Kingdom of Paintnar – Boomhowler & Co

It occurs to me that Nick and I post enough painting stuff that we should probably change the name of the website to “Combo Smite Painting Stuff… and Very Occasionally Battle Reports”! Oh well.

As I mentioned before, my Stormwall is rapidly approaching completion (I still need to finish the Lightning Pods, but other than that, it’s done). My plan was that after I finish that particular monstrosity, I would take the time to finish all 20-30 models I have that aren’t QUITE done yet (85-95% done), including their bases and front arcs, and then seal everything I have once and for all.

That was the PLAN… then Nick mentioned that he wanted his purple paint back, and suddenly I had to finish painting my Boomhowlers (who I wanted to have bright-ish purple skin to contrast with all the blue I’ve already got in my army)… and since I was priming THOSE guys, well, I had probably better assemble a few others so I’m not wasting space and primer… and suddenly… well…

What we have here is a full unit of Boomhowlers (with skin painted so I can give Nick back his precious purple paint), a Gallant (primary coat of gold, which the majority of the warjack will be, with silver, white, and blue highlights to follow eventually), and assembled and primed: Jonas, Taryn, a Stormblade Captain, a 2nd unit of Rangers (you can see my first unit to the left side there, awaiting proper basing treatment), Alexia2 and her horse (still separate, as I’ve learned not to mount cavalry until I’ve painted them!), Sylys, a Hunter, and my 2 still unfinished Storm Lances.

Sooooo… yeah. I still PLAN on getting those 20-30 models finished before I start these guys… further… but we’ll see!

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