Paintectorate of Menoth – Harbinger Part 2

So my efforts to finish the Harbinger with her slightly modified attendants continues!

It’s getting a little hard to see the differences at this point… basically I finished painting the Habinger aside from a few gems in her armour and weapon, and if I decide to do a really funky colour for her hair. Otherwise… she may be done! Maybe.


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Kingdom of Paintnar – Boomhowler & Co

It occurs to me that Nick and I post enough painting stuff that we should probably change the name of the website to “Combo Smite Painting Stuff… and Very Occasionally Battle Reports”! Oh well.

As I mentioned before, my Stormwall is rapidly approaching completion (I still need to finish the Lightning Pods, but other than that, it’s done). My plan was that after I finish that particular monstrosity, I would take the time to finish all 20-30 models I have that aren’t QUITE done yet (85-95% done), including their bases and front arcs, and then seal everything I have once and for all.

That was the PLAN… then Nick mentioned that he wanted his purple paint back, and suddenly I had to finish painting my Boomhowlers (who I wanted to have bright-ish purple skin to contrast with all the blue I’ve already got in my army)… and since I was priming THOSE guys, well, I had probably better assemble a few others so I’m not wasting space and primer… and suddenly… well…

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Kingdom of Paintnar – Stormwall Base Part 2

So work continues on my Stormwall base! It’s almost finished… here we can see the river after I have peeled away the restraining wall that was keeping the water effects from flowing out all over my table (although I admit it did NOT do a great job at that… the wall sprung 3 leaks over the course of me trying to make this base!)

IMAG1016 (1)

The white you see is the clear stuff I used to make a seal between the wall and the river which couldn’t dry too hard due to the wall. Hopefully it will now dry clear (the rivers I made had the same problem, and they eventually DID dry hard and clear).

Kingdom of Paintnar – Stormwall Base

So, now that I’ve finished the paint job for the Stormwall, time to base that badboy. I’ve drybrushed the base, placed rocks, and placed a small magnet in the middle…


And why did I place a small magnet in the middle of that base? Why, so I can place a Trencher model on the base when I’m not using the Trencher units on the table, of course!
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Kingdom of Paintnar

Since Nick heroically posted a few of his Works in Progress, I thought I would do the same. Here we can see my final two Storm Lances and my noble Stormwall as they currently exist.


I feel obliged to point out that immediately after putting the little bit of blue you see on the Stormwall… I ran out of Cygnar Blue Base paint. Which, you know… is kinda important when you’re painting Cygnar. Just sayin’.

Update: Put some tan on one of the horses and took a picture in slightly better light so you can see the colours of the horses themselves: