Tournament Report 003: Marc’s Results in Hardcore with Menoth

On Saturday it was time for a field trip to the Hobby Kingdom in Burlington, Ontario. After a few stumbles (turns out Tim can’t give directions to his home in Hamilton to be picked up… alternatively, why in 9 Hells does Hamilton have FIVE East Streets? And why are 2 of them called “East Street North” and “East Street South”… how does an EAST street have a North and South?! Ridiculous!), I arrived, ready to play my first ever 50pt Hardcore Tournament! The excitment was palatable! Palpable! Palpatine! P-Words!

(for those of you confused, as I was… that’s a picture of a Mammoth! Ever so slightly modified…)
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Battle 026 – Menoth vs Skorne, eKreoss vs Rasheth: BEEFCAKE!

Let me start by saying that I’m always conflicted on whether Rasheth is more Cartman (“You will respect mah authoritay!”) or Baron Harkonnen. I keep leaning towards the Baron, honestly, since I love the Dune universe so dearly, but for this report I shall stick with the better known comparison…$_35.JPG?w=584

Rasheth is nothing if not inspirational.

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