Battle 018 – 35pt Menoth vs Circle, eFeora vs eMorvahna: Burn ’em Twice!

While Aaron and Adam were busy playing this week’s podcast battle report (an awesome Cryx vs Khador grudge match! Came out on Monday!), Gaven and I were having our own game… his insidious Circle against my pious Protectorate forces!

The last time we played, Gaven had attempted to foil The Harbinger with the awesome might of eKrueger, but was very effectively shut down… basically, I curb-stomped the poor guy. With the Youngbloods tournament coming up on Saturday, and this being my last chance to practice any of my lists before it, I really wanted to try out eFeora… but against Krueger (and, more importantly, that Storm Wall spell of his!) she’s a very bad matchup… thankfully, Gaven’s two lists were a Grayle and a eMorvahna! I settled on the Feora list on the spot, and Gaven decided that the goat-lady would be a safer gamble than risking Grayle.

The scenario we’re playing is “Close Quarters”: 2 flags, a friendly and an enemy flag. 1CP for dominating your friendly flag or controlling the enemy flag, and 2CP for dominating the enemy flag.

My current, still experimental, eFeora list is as follows:

Feora, Protector of the Flame (eFeora, Feora2)
– Judicator (proxied by my Stormwall, Bonded to Feora)
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard
Temple Flameguard (proxied by Sword Knights)
– Officer and Standard (also Sword Knight Officer and Standard)
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal Mechanik
Choir of Menoth (min)

It’s… it’s an *okay* list. I love the Judicator with Feora (no surprise), and the TFG do an acceptable job of keeping the Judicator safe (or at least did so the last time I used them!). The Judicator hits hard, the rockets are powerful and the amount of things they can set on fire is awesome. But it’s surprisingly fragile… thankfully, Menoth has a bunch of tools to keep it safe, but I’m still not 100% convinced that Temple Flameguard are the way to go. But I was certainly going to try!

Gaven’s list was as follows:

Morvahna the Dawnblade (eMorvahna, Goatvahna)
– Warpwolf Stalker
– Gorax
Bloodtrackers (max)
Wolves of Orboros (min)
– Chieftan and Standard
Skinwalkers (max)
– Skinwalker Alpha
Gallows Grove

A pretty standard list, all told… a lot of troops to bring back via Feat, some heavy hitters and some multiwound infantry that can be tough to deal with… it would certainly be an interesting matchup!

We were playing “Close Quarters” (two flags, one enemy and one friendly. 1CP to control the enemy flag or dominate your friendly flag, and 2CPs to dominate the enemy flag). We rolled for initiative, which Gaven won and elected to go first. I took the side of the table with Elevation, and we set up.

Gaven set up his troops in a long line: Skinwalkers on the left flank, followed by the Gorax and Morvahna near the middle, and Wolves on the right. The Bloodtrackers went slightly to the left of middle.
IMG_3090  IMG_3094
I set up the Judicator/Stormwall hybrid in the middle of the table, with the Choir nearby, and the Vassal of Menoth and Mechanik behind it. Feora went next to them, and the Flameguard went off to the left side, ready to rush up into the hills to keep the Judicator safe!

The Errants went in the middle of the board, and we were ready… Gaven declared that the Flameguard were his Prey, and began his first turn!

IMG_3089 IMG_3101 IMG_3103

Circle, Turn 1

Not many surprises this turn… basically, everything ran forward and spread out. Gaven wisely truncated his Bloodtracker’s run to keep them at the extreme edge of my Errant’s guns (well, their 5″ walks and then 5″ ignores-Stealth range). The Gallows Grove teleports itself forward, the Stalker warps for Prowl and Morvahna casts “Fog of War” on herself and “Carnivore” on the Skinwalkers, and everything else just packs in behind his front lines.

IMG_3107 IMG_3108 IMG_3109 IMG_3112
Menoth, Turn 1

Ah, decisions, decisions… so many things to kill, so little time!
Feora starts by allocating 2 Focus to the Judicator, and we begin.

Feora actually goes first, walking forward 6″, casting Escort on herself and “Ignite” on the Errants.
That done, the Errants walk forward and open fire on the nearby Trackers. Only 2 are within range, but both are hit and killed. An acceptable start.

I have the Choir go next, singing “Battle” on the Judicator and moving up a bit.
The Judicator walks forward and lets its rockets fly… all the shots, including the Ancillary Attacks from the Vassal of Menoth strike hard and true, obliterating another 5 or 6 Bloodtrackers (leaving the unit at 3 members!), and lighting the Gallows Grove and Stalker on fire (and inflicting light damage on the Stalker itself).

To add insult to injury, the Bloodtrackers flee!

The Temple Flameguard activate next, running forward behind the Errants and in front of the Judicator.

With that, I end my turn, pretty confident with the way things are going so far!

IMG_3113 IMG_3114 IMG_3117
Circle, Turn 2

Gaven was less optimistic than I was (which, I suppose, only makes sense). Still, he was playing Morvahna, and that means wiping out MOST of a unit isn’t wiping out ENOUGH of the unit. Still, we do the best we can with the cards Menoth deals us.

We start with the Fire checks… both the Gallows Grove and the Warpwolf Stalker have their flames extinguished, sadly. Morvahna then draws back up to maximum, upkeeps both Fog of War and Carnivore, and we’re off.

The Bloodtrackers (the three remaining) start by fleeing backwards, towards and somewhat behind a hut near the middle of the table. They then successfully rally.

The Skinwalkers activate next and charge my Errants. Only two manage to get range, and the other 3 run up behind them. 4 attacks later and I’ve lost 3 Errants (no need to self-sac, since there’s nothing to heal through Carnivore).

The Gallows Grove teleports itself forward. This does not bode well… but my Errants aren’t targetable by spells… so I’m safe, right?

Morvahna moves up just far enough to get into the Killbox and the Gallows Grove into CTRL. She then casts “Death Knell” at my tightly packed clump of Temple Flameguard.

Ah. Oops.

The spell hits, and has 5 models in the AoE. The blast vapourizes 3 TFG and 2 Errants, but bounces off the thick armour of the Judicator.

The Wolves run up behind the flag to the left side, spreading out a bit. The Stalker moves up behind cover and warps for Prowl again, and the Gorax moves up and riles a bit.

Thankfully, one of my Errants is within 4″ of my friendly flag, so no CP scored this round.

IMG_3118 IMG_3119 IMG_3121

Menoth, Turn 2

Okay… so that could’ve gone better, could’ve gone worse… either way, time to get some heavy lifting done!

Feora upkeeps both spells and allocates 3 Focus to the Judicator, bringing it up to its full 4 Focus.

The Choir goes first and sings “Battle” again.
The Vassal of Menoth goes next, lobbing out an Ancillary Attack rocket… which scatters… *exactly* onto the 3 remaining Bloodtrackers with its two scatters! WOO! Full unit… wiped out!

The Errants charge, getting a Skinwalker and a bunch of the Wolves within range… several attacks and a few Quickwork shots later, there are 4 dead Wolves and a dead Skinwalker.
The Temple Flameguard go next, walking forward into Shield Wall and popping their mini-feat (ARM21 and DEF15 against Charges? Yes please!). They manage to get a single 3-man CMA on a Skinwalker, which hits but fails to kill (boo!). The rest of the TFG, without enemies within range, try to smack each other with their flame-causing spears… and I swear… I roll 3 or less every. Single. Time. So in the end, only 1 of my TFG is on fire!

The Judicator goes next, tucking in behind the line of Flameguard. It fires its first rocket at Morvahna, which misses her but clips the Gorax and Stalker, inflicting light damage on both. The second rocket goes at the Skinwalker Alpha, but scatters away completely harmlessly. And the flamethrowers reduce the Gallows Grove to kindling!

Feora goes next, and just moves up behind/beside the Judicator on the right side of the table.
Lastly, the Vassal Mechanik runs up to be B2B with the Judicator and between Feora and all the warbeasts on her side of the table.

Both flags are hotly contested, so no scoring this turn either… but hey, what do I care? I WIPED OUT THE ENTIRE UNIT OF BLOODTRACKERS BEFORE THEY THREW A SINGLE JAVELIN!


Sorry. Little excited.

IMG_3124 IMG_3126 IMG_3128
Circle, Turn 3

We start by seeing if the fire goes out… and none of it does. The Stalker is unwounded, though (curses!), a few points on the Gorax, and the Wolves Chieftain burns… but only takes 4 points of damage (boo!).

Morvahna drops both spells and pulls back up to max Fury.
The Gorax starts the ball rolling, by putting “Primal” on the Stalker.
The Stalker warps for “Berserk” and walks up to my Errants. It kills a bunch, but I self-sac off all the deaths so its denied any Berserk attacks. It then “Sprints” back to be B2B with the flag.

The Wolves charge the remaining Errants near the Flag, clearing out the last few nearby.

The remaining Skinwalkers charge forward, wiping out the last of the Errants except for the Officer, and manages to kill a single TFG (ARM21 is a thing, ya know?).

Morvahna activates next, popping her Feat to bring back a Skinwalker, the Gallows Grove, and most of the Wolves. She then moves over to be B2B with the OTHER flag… she then casts (or arcs?) “Sunder Spear” into the Judicator… which she hits and boosts damage, and hits it for 6 points.

Dominating his Friendly flag and Controlling the other gives Gaven 2 points, and lets him leap into the lead, 2-0 for Circle.

IMG_3130 IMG_3131 IMG_3132
Menoth, Turn 3

Morvahna has taken 5 or 6 points of damage from her Feat, and a few more points of damage from “Scales of Fate”. Sure, she’s camping 4 Fury… but I’m pretty sure she’s in range of walking-shooting from the Judicator… and if I can hit her *hard* enough that the Stalker and Gorax are killed (or almost killed!), then she could burn to death quite merrily! Let’s go for it…

Feora drops Ignite (there being nothing left to Ignite!), and upkeeps “Escort”, and then allocates 3 Focus to the Judicator (bringing up to 4 again).

The Flameguard go first, moving up in Shield Wall and shuffling out of the way of the Judicator. They do a bunch of CMAs on the Skinwalkers, inflicting some damage but not killing any. They do manage to light a few on fire, though.

The Choir activates and sings “Battle” again.
The Judicator then walks up into the cleared pocket. It opens fire on Morvahna… boosts to hit the first shot, and misses. It does scatter onto her, though, and I boost damage, inflcting 4 points.
Second rocket: Boost to hit… hits! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! At Dice+1 damage, I elect to boost anyway (better safe! And I really need to hurt that stupid Stalker!)… and roll 1, 1, 1. 4 points of damage.

Menoth, why hath thou forsaken me? Was it that crack about you being fat?

2 sprays later, and I’ve missed once and hit once (rolling an “awesome” 3 points of damage this time), and Morvahna is on fire, but still has 2 boxes left. Oh, and 2 basically full-health warbeasts… and 4 transfers.
Oh, and the sprays kill the Skinwalker Alpha (who was between the Judicator and Morvahna), healing her for 1.
The Vassal of Menoth gives an Ancillary Attack to the Judicator, which I use a Spray for… but needing 8 to hit, missed.

Oh well! In for a dollar…

Feora walks over to the other side of the Judicator and then casts “Fire Step” to get as close to Morvahna as she can. She does get her within 10″ of her, and then Pops her Feat, gaining back 2 Focus. I also transfer a fire token from a friendly TFG to a Skinwalker.

Feora then sprays Morvahna with her POW12… boosts to hit, and hits! Boosts damage… and rolls… 1, 1, 2.

Morvahna transfers over the 1 point of damage to the Gorax.

By sheer luck, 2 of my Flameguard are within 4″ of the flag (by accident), and so the score goes up to 3-0 for Circle.

IMG_3133 IMG_3134 IMG_3135 IMG_3136 IMG_3137

Circle, Turn 4

Gaven only needs to kill my 2 DEF13, ARM17 Flameguard to win… but he has a grudge against the Judicator (you can see my above post on WIPING OUT HIS BLOODTRACKERS BEFORE THEY THREW A SINGLE SPEAR for why), and wants to see it burn.

So! Morvahna burns (can’t go out), but only takes 4 points of damage (again) and transfers that over to the Gorax.

The Wolves activate first and clear out the last few Flameguard and inflict some damage on the Judicator (using their mini-Feat, Power Swell).

The Gorax gives the Stalker Primal, and the Stalker then walks up to my Judicator and lays into it… after its maxed out on Fury, the Judicator is down to 24 boxes, but still fully functional!
The Skinwalkers activate, and a few charge the Judicator… they kill 2 more Flameguard, and inflict a total of 10 more damage on the Judicator.

Gaven is down to just Morvahna… and she’s very easily within charge range of the Judicator… and she can probably charge in and then Light-Cavalry-Move back to be B2B with the flag, assuming she can destroy the Judicator herself…

Gaven ponders.
He considers.
He debates…

And then decides against it. He ends his turn, takes his 2CPs and wins, 5-0.

Victory to Circle!

IMG_3138 IMG_3139 IMG_3140

Post Game Analysis:

So after Gaven won, he immediately asked to Rabbit-Chase to see what would happen if Morvahna had charged the Judicator. She hit with her initial attack and the attack from her goat, and then bought a bunch of attacks, destroying the Judicator… and then on the Light Cav move back, took a free strike from my one Temple Flameguard, which killed her (the Stalker was full of Fury, and the Gorax was down to 3 boxes… the damage was enough to feedback through the Gorax to kill her!).

So, yeah, he made the right call!

Other than that, it was an okay game on my part… except that rather than going for the assassination run, I really should’ve moved the Judicator to punch the Stalker to death and contest that zone far more effectively… Gaven would then have to try and kill the Judicator without his heavy warbeast, and I would just need to contest Morvahna’s flag more effectively… which would be possible, but tricky. But either way, probably a better plan than what I did!

On the flip-side… if I had rolled average damage a few times, Morvahna was toast. The Gorax was on its back-foot, and the Stalker had about 20 boxes… 2 good hits and its either dead or damn near close enough. 3 solid hits and I had this game… but no such luck!

Menoth giveth… and Menoth taketh away…

Anyway! Thanks for reading! Comments, suggestions, and mockery are all very welcome!

4 thoughts on “Battle 018 – 35pt Menoth vs Circle, eFeora vs eMorvahna: Burn ’em Twice!

  1. “The Stalker warps for “Berserk” and walks up to my Errants. It kills a bunch, but I self-sac off all the deaths so its denied any Berserk attacks. It then “Sprints” back to be B2B with the flag.”

    Just clarify: The Stalker wouldn’t have gotten to Sprint away – for the very same reason he didn’t get any Berserk Attacks: He didn’t destroy anything, Self-Sac did. That’s a bigger thing than your low dice. (oh, and a freebie: DICE is the plural. DIE is the singular. People seem to get that mixed up nowadays, but you don’t have to make their mistakes!)

    • Thanks for the corrections, baziron! Much appreciated… you’re right about the “Sprint” thing for sure, I completely forgot it only triggers if he successfully kills something (apparently Gaven forgot as well!). Would’ve have made a big difference in this game, since the Gallows Grove was B2B with the flag regardless, but would’ve made it much easier to get to and kill the Stalker with my Judicator had I been thinking straight.

      Also, I’m aware of the standard convention when it comes to “dice” and “die”, although, much like “beer”, it is not universal (ie: Some people will say “fourteen beer”, although technically it’s “fourteen beers”). I still tend to use “dice” in the plural for cases like “Dice+1”, even if it’s only 1d6+1, and pronounce it “DEE” when used in multple-shorthand (ie: 4d6 is said “four DEE six”). I’m not sure exactly where I made the dice-die mistake in this report… “ctrl-f” didn’t find anything out of place… but I appreciate the clarification regardless, and the comment overall! Thanks for reading the report!

  2. Shouldn’t the Stalker have frenzied on Circle Turn 4?

    If the Gorax used Primal on the Stalker in turn 3, that leads to an automatic frenzy the next turn. From the picture, it looks like that would have caused the Stalker to attack a Wolf of Orboros, not the Judicator. Admittedly it wouldn’t have helped avoid the Circle scenario win, but important to remember – it’s the downside of Primal.

    • Oooh, good call… Gaven probably didn’t use “Primal” on the Stalker, then. My memory isn’t flawless… needing 6s to hit the Errants isn’t too unlikely, so he may have just skipped it so that it didn’t Frenzy. But I’m pretty sure it couldn’t activate Sprint, which I think Gaven got wrong… oh well! Live and learn, right?

      Thanks for the catch, and the comment!

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