Kingdom of Paintnar: Finished Haley, on to Stryker3!

The header basically says it all… over the weekend I finally finished Haley, pEiryss, Aiyana, Holt, and Taryn. They are now sealed and ready to be delivering pain to my opponents!


Here are the rest of the happy campers:
IMG_20141027_075649 IMG_20141027_075714 IMG_20141027_075731 IMG_20141027_075813

I am very satisfied with how everything turned out. Sure, my Aiyana looks nowhere near as good as either Aaron’s or Nick’s, but I’m nowhere near as good a painter and so that’s not a surprise. I’m just happy she doesn’t look like ass.

But no rest for the wicked! With those 5 models done, I’ve moved on to the next batch I hope to have finished shortly: Stryker3, Jakes, 2 Storm Lances (to bring my total up to 5), eAlexia, Anastasia di Bray, and a few support pieces (Runewood and a Stormblade Captain in particular).

Here we can see the current state of Stryker3:
As you can tell, I cut off that ridiculous flag from his left hand… just need to find a suitable shield to put on it. Stormblade and Sword Knight shields are probably too small, Centurion is too big… ooh, maybe the buckler from a Stormclad! That might work, actually…

Anyway! First coat of most of the colours on him and his horse are done. Next will be to finish the whites on the horse (being the “deepest” colour) and on Stryker (really, just the trim on his cloak and his shoulders), then the golds, then the blues, then the silvers, and then lastly the arcane blues (on his back and along the horse’s sides)… maybe do that before the silvers, I don’t know. But he’s coming along nicely… oh, and his base. Gotta do something for his base.

Speaking of bases, here’s eAlexia and her horse:

Her armour is very, very red at this point, but after a quick Crimson Wash and then “Khador Red Highlight” (which is VERY orange) it shouldn’t look too red, actually. At least I think… anyway, still have to do all the shading on her (her horse and base are done, though). Shouldn’t take long to finish up! I hope!

And then the Storm Lances, Anastasia, and Jakes…
IMG_20141027_080102 IMG_20141027_080119 IMG_20141027_080047

Anastasia is a bit of a boring model, but she’s almost done as a result… very little detail to speak of. Jakes is a beautiful model, TONNES of detail, and correspondingly will likely take me forever to finish. And the Storm Lances… well, my original 3 Storm Lances have been sitting at 90% done for over a year, so maybe I’ll finally get all 5 done? Maybe?

I’m also working on Runewood and the Stormblade Captain, as I mentioned, but no progress shots of them right now. Soon, though… soon. Then, after them… zounds warjacks. A Minuteman, a Hunter, Triumph, another Centurion… lots of warjacks! And THEN… Stormwall Number 2! Probably! That won’t be until at least mid-November at the best… probably early December.

Anyway! That’s my progress for now! More to come later in the week, probably!

2 thoughts on “Kingdom of Paintnar: Finished Haley, on to Stryker3!

  1. Looking good Marx! These models looks like they’re coming around nicely. Only having Warjacks left seems like a pretty good position to be in, for me at least (I seem to get more enjoyment out of painting warjacks, compared to painting units).

    Also it’s nice to see you coming back to Cygnar. As much as I hate them (they always seem to be my factions worst enemies, Khador and Cryx), I really to like their play style and fluff. And I also enjoy reading batreps about them 🙂

    Good luck and “Keep on Keepin on”

    • Thanks ‘Twitch! I have now decided that I hate the way eAlexia looks… her red armour and the blue horse just clash a bit too hard. Might be repairable… lots of brown-wash to dull it down, or change the armour colour. And Anastasia’s hair needs work…

      Anyway! Happy with most of them… hoping to get a bunch finished tomorrow and posted on Friday!

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