Battle 025 – Mercs Vs. Circle – Damiano Vs. eBaldur – Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones.

This week I was matched up against Todd, our local Pressganger (Gingerstein on the PP Forums), and his Circle army.  Todd mainly plays Retribution these days but tonight he was dusting off his Circle for a change.IMG_3482

Todd brought eMorvahna and eBaldur.  I had a feeling he was going to go with Baldur because that”s his favourite Cirlce caster. There was a also a pretty strong list chicken component since I had Durgen as one of my lists and it would probably have made short work of Goatvahna.

I brought Durgen (with PG swarm) and Damiano, who I had never used before and was intending to drop either way.  I thought about dropping Durgen on the off-chance that Todd would drop Morvahna but I decided it was unlikely.

My list was

Max Boomhowlers
Max Steelhead Halbs
Max Steelhead Cavalry
Max Forge Guard
Gun Mages + UA
Rupert Carvolo

Again, this is my first time using Damiano so this is all theorymachine for me at the moment but basically the Boomhowlers are there to soak up damage to get the Steelhead Halbs and Cav in position for a Heavy alpha strike with the Feat and Ragman to give the list some real hitting power. A few turns later the Forge Guard gets to the fight and Mat 7 Weapon masters do clean-up duty. Seems pretty legit. In theory.

Todd’s List was

*Wold Guardian
*Woldwatcher (Proxied by Chimera)
*Woldwatcher (Proxied by Gorgon)
Stones + UA
Max Druids + UA
Celestial Fulcrum (Proxied by Woldwrath)

This list is mostly designed to trundle up the field in roughly a straight line and just be a very hard to crack ARM 24 for the majority of the game. And also kill some shit along the way.

We are playing the scenario Close Quarters (2 Flag. One friendly and one enemy. With Killbox.) Todd wins the die roll and chooses to go first. I choose the side of the board with the hill and the large ruin that would give Damiano some cover inside the killbox.


Todd deploys most of his army in the middle table which is consistent with running a brick list.  The battle engine goes on his far left flank.


My deployment was markedly less bricky and much more liney. Boomhowlers went in the middle to get them as far forward as possible. SH Cav went on the right flank, and halbs went on the left of the Boomhowlers.  Damiano and Rocinante went between the Boomhowlers and Halberdiers.  Gun Mages took the far left flank and Forge Guard went in behind the Boomhowlers.IMG_3471


Circle Turn 1

-All 3 Wold watchers trample forward and Stone Form Making them ARM21
-Battle Engine runs forward
-Megalith Tramples forward and puts Root of the Earth on one of the Watchers
-Baldur moves up and puts RotE on the other 2 making the front line of Woldwatchers all ARM24.
-Druids walk up and do counter magic
-Stone shift forward.

IMG_3473 IMG_3475

Mercenaries Turn 1

-Damianio put Sure Foot on Rocinante and Death March on the Boomhowlers and walks forward into the cover of the ruin.
-Boomhowler shouts Call of Defiance and runs forward getting as far up as they can.
-Rocinante walks up as far as he can. But can only get Boomhowler in his Aura.
-SH Halbs run.  Most of them run straight forward on the left of the ruin but a couple run the to the right to try to get in flanking positions later on.
-Gun mages run up the flank and spread out on the hill.
-SH Cav run up behind the Boomhowlers.
-Forge Guard run up behind the Cav.
-Ragman runs up the left flank.
-Rupert walks up and gives the SH Halbs tough + Fearless.

IMG_3476 IMG_3478

Circle Turn 2

-His trees shift forward to deny tough
-All 3 Woldwatchers aim.  Two of them kill Boomhowlers and 1 kills a Steelhead Halb and turned them into forests. Then they all Stone Formed.  They all also used a focus to boost either attack or damage rolls.
-The fulcrum moved up and sprayed 1 BH to death and shot the Electro leap gun and killed a SH Cav that leaps to a Boomhowler and failed to kill it.
-Stones shift forward to get close to the fury loaded Wolds.
-The Heavies trundle forward and Megalith puts RotE on a Watcher
– Baldur moves up and puts RotE on the other 2 Watchers.
-Druids move up and pop clouds or something. IMG_3480 IMG_3482

Mercenaries Turn 2

-Todd has drawn first blood but now I’m going to try to get some payback.
-Boomhowlers get their vengeance move.  They are too far away from anything to get any attacks but the move is still nice to get charge lanes around the forests which just appeared out of nowhere.
-Damiano and Sylys upkeep Sure Foot and Death March.
-Boomhowlers charge and kill both Trees and one does a single point of damage to the Battle engine.
-Damiano moves up Deadeyes the Gun Mages and shoot at the closest Watcher. He hits it but fails to wound (predictably).
-Gun Mages fire Crit brutals at his Guardian and only manage to do 1 point of damage in about 4 shots.
-SH Halbs get a charge order.  Only 1 of them charges in on the Guardian, tying up him and a nearby Watcher. He might have done 1 or 2 points of damage. The rest just run to position around the flag and possibly get into flanking positions.
-The SH Cav get a charge order and just 1 of them charges the Battle engine doing like 3 or 4 damage on both his attacks. The rest run forward and try to get coser to the center of the board.
-Rocinante walks up and shoots at the battle engine does a point or 2 of damage.  I really wish I’d given him focus to boost.
-Forge Guard run up behind.
-Ragman runs up to position for next turn.
-Rupert walks up and give SH Halbs tough + fearless.

IMG_3486  IMG_3488

Circle Turn 3

-All my stuff is in position and I thought about feating defensively last turn and decided against it.  Lets see if I made a horrible mistake.
-Battle engine walks up to get in gunfighter range of the SH Cav and kills him a spray. another Cav for 4 damage and 1 Forge Guard to death. He then fires out another shot (which I think was cheating because he was engaged by a Boohowler, oh well. Shit happens) and kills the Wounded Cav.
-The Watcher near the Fulcrum aims and kill a Boomhowler and turns him into a forest and goes into Stone Form.
-The Watcher in the middle advances forward and manages to kill 1 Boomhowler with melee attacks leaving a forest behind and he also goes Stone Form.
-The Watcher on the left smacks a Steelhead who toughs and fails to wound a Boomhowler. Then he Stone Forms as well.
– The Guardian moves up an misses a Halb, swings again and he toughs and he beat backs back an inch.
-Megalith moves up and uses his animus to make a 5″ rough terrain bubble around him.
-Baldur moves up into the open and pops his feat, giving all his models RotE for a round.
-Druids don’t do anything I can remember.

IMG_3489 IMG_3491

Mercenaries Turn 3

-So I didn’t lose very much that turn so I was glad I had my feat for this turn and hopefully I can get some good millage out of it.  Baldur’s feat is up but it’s kind of up every turn its just this turn he doesn’t have to pay for it. So I feel like this is the best time to use mine for the +3 Strength.
-Boomholwers get their vengeance move but don’t wound anything at dice minus 12. Mosty importantly Greygore calls Rage Howl.
-Damiano and Sylys up keep both spells again (although I’m getting next to nothing out of Sure Foot) and I give a focus to Rocinante.
-Damiano goes and pops his feat.
– Ragman activated and walked up a bit and Death Shrouded.  It was only affecting the Watcher in the middle because my halberdier was just a touch out of range for the other one.
-Boomholwers went.  They shuffled around a bit and did 2-troll CMAs on 2 of the Watchers and the battle engine.  They were still around Dice minus 7 from RotE so I didn’t do a lot.
-Steelhead Halbs got a charge order.  One of them ran over the engage the battle engine and give flank. 2 charged the Watcher in the middle, 3 Charged the one on the left and 2 charged the Guardian. They did light damage all around.
-Steelhead Cav charge as well.  One charges the battle engine and the other charges to frontmost Watcher.  The Watcher goes down and the battle engine take some more damage but my damage rolls just aren’t enough (and he is outside the feat as well).
-Rocinante takes another pot-shot at the battle engine and the forge guard run up behind everything.

IMG_3493  IMG_3495

Circle Turn 4

-So my feat turn was lackluster to say the least.  I only managed to take out a single light beast.  Maybe this wasn’t going to be so easy.
-Baldur pulls in his fury and uses stones for serenity.
-Druid get charge order and 2 of them try to take out the Boohowler on the far side of the battle engine. One fails to wound and he toughs on the second attack.
-Watcher near the battle engine swings and misses the Boomhowler thanks to Rage Howler and then Stone Forms.
-Battle engine fires its spray at the Boomhowler engaging it and kills it, misses another Boomhowler and puts 5 damage on Greygore. He fires his elector leap shot at the Boomhower on the far side and kills it.
-Megalith moves up and pops his rough terrain animus and put RotE on the Watcher.
-The other Watcher misses attacks on the Boomhowler engaging him and Stone Forms.
-The Guardian boosting to hit kills 2 halberdiers beat backing forward as he does.
-Baldur moves up and kills a Boomhowler and puts a wall up in front of him.
-Stonekeeper fires a rockhammer at some point that kills Boomhowler.


IMG_3497  IMG_3499

Mercenaries Turn 4

-That wasn’t so bad.  Rage Howler was practically debilitating for Todd’s beasts. His Watcher going down to effective Mat 3 made hitting anything tough for him. This turn I think I can kill Megalith which would be massive.
-Boomhowlers Get their vengeance move but i just use it to get them out of the way.
-Damiano drops both up keeps because there aren’t enough Boomhowlers left to benefit from them anymore. He gives 1 to Rocinante.
-Boomhowlers just advance and get out of my charge lanes and Greygore shouts Rage howler again (that ability is so good)
-SH Halbs have to activate first. Three of them cluster around Megalith at full reach distance.  3 more cluster around the Watcher in the left and shuffle to leave landing zones for more attackers.  They do 3-man CMAs and do minimal damage to Megalith and nothing to the Watcher.
-Ragman goes next and walks close enough to get Megalith and the Woldwatcher affected by Death shroud and did his thing.
-Steelhead Cav just advanced due to charge lane issues and did some serious damage to Megalith and put a bunch more on the Battle engine.
-Rocinante finished off the battle engine with a boosted pow 14.
-Rupert moved over and gave pathfinder to the Hammerdwarves.
-Forgeguard charge in and 3 of them get on Megalith, 1 on the Watcher near the battle engine and 2 on the Watcher on the left.  Megalith dies to the 3rd attack and the right Watcher takes no damage. The left Watcher takes light damage.

IMG_3500 IMG_3501

Circle Turn 5

-That turn was a rousing success. With the both the battle engine and Megalith gone Todd’s hitting power is severely diminished.
-Druids charge in an kill one of the Cav.
-The Watchers are not able to do anything due to Rage Howler but they do go into Stone Form.
-The Stonekeeper rockhammers the last SH Cav and also takes out Greygore
-The Guardian takes out a halb and a Boomhowler.
-Baldur moves into the clump of my duded in the middle and cast ground zero which automatically kills all the steelhead halbs and kills 1 Forge guard. He takes a swing at 2 more Forgeguard in his melee range, easily crushing them. Then he puts down a rock wall with his last 2 fury.

IMG_3504 IMG_3505

Mercenaries Turn 5

-In my head I’m thinking Todd made a huge mistake.  Baldur is sitting behind a wall with no fury on him and 11 boxes left at ARM17.  Regardless the time for my assassination run has come.
-Damiano give 2 to Rocinante.
-Damiano goes first and casts Deadeye on Rocinante. Then shots at Baldur with his hand cannon he boosts to hit and misses.
-Rocinante aims. Boost plus deadeye means 4d6 to hit needing 10.  He hits and at die minus 3 I need a 14 to kill him outright and I roll 16. IMG_3510

Victory to Mercenaries!!

Thoughts on the game:

-I appologize to Todd if I got any of the details wrong (I’m sure i did).  I didn’t take proper notes for this Bat rep and I can barely remember what happened in the last turn let alone the whole game.

-This was my first time running Damiano and he was a blast.  Love his spell list.  I wish he had 7 focus, just so you could cast Sure foot and Death March on turn 1 and still run a Warjack.  As it was I might as well have no cast sure foot at all this game because Rocinante was never close enough for more than 2 Boomhowlers to benefit from it.

-I need to practice with this list a lot more if I want to take it to a tournament. It has 40 infantry models and time was definitely an issue with this game.

-Gun mages did nothing this game.  It was a bad matchup for them because I couldn’t even use Thunderbolt shots to push his Wolds away from the flags because of RotE. I think they are still an important part of the list but it definitely felt like I was playing 8 points down in this game.

-I had never played against eBaldur before.  Arm 24 all game is pretty legit.  If Todd hadn’t been so aggressive with Baldur this was still anyone’s game.

-One of the reasons todd had Baldur so far up was that he thought the range on Shield Guard was 3″.  While that is a shitty mistake to make the only consolation I could offer Todd was that getting killed by Rocinante let Baldur avoid being charged by about 6 or 7 Death Shrouded Weapon masters. So the game was most likely in the bag at that point regardless.

Thanks for reading!  If you have any comments on our list, tactical ability or lack thereof let us hear it.

9 thoughts on “Battle 025 – Mercs Vs. Circle – Damiano Vs. eBaldur – Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones.

  1. Good report, another coin earned for the Mercenaries – well played!
    Also some good lookin’ models on that table, well done on the paint jobs!

    Damiano’s a beast, I’m thinking about picking him + Rocinante up soon too! Little note here: don’t forget that he can spend coins to give Reform or +2 attack/dmg for ranged attacks. Especially that last one I think can be pretty devastating on SH Cav! RAT 7 POW 14 assault shots? Yes please! Reform to get your Halbs in that perfect position for flank? Don’t mind if I do!
    Next time I’d advise putting Sure Foot on Boomhowler until there’s not much use for it anymore. Or a SH Halberdier, then park that one over near some Boomhowlers. Afterwards, switch it over to Rocinante
    Too bad about the Gun Mages, but I guess you can’t prepare for every contingency. I guess you could have used them to clear out the druids, but next to that I don’t know either :
    Deadeye’s also pretty funny on Boomhowlers. Only RNG 8, but POW 12s are pretty legit.
    Good timing on the feat btw!
    Also Stranglehold’s pretty legit. With Sylys in the list it’s not a bad play I think.

    Played a few times vs Baldur2 myself. Brutal guy. High ARM + he can end a game himself if need be. Good thing you brought Ragman and Forge Guard!

    • Thanks for the comment! But you pointed out so many things I was doing wrong there will be none left for anybody else! 🙂

      -I didn’t use any of my coins
      -I forgot they could be used on the Cav completely
      -I forgot the Cav had assault

      Oh well. Like I said this was my first time using him. I will have to practice him some more.

      Sure foot would have been way better on a halberdier than on Rocinante. Thats a great idea. I probably wouldn’t want it on Boomhowler because I wanted to keep Death March on them.

      I did know the trick of putting Deadeye on BHs as well but I never saw a good opportunity to do that in this game. I think the only reason they bothered to give BHs guns was because Cygnar and Mercs both have access to Deadeye. Rat4 is awful.

  2. Great report, Nick! My only comment is that I love the bright-pink Chimera… ^_^

    You played a solid game, considering that this was a mostly-new army for you (and considering that Todd loves his Circle, but obviously is a little out of practice with them!).

    I think, were I you, that I would’ve been using the ATGM to contest flags and keep Todd’s army out by putting themselves in the middle of the way… they’re high enough DEF to be an effective speed-bump even if they can’t possibly kill anything. But that’s a minor thing.

    Everything else has already been pointed out. So again, good game!

  3. Looks about right to me there Nick, so no worries. Next time my poker face move will actually pay off instead of costing me the match.

    Marc, oh the flags were plenty contested, so many troops, then forests, then more troops. Plus undergrowth helps with their pesky DEF.

  4. Never, ever, forget the coins – they’re like an extra focus or so given their effects and make the SH cavalry guns actually useful.

    I’d agree about Surefoot on Boomhowler in this list. That lets you put Death March on Forgeguard. It wouldn’t have come up in this game, but it’s a nice way of getting them a bit more speed (and a damned if you do/don’t situation for opponents – a full reach weapon master unit coming in the late game, or a reduced one turning up sooner).

    In terms of list, I’m not convinced by Ragman – Steelheads really need the charge to do much damage and getting Ragman in position for the charge is often tricky.

    • Honestly, when I was theorymachining I thought the same thing about Ragman but after playing him (and to be fair I didn’t do the best job of it) I really think its a lot easier to get work out of Death Shroud than I first suspected. (With some practice)

      I don’t know if you’ve tried him on the table or not but its definitely way different than I thought it would be.

  5. Great Report!

    I’m a huge fan of the eBaldur brick in general.

    Damiano is very strong. I was boggled when I saw Death March, Sure Foot, and Warpath all on the same card. I don’t know if it’s worth running a Galleon with Damiano since Warpath is so brutal, but Sure Foot in great on a huge base. Maybe when Mercs get a battle engine…

    Also, it’s great to see Rage Howler in action. The players in my meta mostly just use Call of Defiance, which, ok, it’s good, but Rage Howler doesn’t get enough attention.

    • I heard on a podcast recently that everyone takes Boomhowler for the Super-tough but Rage Howler is really the best ability on his card.

      After this game I am inclined to agree. Todd’s effective MAT3 Wolds could hit much of anything once I started Rage Howling on them.

      Damiano is super fun but he is still really hurt by his FOC6 stat. If he could get out both upkeeps and still run his jack turn 1 it would be really nice. At very least I need to re-evaluate my sure-foot target as discusses.

  6. “After this game I am inclined to agree. Todd’s effective MAT3 Wolds could hit much of anything once I started Rage Howling on them.”

    THIS!! It’s what caused me to bring Megalith forward for his undergrowth animus, and ultimately got him killed. Also, Ragman is quite an interesting and legit threat with so much reach floating around. I will be picking him up.

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