Kingdom of Paintnar – Stormwall Base

So, now that I’ve finished the paint job for the Stormwall, time to base that badboy. I’ve drybrushed the base, placed rocks, and placed a small magnet in the middle…


And why did I place a small magnet in the middle of that base? Why, so I can place a Trencher model on the base when I’m not using the Trencher units on the table, of course!
You can see a Sniper attached here…

And here the Officer urging the Stormwall forward!

Lastly (for now), I poured in some WaterFX (tinted slightly with blue, green, and brown ink) and am currently (impatiently) waiting for it to dry.

Next, I’m making some reeds, followed by another layer of WaterFX so that the water comes up to the edge of the river bank… and then grass, and then done! Should only take another 3… 4 months, at most. 🙂

No, I should be done later this week, I hope.

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