Marc's Painting Table: Models I've Finished in January

While normally I would title this thread under whichever Faction I had done most of the painting for, this month saw me switching back and forth between both Menoth and Cygnar. So rather than confuse people, I figured I’d just do a “Finished This Month” thread and throw everything in here!

First, I finally (FINALLY) finished my unit of Rangers!

This unit of noble Cygnarians has been sitting at 95% for far, far too long. So now they’re based, arc’d, and sealed.

Next, I finished and sealed my Harbinger of Menoth:


Coming very soon: High Paladin Vilmon (just getting his base painted black) and the Hierophant (a tiny bit more gold, and he’s done)… plus probably my Wracks!

Edit: Okay, so I’ve finished my Hierophant, and finally finished a model I had sitting around at 98% done for months…


Yes, ladies and gentlemen… eFeora. I painted her for a competition awhile back (came in 5th out of 16, which I was extremely pleased with!), but when I bought her (used) she didn’t have the awesome stacks on her back… so I ordered those from PP directly (in addition to the Covenant-book you see beside her), and finally integrated those onto the model.

She now stands fully assembled and ready! I actually like the way she turned out. Her and the Hierophant (with that small white scar on his base cleaned up) are now receiving their protective coats of varnish along with Vilmon (who I forgot to take a picture of, but will do shortly!). Also forgot to put the front-arc ticks on eFeora, but I can do that when I get home tonight.

2 thoughts on “Marc's Painting Table: Models I've Finished in January

    • Why thank ya! I’m proud of how they turned out… was hoping to make it more like they were crawling through heavy overgrowth, but I think this works and still looks okay!

      And I’m very proud of the Harbinger. Can’t wait to get her on the table!

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