Battle 024 – Menoth vs Legion, pSeverius vs Saeryn: POW15 Grenades to the Rescue!

Many of you will remember my good friend Ozzie (real name “Nick”, but since he shares that particular name with MoFaux/Nick, we’re forced to stick with Ozzie), who plays Circle, Legion, and Retribution. In the few months that Ozzie’s been playing WarMachine, he’s basically bought 3 entire Factions and has been improving in leaps and bounds. Our first handful of games were cakewalks for me, but these days he wins as often as he loses and gives me a good run for my money at the worst of times!

Ozzie had taken some time off playing WarMachine (basically since the last time I played him!) to deal with some “Real Life” issues. He’s going to be moving to distant, frosty Barrie (north of Toronto and about as frosty as Montana), so our time together is more finite. All the more reason to get more games in!
The two lists I brought were a pKreoss list with a Judicator, and a modified version of the list I played against Nick last week with pSeverius. While the Judicator’s POW17 Rockets are bonkers-good, I was curious about how much mileage I could get out of EIGHT POW15 missiles fired by a pair of Redeemers… that’s a lot of firepower at pretty extreme distances. Sure, it’s inaccurate as hell, but POW9 blast damage is pretty acceptable too. I was curious how it would work!

My Severius list was as follows:

Grand Scrutator Severius (pSevy)
– Redeemer
– Redeemer
– Blessing of Vengeance
– Hierophant
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard
Holy Zealots (max)
– Monolith Bearer
Exemplar Bastions (max)
Exemplar Bastion Seneschal
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Choir of Menoth (min)

Now, the list unquestionably has issues, but I’m still optimistic that I can nail it with a few tweaks. The biggest problem: cracking high ARM, especially if denied the charge. Still, I do like it… but it needs work.

Ozzie brought a pThagrosh list and the following Saeryn list:

Saeryn, Omen of Everblight
– Angelius
– Angelius
– Scythean
– Scythean
– Harrier
– Raek
– Shredder
Spell Martyr
Spell Martyr
Strider Deathstalker
Strider Deathstalker
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew

That… is a lot of beef. Remember how I just mentioned that my list would struggle against high-ARM without getting the alpha-strike off? Yeahhhhh… about that.

Anyway, nothing I could do about it now! And this was the first time I’d be playing against Saeryn… plus, I was pretty sure that pSevy’s Feat was completely useless against a Hordes warlock (no Focus, so no worries about Focus-restocking… and no Arc Node advantage either, to my knowledge!)… what could possibly go wrong?

We decided to play Incursion (3 flags, one of the flank flags will disappear after the 2nd player’s first turn… the flags are being represented by my Wracks in this game), and rolled initiative, which Ozzie handily won and chose to go first.

I picked the side of the table with the forest slightly LESS obnoxiously placed (I mean, still bad), and we set up.


Ozzie’s deployment had the Harrier, one of the Scytheans, one of the Angeli, and the Raek on the right side of the table, along with both Forsaken and a Spell Martyr. The middle took Saeryn and her gobbers, while the left flank took the other Angelius, Scythean, and the Shredder. Ozzie’s Deathstalkers eventually Advanted Deployed on the right flank (opposite Sevy).

For my deployment, I was really pretty screwed by the massive forest right near the middle (but, correspondingly, the forest on the opposite side would’ve been worse). Still, it was what I had to work with. I stuck all the Bastions in the middle of the forest, with the Seneschal out on the left flank… there job was to hold that flag if the other disappeared (which, considering it was going to be where the bulk of my army went, was pretty likely). The middle was filled with Zealots, and then the right flank took Severius and his fire group (both Redeemers and Blessing, plus both Vassals, the Choir, and the Hierophant). Lastly, my Errants Advanced Deployed in the middle (assigned to the important task of killing both of Ozzie’s Deathstalkers before they decimated my infantry!).

With that, we were ready to go!


Legion, Turn 1

Ozzie’s first turn didn’t consist of as much running as one might be used to… although there was a fair amount.
The Harrier ran and riled forward onto the hill. The Raek ran up behind it but carefully still within CTRL-range.
The first Deathstalker walked up and tried to ping an Errant, but thankfully was out of range. The other ran towards the right flank.
Next, the Shredder activated, cast “Tenacity” on the Angelius on the left, and then moved forward. That Angelius ran up to toe into the forest.

Saeryn activates and casts “Tenacity” on the nearest Angelius and Scythean, “Banishing Ward” on the Angelius, and then moves forward.
That Angelius runs forward and riles for a few.
The Swamp Gobbers move up and drop a 5″ cloud, blocking LoS to Saeryn and catching the back foot of the Angelius.
The leftt Scythean runs through the forest, staying just within it’s shady embrace. The right Scythean runs up onto the hill between the Harrier and Raek and riles for a few.

The Forsaken both activate, move forward, and pull off a bunch of Fury. Both Spell Martyrs likewise run forward slightly, one behind the hill and the other trudging through the forest.

With that, Ozzie is done!

IMAG1429  IMAG1427

Menoth, Turn 1

It would be dishonest to say that I wasn’t worried about Ozzie’s forces, but the lack of distance attacks (aside from the Angelius, of course) was kind of nice… manly, it was nice to be able to advance without Scather templates littering the field.

That stated, Ozzie’s heavies had to be weakened substantially before our lines met… and I knew that Harrier was just hanging around to drop Blight Bringer (or was that Blight Bomb? Blight Blood? Blighty-Blight Blight?) in the middle of my army… so its death would also be welcome. But at the same time I needed at least 6 Focus to get my upkeeps out…
In the end, Severius gives 1 Focus to each Redeemer and we’re off.

The Hierophant goes first, Harmoniously Exalting Severius.

The Bastions and Seneschal run forward. Most of my Bastions are still mired in the forest (although considerably less so), but the Seneschal gets up onto the hill near the flag.

The Errants activate next due to some Order of Activation issues… I really wanted to activate Severius FIRST to get “Eye of Menoth” onto my army, but then I needed to get the warjacks in front of him and that meant that either the Errants or the two Redeemers had to go without Eye… and I decided the Errants were less important. They walked forward and opened fire, but their crossbows were unable to find purchase among the fleet warbeasts of Everblight… one actually did hit, but then failed to wound.

Aside: Why doesn’t “Blessed” let you ignore Animi? Spells, yes. Animus? No. Ridiculous! Anyway.

I run my Zealots up behind the Errants, with one in front of the Errants. I briefly consider using their mini-Feat this turn, but decide that Ozzie shouldn’t be able to get to too many of them this turn and it’ll be better next turn. I hope.

Blessing of Vegeance walks forward.
Severius walks up behind Blessing and tosses out his three buffs: “Defender’s Ward” on the Errants, “Vision” on Blessing of Vengeance, and “Eye of Menoth” on himself.

The Choir activates and sings “Battle” on my warjacks, spreading out slightly.

The Redeemer to the far-right activates and moves up to be B2B with Blessing, blocking Line of Sight to Severius. His first shot goes at the Harrier but misses and scatters nowhere. Second shot goes at the Harrier, misses, and clips a Forsaken for 3 points of damage.

Central Redeemer activates and moves up B2B with Blessing on the other side, blocking LoS completely to Severius (please note that in the pictures it looks like he’s further away than he actually is, due to the slope of the hill). He fires both rockets at the closest Deathstalker, hoping for a short deviation… sadly, they all go more than 3″ away. One of them clips the Angelius but fails to wound.

My Vassals both move up and give Ancillary Attacks to the Redeemers, both of which go into the Harrier… one of which misses and scatters harmlessly, and the other of which misses and scatters onto the Harrier but fails to wound!

This… is not going well. Menoth has decided that I need to be punished, and is doing so by abandoning my dice…

With that, my turn is done… and right as rain, the right flag disappears (of course).

IMAG1432 IMAG1431 IMAG1430

Legion, Turn 2

So I’ve moved up, I’ve opened fire… but Ozzie’s army is still basically untouched. A few flesh-wounds here and there… but not nearly enough damage to stop his charge attacks from wiping out vast swathes of troops. But, on the other hand, he only has 4 heavy warbeasts… how much damage could he possibly do?

Saeryn pulls in Fury to maximum, drops Banishing Ward, and we’re off!

The Angelius on the left goes first, flying forward and taking a shot at my Seneschal. He boosted the hit and damage, inflicting more than enough to bury my sturdy (but not sturdy enough!) solo.
The little Shredder advances up and puts “Tenacity” on the Angelius.

The far right Deathstalker walks up onto the hill and takes a shot at a Choir member, hitting him and killing it. His second shot goes into a Vassal, but at DEF15/ARM15, he only manages to hit and inflict 2 points of damage (lucky!).

The more-central Deathstalker moves up and fires at an Errant… hits and kills… and then kills another Zealot.

The Harrier runs forward to engage a couple Errants… but that’s not why he’s there. Oh no.
A Spell Martyr runs up near the Harrier. Oh noes.

Saeryn activates, walks forward, and arc’s “Blight Bringer” onto his Harrier. The huge AoE hits 5 Errants and 2 Zealots. Both Zealots are vapourized, but fails to kill any of the ARM18 Errants (phew!). She then pops her Feat.

The Raek activates, walks and leaps into a few more Errants, killing 1.
The right-side Scythean charges forward and kills an Errant, but then misses his second attack. He buys and boosts, and misses again. This leaves 1 Errant out on that side of the table…

The central Angelius activates and moves in front of Saeryn again. It fires at my Monolith Bearer, but misses his shot (despite boosting) due to his DEF16 behind his rocky outcropping.

The other Scythean charges forward, kills an Errant, and then misses a second one. He buys and boosts, and kills another. I am now down to 4 (FOUR) Errants and the Standard. Woo.

The Swamp Gobbers move ahead of Saeryn again and pop out their smoke cloud.
The Forsaken move up and pull in Fury, topping both of them off at 5 Fury each.
Lastly, the remaining Spell Martyr runs forward, still in the forest.

WIth that, Ozzie ends his turn, pretty secure with the protection of Saeryn’s Feat in place.

Or so he thinks…
IMAG1434 IMAG1433

Menoth, Turn 2

Well, I wouldn’t say that turn went WELL, but all things considered, it wasn’t too bad. I lost a lot of infantry, but considering the array of armour brought to bear, I’m not surprised.  And, more importantly, I think I can actually get some work done this turn, despite the Feat… not as much as if there WERE no Feat, granted, but work done regardless.

So, Severius upkeeps Eye of Menoth, Vision, and Defender’s Ward, allocates 2 to each Redeemer, and camps the last one himself.

The Choir activates first and sings Battle.
The Hierophant goes second and Harmoniously Exalts Severius. Just in case.

The Scythean closest to Severius is currently unengaged and far, far too close to Severius to continue surviving. So my Redeemers open up on him… each fires 3 rockets while Aiming (giving them an effective RAT6… RAT5 base, -4 for “Inaccurate”, +1 from Eye, +2 from Battle, +2 from Aiming). Between those 6 shots, all six hit… at Dice -3 I elect not to boost damage, but get some remarkably piss-poor damage rolls.
The Vassals activate and give Ancillary attacks to the Redeemers, sending both of those attacks into the Scythean as well… and yet it stands!
Just to give you all an idea, on “average dice”, I should’ve inflicted 32 points of damage, which is a very dead Scythean. And yet… it stands! Oh well. I’ve done everything I can… I briefly consider sending Blessing in to polish it off, but that would leave a Raek-sized hole in front of my super-squishy caster, and I figure that’s a bad idea, what with the Raek having “Leap” and all.

With that done, it’s time to unengage my Errants so I can get to shooting Ozzie’s stuff without those silly +4DEF from being engaged kicking in. I issue a “Run/Charge” order to the Errants, first moving my Standard over by my engaged Errant tied up by the Raek. With that done, I use that Errant to charge the far-right Deathstalker… if the free strike hits, I just pawn it off on the nearby Standard Bearer and continue on my merry way. But luck is with me! The Raek misses his attack.
An Errant engaged by the Harrier charges the central Deathstalker, the Harrier missing its Free Strike. My Officer runs behind the right-side Scythean to tie it up (walk away at your peril, sir!), while another runs up to engage the central Angelius, and the last runs towards Saeryn, just to say hello.
The Errant that charged the far-right Deathstalker smotes his enemy easily, but there’s nothing for him to take his Quickwork shot at. The other Errant misses his Deathstalker, sadly (MAT8 from Eye on DEF15 is still a 7 to hit).

With all of Ozzie’s warbeasts thus unengaged, I activate my Zealots. They pop their mini-Feat and pray for Battle, and then shuffle out of the melee range of the few warbeasts still engaging them (ignoring the free strikes, since they are unharmable right now!). I send one bomb at the Raek, which hits and inflicts minimal damage (really awful damage roll), and then a bomba into the Harrier, vapourizing it. The rest of my holy hand grenades go into the other Scythean, but I manage to once again get piss-poor damage rolls (lots of 2s and 3s up in here!), and barely inflict any damage whatsoever. And not ONE critical hit, so no fire. Boo.

Oh well. We must soldier on… the Bastions run up and spread out, with 2 going towards the left Angelius, 1 in the middle to keep everyone in formation, and 2 towards the middle o the table.

Lastly, Severius activates… I have to decide to try and hit the Scythean with my last Focus as an Immolation, or put Defender’s Ward on my now exposed Bastions… I decide to save my Bastions and cast it on the closest. And then wish that pSevy had a gun. ANY gun. I would take a POW10/RNG10 at this point… but no. Whatever.

With that, I end by turn, and the score stays 0-0.

IMAG1437 IMAG1436 IMAG1435

Legion, Turn 3

So I don’t know if Ozzie truly appreciates how much his army was spared by my inability to charge (and therefore CRUSH) at least 2 or 3 of his warbeasts. Instead, I’ve killed the Harrier, left one Scythean on a single point of damage (yes… Ozzie pointed out afterwards that it had ONE box left), and banged up his other Scythean a bit. But as we all know, a live warbeast is a fully functional warbeast…

There is one silver lining to this rainstorm… Ozzie ran too Focus hot last turn, and there’s 3 Focus left on the table after Saeryn pulls back everything she can. Ozzie elects to leave one on the central Scythean, central Angelius, and the Shredder.

The Shredder and the central Angelius both Frenzy, but the Scythean passes. The Shredder charges the left Angelius, hits, and inflicts a few points of damage. The Angelius swings at the nearby Errant, slaying him.

Afterwards, he gets to start his turn-proper. One of the Forsaken moves up to the Errant engaging his Deathstalker. Using Fury to boost hit and damage rolls, he’s able to kill my poor infantry, clearing the Deathstalker.

The remaining Deathstalker then aims at my Monolith Bearer… and misses, rolling snake-eyes! Nice.

The functional Scythean charges a Bastion in the middle of the table and surrounded by Zealots. His charge attack splatters the Bastion (I choose not to transfer any of the damage), but as for the Zealots, he remains unable to harm them.

The remaining Spell Martyr runs up near the Scythean. Ooooh, this is gonna hurt…

Saeryn activates, spending 2 Fury to heal the crippled Scythean back to full functionality. She then casts “Blight Bringer” on the Scythean surrounded by Zealots, vapourizing 5 of them instantly. Yep. That hurt.

Ozzie notices that one of my Bastions now has a line to his super-fragile warcaster, and so moves up the gobbers to pop smoke between that Bastion and Saeryn, and forming a blocking line with their bodies, and not-coincidentally being in B2B with the flag to control it.

The un-Frenzied Angelius charges one of my Bastions, hitting with its Armour Piercing attack and inflicting 11 damage (which I take). It then bites and inflicts 1 more, and then activates its Animus to push my Bastion back 3″, clearing the flag.

The now-fully-functional-again Scythean charges my right Redeemer, easily getting distance. BUT! This triggers the Defensive Strike of Blessing of Vengeance! I hit! At dice-4 (POW14 due to Eye of Menoth), I just need a 5 to cripple something… ANYTHING… or a 7 to kill it!

And I promptly roll a 3. Doing nothing.
The Scythean proceeds to hit the Redeemer twice (boosting damage once), inflicting massive damage and triggering “Bloodbath”, getting it a free attack on my Standard (who is pulverized), Redeemer (finally crushing it), and Blessing of Vengeance (who triggers Vision to stay undamaged and then pushes the Scythean an inch away, and out of Reach-range). All because I couldn’t roll a 5 on 2d6. Bah.

Lastly, the Raek activates, jumping over to engage a Choir and a Zealot. He bites the Choir member and misses, hits the Zealot (but can’t hurt him), and elects to stay put.

Ozzie ends his turn and promptly scores 2CP, making it 2-0 for Legion!

IMAG1439 IMAG1438

Menoth, Turn 3

Hmmm. I’m starting to understand why Saeryn is a top-tier warcaster. But! I’m still sorta in this fight… I have 2 Bastions that can charge that Angelius on the left, 1 that can get to the middle one, and another that can charge the central Scythean… that Raek should probably die, if at all possible, before it gets to Severius.

I decide to upkeep Eye (of course) and Defender’s Ward, give 3 to the Redeemer, and camp the final 3, hoping that Blessing can kill a 3-hitpoint Scythean without Focus.

The Choir activate and sing Battle.
The Hierophant likewise sings Harmoniously.

Blessing moves up to engage the Scythean (how I wish I hadn’t pushed him away so I could just use an Ancillary Attack to kill it!), hitting with his Halberd and, at POW16, finally killing the foul beast. That’s one (out of FOUR) problems dealt with!

My lone Errant activates and moves towards the Deathstalker. He shoots, but misses (RAT7 against DEF17 on the hill).

The Redeemer activates. I notice that Saeryn is sitting more than an inch away from that Angelius… meaning that due to Elevation rules, my Redeemer has LoS to Saeryn! Woo! Sure, she’s DEF18 against shooting… but she’s also not camping any Fury and only ARM14! This could work… I take the shot, boosting to hit… and nail her!
Some quick mental math, and I decide that it’s suitably improbable to hit her again that I should boost damage. Right call? I dunno. But I roll a 10 for damage, inflicting 11 points and leaving her on 5!
I fire a second rocket at her, because sometimes (rarely, but sometimes!) a hard-12 happens… but not this time. The shot scatters to hit Saeryn (immune to blast) and the Angelius, but fails to wound the heavy warbeast.

But this is okay! I can see a path to victory! Severius moves up to get the Angelius within 10″… the range for Ashes to Ashes (with the Hierophant’s bonus 2″). It’s DEF14 against my Focus8… 6 to hit!

And I roll snake eyes. And the game continues…

The Bastions activate and charge. 2 get on the Angelius on the left, one on the Angelius in the middle, another on the Scythean. The first attack against the left Angelius misses (of course). The second attack hits, and then inflicts 4 points of damage (of course). The charge on the other Angelius misses (yep), and then the leader of the unit hammers the Scythean, leaving it with 1 box. Of course.

Some times, my friends… sometimes the dice just say “nay”.

The Monolith Bearer and last Zealot activate moving up to the Raek and hitting it a few times for some reasonable damage, crippling its Mind. Better than nothing, I suppose?

With that disappointing turn out of the way, I at least keep Ozzie from scoring anything this turn… but am not particularly sanguine about my chances.

IMAG1443  IMAG1441 IMAG1440

Legion, Turn 4

Ozzie is a lucky man… not extremely lucky, but I needed that Ashes to Ashes to hit and then roll a 3+ on the number of additional targets, and THEN roll 7+ on 2d6. So, all together, about a 15-20% chance of everything happening, but that jumps the moment I land that spell… which I didn’t! On the plus side, I only SLIGHTLY over-extended Severius, but on the downside I’m pretty sure that Ozzie has this on Scenario.

This turn he’s able to pull in all his Fury, so no more Frenzy checks. Sadly.

He starts with the Shredder going Rabid and charing my closest Bastion. He hits and inflicts a few points of damage, which I spread out, and then misses his second attack.

The Angelius on that side goes next. He misses a boosted Armour Piercing Attack, but lands a boosted Bite, which inflicts enough damage that I just kill the poor Bastion rather than spread it. Buys another attack, which hits and does 2 damage! Woo!

Saeryn moves up to get the Raek within “Blight Bringer” range, and casts it, wiping out my last two Errants and a Choir. She then stabs the Bastion engaging the Angelius in front of her a few times, missing once and not killing it on the other. She then spends a Fury to heal the Body of the Scythean and camps 2.

That Angelius activates, shuffles into B2B with the Central Flag, and obliterates the Bastion on its second hit, doing enough damage that I couldn’t move it over to other Bastions if I wanted to (and before anyone points it out, I’m *pretty sure* that “Grievous Wounds”, which Saeryn has on her daggers, doesn’t affect Bastions, since they don’t “Transfer” damage, and they don’t “Heal”). It has, however, filled up on Fury.

The Scythean has a crippled Mind but activates next, taking boosted attack rolls against the Bastion leader nearby. I have a total of 5 health between my 2 Bastions at this point… first attack hits and inflicts 1 point. Second attack misses (woo!). Buys an attack and boosts, hitting… and inflicts 2 damage. Sweet! Both remaining Bastions survive!

Ozzie’s Deathstalker moves up and takes a shot at a Choir member, but misses (thank Menoth… I’m down to only 2 of those guys as it is!).

Lastly, the Raek activates and Leaps away from the engaging Choir to land B2B with Sevy. Blessing of Vengeance gets his Defensive Strike… which misses.


The Raek boosts to hit Severius, which it does, and then inflicts 2 damage. It’s Bite attack misses.

The Swamp Gobbers activate, move between Saeryn and my Redeemer, and drop a big ol’ smoke cloud.

Lastly, he runs his Forsaken up to Blessing of Vengeance, engaging him and Severius (who, fortunately, was not camping any Focus and therefore unworthy of Blight-Bombing!).

With that, Ozzie ends his turn, scoring 1 more CP to bring his total up to 3-0

IMAG1445 IMAG1444

Menoth, Turn 4

So it’s do-or-die time… again. I’m fortunate that Saeryn was too far from the left flag to run over and Dominate… since the middle flag only gives 1CP for dominating, there was no way he could win last turn, and as a result, his efforts to kill my Bastions, rather than just push them away, were intelligent.

But Saeryn needs to die this turn. He’s still got 3 heavy warbeasts on the table, and I’m almost out of things capable of hurting them… and I’m DEFINITELY out of things capable of contesting flags!

I do some measurements, trying to see if I can get my last Redeemer to have LoS to Saeryn… but with a 5″ walk, it’s not going to happen. Still, I can run it and then give it an Ancillary Attack with one of my Vassals… at RAT4 against DEF18, it’s pretty unlikely without being able to boost, and curse Saeryn forever for being immune to blast damage! Gah. Oh well. I decide to go with Severius as my lynch-pin, and allocate 1 to Blessing of Vengeance (it had damn-well-BETTER redeem itself this turn! Those Defensive Strikes were AWFUL!), upkeep Eye of Menoth, and drop Defender’s Ward on the Bastions.

The Hierophant Exalts Harmoniously.
The Choir sings Battle.

My first Vassal of Menoth gives Blessing an Ancillary Attack, which it uses on the Raek, hammering it for 10 points of damage. Good start… but not enough to kill it. I can’t risk Ozzie cranking a Free Strike damage roll and taking out my Arc Node…
So the Redeemer activates and walks forward, swinging its Battle Mace. At POW16 and effective MAT9, it’s enough to get the job done, and his Raek bites it.

Thus liberated, Blessing runs forward (we both forgot the Forsaken engaging it, for the record, who would’ve gotten a Free Strike… but at POW5, even boosted, it’s hitting at Dice-12 and 6 damage if he rolled triple 6s would still leave my arc node functional). I place it on the hill with a line on Saeryn directly.

Now for all (or at least MOST) the marbles… if this fails, I MAY still be able to swing my Bastion around the Scythean to get range on a Reach attack on Saeryn.

I activate Severius…  I decide to start with an “Ashes to Ashes” cast on the Angelius (the model closest to Saeryn) since it’s only DEF14 against Saeryn’s DEF16 (against spells, “Force Barrier” does nothing). I boost to hit… and hit!
And then I realize that Saeryn is camping 2 Fury… I have to hit him THREE TIMES to kill that damnable warcaster! Gah! Well, may as well try…The POW12 (arc’d through Blessing) doesn’t damage the Angelius… and I roll ONE additional Model. Fine by me… Saeryn is hit by the POW12, and I boost damage. At dice -2, I inflict 10 points… Ozzie transfers to…

Oh wait. The only warbeast that wasn’t full on Fury was the Raek, and it’s dead! He has no one to transfer to! Saeryn goes down!

Victory to Menoth!

IMAG1447 IMAG1446

Post-Game Analysis

Wow. Damn close… if Ozzie had 1 transfer, he probably had the game (my Bastion couldn’t get close enough without taking a free strike from the Scythean… which had a Crippled Mind, granted, but would still only need a 5 on 1d6, which isn’t THAT unlikely!). Partly my own damn fault for not casting Immolation three times (boosting to hit a few of those times), but still. Brutal.

Overall, my list needs some work. I love the “Fire Base” effect of sitting behind 2 Redeemers and just lobbing out rockets everywhere, but even 8 POW15s will struggle to take down a heavy (as we saw here). Against warjacks it’s a little less risky, since I would’ve probably crippled enough to take a warjack out of the fight, but still risky. I’m tempted to see if I can fit in a Judicator AND 2 Redeemers… Severius has the Focus to run all three (2 to each Redeemer, 1 to the Judicator, 3 for upkeeps), but that’s probably an unreasonable number of warjack points. Maybe if I had a painted unit of Temple Flameguard to keep ’em safe from charges… anyway, something to think about.

So, that’s that! Thanks to Ozzie for the game, and thanks for reading the report! Feel free to comment, question, or point out obvious things I missed!

2 thoughts on “Battle 024 – Menoth vs Legion, pSeverius vs Saeryn: POW15 Grenades to the Rescue!

  1. Yikes! A hard-fought victory. Leaving my beasts all full on Fury has come back to bite me a couple of times now. It’s hard not to take advantage of all their power…

    • Well, the Fury mechanic is unquestionably more powerful than Focus, so there has to be some downside. You can kind of tell that this was Ozzie finding his feet again… he over-Fury’d twice in the game, the first time causing 2 beasts to Frenzy and the second time losing him the game. I think he just needs a little more practice and he’ll be back in fine form.

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