Battle 022 – Mercs Vs. Menoth – Ossrum Vs. pSeverius

I had the chance to play a game against somebody new today.  Jay is a Menoth player who was just in town to accompany his friend Mike who came to London to trade his Galleon for an extra Earthbreaker which I had acquired recently.IMG_3450

So, Jay and I set out to play a 50pt game.  Jay had said he had a pSevy list he was itching to try out so I played my Ossrum list which in a tournament would be my most likely Menoth drop.

My list was a slightly modified version of the one here

Max Boomhowlers
Max Forge Guard
Alexia and the Risen
Aiyanna and Holt

Jay’s List was:

*Bleesing of Vengeance
Avatar of Menoth
Min Choir
Max Errants + UA

I win the die roll this time and choose first turn. We were playing the scenario Outflank (Two 12″ circular zones. 1CP to control 2CP to dominate.)


I deploy the Earthbreaker centrally with Thor, Dougal and the Tinker in behind. Ossrum and the Forge Guard go to the right with Rupert. On the left is Boomhowler and Co with Herne and Jonne and Alexia and her crew in behind.


Jay deploys Severius and his battle group across the middle of the table with Severius on the far (my) left behind the hill. The book goes in the middle and the Avatar goes on the right. The choir spreads out in behind the jacks and the mechanic follows the Avatar. The Errants AD out front in the middle.


Mercs Turn 1

Ossrum gives 1 to the Earthbreaker

-Forge Guard run forward and Rupert walks up and gives them tough and fearless.

-Boomhowlers run forward and spread out in front of the Earthbreaker across the middle of the board.

-Herne and Jonne run up behind Boomhowler. Alexia and her dudes do the same.

-Ossrum walks to the left where he can see Jonne and a Boomhowler and puts Bullet dodger on the Boomhowlers and Fire for Effect on Jonne.

-The Earthbreaker runs up and Thor, Dougal, the Tinker and Aiyanna and Holt run up behind. IMG_3439 IMG_3440

Menoth Turn 1

-Avatar get 2 focus and Sevy allocates 1 to all the others.

-Severius moves up onto the hill, put Defender’s Ward on the Errants and puts up Eye of Menoth.

-Errants move up much less than their full speed so as to not get completely into my threat ranges.

-Choir shuffles around and puts passage on all the Jacks.

-The Reckoner runs up into the left zone and the Vanquisher runs up behind him.

-The vassals move up and one outs Enliven on the Reckoner and one puts Enliven on Blessing of Vengeance.

-Avatar gazes and run forward toward the right zone.

-The Book walks forward and says No Knock-down.

-Mechanic runs up behind the Avatar.

IMG_3441  IMG_3443

Mercs Turn 2

-Ossrum upkeeps Bullet Dodger and Fire for Effect and gives 2 to the Earthbreaker.

-Boomhowlers go first they walk as far as they can into the left zone and fire off about 4 shots into the Reckoner before Jay remembers he put Passage on it.

-Jonne walks up and fires a Scattershot killing 2 or 3 Errants.

-Holt Walks up and shoots another Errant but nothing else is in range.  Aiyanna puts magic weapons on the Earthbreaker.

-Alexia and her crew move forward and she crafts a Thrall in behind the Boomhowlers.

-Dougal and Thor both walk up and stay out of the way and give their buffs to the Earthbreaker (Artillerist and Boosted Damage)

-Tinker runs up to the side to get out of Ossrum’s way.

-Ossrum walks toward the right zone and puts Snipe on the Earthbreaker.

-Earthbreaker walks forward and fires rough terrain torpedos at two of the Errants in front of the Avatar.  He hits and kills both of them, so that is 2 dead Errants and about 6 inches of rough terrain directly between the Avatar and all my Troops.  Nipple guns fire some shots into the Blessing of Vengeance and do light damage.  He uses the Enliven movement to get a bit closer.

-Forge Guard run forward into the right zone and Rupert gives them Tough and fearless.

IMG_3444 IMG_3445  IMG_3447

Menoth Turn 2

-Avatar gets 2 and Severus gives 2 to the Reconer and 1 to the Vanquisher and upkeeps Eye of Menoth.

-Errants charge in and kill 3 Boomhowlers.

-Choir sings Battle on the Jacks.

-Vanquisher walks up and fires at Alexia but misses and deviates onto Alexia, the Thrall 1 risen and a Boomhowler. It only kills the Risen and everyone else is on fire.

-Reconker aims and kills the last Boomhowler in the zone.

-Blessing walks forward to get into position for severius to arc an Ashes to Ashes onto Jonne.  It hits and jumps to Herne and Boomhowler.  Killing Herne but not Jonne or Boomhowler. Severius walks into the zone as far to the outside corner as he could

-The Avatar gazes and run toward the middle of the board, trying to avoid the rough terrain.

-The Book walks toward Severius and says No Knock Down.

IMG_3449 IMG_3450 IMG_3451 IMG_3452

Mercs Turn 3

-Alexia has collected lots of bodies but first I have to see if she survives the fire.  None of the fire goes out and it kills the Boomhowler and the Thrall but Jay rolls snake eyes on damage for Alexia and she is fine.  She puts her risen out mostly behind enemy lines to be as annoying as possible.

-Ossrum upkeeps FFE on Jonne and Snipe on the Earthbreaker and allocates 3 to the Earthbreaker. I have a suspicion that Severius has left himself within 22 inches of the Earthbreaker and therefore deserves a swift assassination.

-Ossrum goes first and pops his feat to give Rhulic models +2 SPD and Arm.

-Rupert give Forge Guard Tough + Fearless and the Forge Guard charge.  One charges the Avatar and 4 charge the Blessing and another 2 run in behind to prevent the Enliven move.  Blessing get wrecked on the second hit and Avatar takes no damage.

-I activate Boomholwers and they run forward mostly to get out of the area the Earthbreaker needs to land in.

-Jonne moves over behind alexia and fires off his single AoE (now that Herne is dead) and it hit 3 Errants and killls 2 of them.

-Dougal goes and puts artillerist on the Earthbreaker and pops his mini feat for +2 RNG for all faction models.

-Alexia goes next a couple of her dudes CMA an Errant and he Self sacs the Standard. Alexia takes a shot at Severuis and boosts to hit and damage with Risen and does 5 damage.

-Thor tunes up the Earthbreakers attack rolls because I figure I’m going to have more trouble hitting Sevy than killing him and he can’t e knocked down.

-Finally the Earthbreaker goes.  To remove any doubt we measure from the Earthbreaker’s current position to check if Severius is in threat range and he was about 20.5 inches away. Knowing that the Earthbreaker walks his 6 inches Directly toward Severius and fires both torpedo shots needing 7s to hit and hits both and boosts damage.  Severius is at about 4 health now.  I roll for nipple gun shots and get 2 on each side. The first shot from the left gun puts Severius into the dirt.

IMG_3455  IMG_3457 IMG_3458

Victory to Mercenaries!

Thoughts on the game:

-22 inch Assassination threat range on the Earthbreaker is legit and needs to be respected.

-If Severius had Defender’s warded himself he might have been safe from the Assassination between needing 9’s to hit and an extra 2 ARM.

-If the assassination run had failed I would have likely lost my Earthbreaker the following turn and that would have been the end of the game for me.

-Thought on the list.  I like this list a lot more than my last one (with Gumages and Gastone instead of Forge Guard, Rupert and TInker) but I still don’t know if this will be the list to get Alexia and Boomhowler or not.

-Balancing characters is SOOOO much harder in Mercs than it is in Retribution. I’m still trying to decide which casters I want to run so at this point its impossible to narrow down which characters go where.

2 thoughts on “Battle 022 – Mercs Vs. Menoth – Ossrum Vs. pSeverius

  1. Good run on that assassination! Tough getting the Book vs an Earthbreaker, but you handled it well. Rough terrain is boss vs PoM!
    Careful with Bullet Dodger though, it’s only on one model, not a model/unit.

  2. Great report, Nick! As sorry as I am that you now own a Galleon (NOOOOOOOOOooooo!), at least we got a cool batrep out of it!

    22″ on the Earthbreaker is BONKERS. I just don’t understand how any army without the Book or massive numbers of clouds survive. I really don’t. Thank Menoth that you can only take Thor in one list!

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