Legion of Everpaint – How to paint Vayl2

There were some requests for a tutorial on how I was painting my Legion.  As is the Combo Smite way, the guide will be excessively long with way too many pretty pictures.

IMG_4843 copy

If you think I’m a shitty painter and don’t think I should be writing how-to guides that you are not alone. But some guy on the internet asked for it so that’s what I’m doing.

I start with my signature method for infantry models.  I base the model with some sand and kitty litter, then prime it white and hit the whole thing with a wash of Badab Black to give it the “Greyscale” look.  This brings out the details in the model so I can better plan out what I’m going to paint how and also provides a bit of pre-shading.

IMG_4772 (Large) copy

Next I give the base a quick paint job.  It gets a full coat of Ironhull Grey on all of the sanded areas. This point I will usually go over it with a “Wet-brush” of Bootstrap Leather on the sand parts (avoiding the larger stones) then give the whole thing a dry-brush of Hammerfall Khaki.  But this time I got antsy and moved on to the Red first.  I also go over the base with some Thalmar Black just because I’m a bit OCD like that and I don’t like to have the base messy even when I’m still painting the mini.IMG_4774 (Large) copy

Next up I go over all the cloth areas on Vayl with Skorne Red. Including her dress, a bit of stuff on her arms and both sides of her cape.    IMG_4778 (Large) copy

All the cloth then get a light dry brush with Khador Red Base to bring out the highlights.

IMG_4815 copy IMG_4816 copy

The feather trim is done with Hammerfall Khaki,IMG_4817 copy

Next I do all of her armour with Pig Iron.

IMG_4820 copy

I wash all the trim and armour with Agrax Earthshade.

IMG_4821 copy

I do the leather bits under her armour with Panzer Grey from Vallejo Model Air.

IMG_4822 copy  For her skin I used a thinned out Underbelly Blue.IMG_4824 copy

I go over the feather trim with Sepia wash.

IMG_4825 copy  The trim on her armour and her Oraculii get highlighted with Brass Balls.

IMG_4828 copy

The magical effect around the Oraculii gets a wash of Turquoise Ink.

IMG_4829 copy

Finally I wash her skin with a 1:1 watered down mix of Army Painter Blue Ink.

IMG_4830 copy

At this point I touch up the base and add on the front arc markers.

IMG_4831 copy

I spray the model with a heavy coat of Krylon UV Resistant Matte Varnish.  The difference is subtle but you can notice a darkening of the darks with the clear coat and it brings out the highlights just a bit.

IMG_4836 copy IMG_4837 copy

For the finishing touches I use a few drops of watered down PVA glue and add Dead Grass static grass then do the same for the snow using baking soda.  The model also gets a light coat of Matte Varnish between each of those.IMG_4839 copy IMG_4840 copy

And that is how it’s done. I hope you enjoyed the guide.  Again I will say that my painting is firmly in the vicinity of “Tabletop Quality” but some beginning painter could very well get some use of it.

IMG_4843 copy

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Damn your stuff looks great… and in half the time it takes me to put my stuff out.

    I am very impressed, Nick. And a great demonstration of what people who win your prize in the giveaway contest can expect (although obviously a Kaelyssa, not a Vayl).

    Thanks for posting the tutorial, and a big thank you to whoever asked you to do it!

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