Happy Podiversary! Combo Smite Turns 1!

Well, it’s been a year… let’s all take a moment to appreciate how far we’ve come together:

Podcast 001: Cygnar vs Retribution, Nemo3 vs Ossyan

Of course, if you go back to that first humble post, the pictures are all the size of postage stamps, because back then we didn’t know how to post them full size… ah, the things we’ve learned! The places we’ve been! The battles I’ve lost!

And while some things haven’t change (our commitment to bringing you the best in WarMachine related violence every week!), other things most definitely have!
We now have a Facebook page! And we update it frequently!
We have a Youtube Channel! And we update it… occasionally!
We still have our usual iTunes, but even that wasn’t there at the start… and for any of our listeners that can spare a few moments to go over to iTunes and give us a review, we’d really appreciate… but it’s there! And it’s awesome!

We’ve got a bunch of prize giveaways coming up for this week’s podcast… each of the hosts is contributing something! And a wacky new battle report, of course… like ninjas! But not involving ninjas…

I’m stuck at home today since the highways in Southern Ontario have all been converted into parking lots, so I’m going to be spending some quality time with Stryker3 and my last few Stormlances to celebrate our anniversary… but I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our mercenary cohosts (Gaven, Darrell, Todd, Kassem, Ozzie, and Adam) for helping us along the way, and a huge thank you to my noble and steadfast co-hosts, Nick and Aaron. I’m pretty sure neither of them knew the kind of hell I was going to unleash on them over the last year (“Have you finished the report? What about now? Have you written it yet? Did you upload those pictures? Can you take better pictures next time!?”), and they’ve stuck with the podcast anyway.

And lastly, and most importantly, a big thank you to all of you, our readers and listeners and commenters. In November 2013 (when we started), we had 302 unique visits to the website, and 1,133 pageviews… I was happy with that! So far in the month of November 2014, we’ve had over 1,100 visitors, and over 3,000 page views! And we’re not even half way through the month! My goal is still to get us to 1,000 listeners a week (a lofty goal, we’re at about 300/week currently), but that won’t be possible without all of you who have been listening and growing with us. So seriously: thank you!

Okay! Enough rambling nonsense! Thanks for reading, more posts coming soon, and here’s to another incredible year!

0 thoughts on “Happy Podiversary! Combo Smite Turns 1!

  1. I loved your battle reports when you were just posting them on the PP forums, so I was super excited when y’all started this site. One year later, and you have not disappointed. On the contrary, the site is great, I look forward to your podcasts every week, and you even got me into a new game (the MERCS meta around my office is growing steadily with every game we play). Well done, gentlemen!

    • Aww, thanks man! I miss the days of writing my entire battle report on-the-fly on the Forums… these days I have to do them in the wee hours of the morning and then post them after I get to work (less stressful, but less enjoyable!). Thanks for being along for the ride!

      • Or the days when you were writing them at work 🙂 we would get about half the report, then had to wait about an hour till you could sneak in another post… oh the good ol’days.

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