battle Report podcast?! I know, I know… I scarcely believe it myself. And yet, what do we have here?

An entire tournament worth of batreps! And a chance for Combo Smite (Nick, Kassem, Darrell, and I) to prove that we’re not total and complete scrubs?

A big thank you to RJ (from Team Canada) for inviting us down, to Nick and Paul from “CG Realms” in Windsor for hosting the event, and to all the players in the Windsor meta who gave us such a warm welcome and a day full of great gaming!

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Podcast 115 – Southern Ontario Open Wrap Up!

Nick, Darrell, Aaron, Kassem, and I headed down to Hamilton, Ontario for the “Southern Ontario Open” again this year! This is probably the best WarMachine tournament any of us have ever attended, and Saturday night after the Masters qualifiers, we sat down and recorded our experiences!


Give it a listen, let us know what ya think!

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Podcast 112 – Ontario Team Championship – Combo Smite Team 2 Too!

So we recorded the 2nd half of our OTC podcast this week, running through the games played by the Combo Smite Team 2 group, captained by Todd! Big thanks to Todd and Darrell for comin’ out to talk shop and run through their battles!


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Podcast 046 – Legion Vs. Skorne – eLylyth Vs. Mordikaar – Pyro-techniques

This week I matched up my budding Legion horde against Kassem’s Skorne.IMG_4660 copy_1

(Marc: Apologies again for the holiday yesterday resulting in the podcast releasing today instead of on Monday! Plenty of content coming out soon to compensate, as our way of saying “Thanks for listening”, and because we love doin’ this stuff!)

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Podcast 029 – Khador vs Skorne, Vlad2 vs Mordikaar: And that’s Why You Always leave a Note… that says “Remember to use Deathclock…”

Good. God. Or as Marc might say, “Oh my Gods.” He’s a little indecisive when it comes to choosing a deity so to be safe he gives them all props. Does this list of Gods include the Flying Spaghetti Monster? We may never know and I’ll forget to ask him but I think it probably does.
(Marc: Yes. Yes it does. And Thor, Om, Crom, Cthulu, and Urd, for those curious, as well as numerous others)

As I was about to say, this game went on for way too long and really cut into my sleep schedule. We had gotten into the good habit of only playing timed games to avoid situations exactly like this one and then at some point someone decided, “Hey, I’ve gotten pretty quick at playing my turns so I don’t need to use a timer!” We’re all captains of our own destinies, I get that and what can we learn about life, nay, ourselves if we don’t make mistakes? Though if the mistake you make is walking through a fireworks warehouse with a lit cigarette you won’t reap the benefits of the lesson; the people who clean up your pieces will.

So reap what we sowed, dear readers/listeners. Whether you’re playing Deathclock or timed turns, always use a timer lest you end up like us: tired.


(Marc: A quick warning about this week’s podcast: it weighs in around an hour and a half after some pretty substantial editing. But it’s not short! On the plus side, you get to hear Aaron disobey a direct order not to urinate, listen to Nick while belligerent and drunk, and find out which one of us claims to be the same as Picasso!)

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