News and Announcement! Combo Smite at CaptainCon

Just a head’s up to our fine friends south of the border (or to those fellow Canucks braving the atrocious Canadian dollar to head to the USA): Many of the Combo Smite crew are attending CaptainCon this weekend!

Nick and myself will be there, as well as Todd, Darrell, and Adam (who is taking a bit of a mental break from WarMachine right now, but he can probably spare a few moments to talk Cryx if you find him!). I’ll be competing in the Friday event, and possibly the Team Tournament (I honestly forget, I think Todd signed us up, but officially, who knows!?).

Sadly, the only swag I will have on hand is a handful of Combo Smite patches, but anyone who wants one will be given one (until I run out)! Look for the confused, slightly terrified looking guys in white or black Combo Smite baseball jerseys! Come say hello! Watch us get crushed utterly by a vastly superior American meta!

It’ll be AWESOME!

Also, as mentioned before, this will probably delay next week’s podcast until I can get a bunch of us around a mic to talk about the convention, so apologies in advance for that.
Hope to see some of ya there!

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