Painting for Hire – Rocinante and MACBAIN!!!!



I’ve been working through some of my Mercenaries and I’m loving them. Here is MACBAIN!!! IMG_3461 (Large) Also finished off Rocinante.  I’m in love with this guy too.  Mercenaries are turning out to be just the vacation from Retribution that I didn’t even know that I needed.IMG_3516IMG_3517IMG_3518

Next up on the Painting Table.  I’m almost done with pAlexia and my Galleon so look forward to that!

One thought on “Painting for Hire – Rocinante and MACBAIN!!!!

  1. Looks great, Nick! Love your MacBain, and Rociante looks much better in person than on camera (not enough contrast between the brass and metal in the picture).

    I… can’t wait… to see Galleon… on the tabl…

    NO! No, I can’t say it! Gods, why have you forsaken me and allowed Nick to get a Galleon!?

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