Paintectorate of Menoth – Avatar of Menoth Customization Pt1

So, I’ve decided that I need to finally assemble my Avatar of Menoth… it’s a fantastic warjack, and my only complaint against it has been that the model itself is ugly. Thankfully, my friend Darrell has a beautiful modification on the Avatar, which looks fantastic and encouraged me to try and do my own!

But first…


This is everything I need to have painted by next Saturday… 2 Choir members, 3 Paladins, a Vassal Mechanik, a Devout, 4 Crusaders (1 basically done), 1 Templar, and the Avatar in pieces in the middle.
So… a lot of work. But I’m sanguine that I can get everything done!

Anyway, back to the priority (due to requiring the most prep), the Avatar!

Here are the arms, which are about 50% of the problem with the model:
You may note that I have already swapped out the sword… the Avatar sword is HORRIBLE, and it had to go. Thankfully, Fire of Salvation has a beautiful sword that swaps in nicely.

But the arms are short and extremely static in their pose… I was really hoping to get a little more dynamic energy into my model. A few clips and many, many curses later…

IMAG1663 IMAG1664 IMAG1665 IMAG1667
Huge improvement? No. But hope it helps… I worry that the pins won’t be able to hold the weight of the pewter, but we’ll see!

Arms done, on to the other 50% of the problem… the legs!
Too short, too static.
A little sawing later, and we have…
This let me make the leg a little longer, and to put a bit of a twist into it… so that the stance will be a bit more active.

Ironically, the issue with the front leg is that it’s too long! I wanted to have it standing on this bad-boy…
Yes… I sawed a Cryx bonejack pretty much exactly in half. I have the blisters to prove it!
Also, it’s a weird sight to see the inner workings of such a device…

And then the “fine” part of the model… the torso.
No modifications on that… next, assembling all the pieces, and finding out what a mess I’ve made of things!

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