Combo Smite's First Giveaway Contest!

This will be a quick post: AdamtheHutt, long-time Combo Smite Mercenary co-host, has issued a challenge to our listeners… and the prize is a Small Based Solo of your Choice! Mailed straight to you! For free!

The rules are as follows…

1. Listen to Battle Report 019, and count the number of times anyone “sniffs” in the ‘cast (hint: it’ll be mostly Nick).

2. On April 21st, when Battle Report 21 goes live, post your guess in that thread. Only 1 guess per person, please and thank you!

3. First person to guess the correct number of sniffles… wins! Woo!

4. If nobody guesses the exact number by Friday April 25th (Midnight), the person who guesses closest to the actual number wins! In the case of a tie, a single winner will be chosen by appropriately sided polyhedral random number generator (ie: I’ll roll a die).

5. The winner will be announced on Combo Smite on Saturday. At this point, the winner should send in an e-mail to me with their mailing address, and their online WarMachine store of their choice (we recommend “Discount Games Inc.” for American customers, and “J&J Games” or “Meeplemart” for Canadian customers… international winners are welcome, but will need to supply us with a local gamestore that we can use to buy and send your prize to you!).

Best of luck to everyone… don’t ask me WHY Adam picked this particular challenge, but hey, an opportunity for our awesome listeners to get a little free thank-you from Combo Smite! Good luck!

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