Combo Smite Delayed until Mk3!

Hey gentle listeners and awesome readers! As many of you have doubtless suspected, Combo Smite is going on temporary hiatus until the Mk3 rules hit. We discussed doing more spoiler-casts, or doing a few more Mk2.5 batreps, but the fact of the matter is that we’re all so excited about the new rule set it’s gotten kinda hard to focus on anything else!

(Credit to Britton Starr from the Cygnar Facebook group for the image)

Anyway, the new rules drop in only 8 days (but who’s counting?), and we’ll be back then with an all-new Combo Smite Mk3! It’ll be awesome! Until then, thanks for sticking with us during the downtime, and if anyone wants to share what they’re most excited about in the comments, I’ll be sure to read ’em all and respond!

(For me? I’m really torn about going back to Cygnar for Mk3 or not… tempting! Oh, so tempting…)

0 thoughts on “Combo Smite Delayed until Mk3!

  1. That’s it I’m sending my T-shirt and two coffee mugs back for a full refund!!!

    Power to the people!!!

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    • Oooh, right in the wallet! That hurts.

      No need to resort to such drastic measures, I assure you. We’re still going to be around in a few weeks!

  2. I had a feeling you guys were going to go on hiatus 🙂 it seems like a lot of the community has done the same. Only 3 more days until L&L, and 5 until they release mk3.

    See you guys again in the mk3 era!

    • Oh, and Im most excited for the power up ability to fuel more of my khadorian jacks, also, if the “unofficial” cards are correct, Im also looking forward to Sorcha basically becoming a weapon master.

      Things Im not really looking forward to, Cygnar disrupting all my jacks that I’m bringing, without any currently known way of battling against it. I have a feeling I’ll be missing Power Booster, but I guess we will see when mk3 officially drops.

      • Good call on both! Khador really looks promising thus far in Mk3… on paper, the balancing that PP has done is damn impressive.

        Have to wait until a few months of tournaments to see if it holds… but still!

        Thanks for the feedback!

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