Paintectorate of Menoth – Custom Avatar Part 4

She’s done! Well, for the tournament at least…

It’s actually coming along really well… the fire-portion of her shield and shoulders looks pretty good, actually (and it’ll look better when I start layering in the yellows!), and she’s not nearly so yellow in person… and once I do the white highlights, I think it’ll look pretty boss!


All the fine markings on the shoulders, shield, and legs (filligry?) will be done in maroon… eventually. That’s going to take a butt-tonne of time, and I just don’t have it.

Also, everything else I need to get finished by Saturday for the tournament in a single shot…
I’m particularly happy with the Paladins (they’re coming along nicely) and upset with the Templar (an uphill battle the whole time… paint doesn’t seem to want to stick to the primer on that model!). But whatever… tonight, black paint on the bases, a few more coats of the base colours, and then carefully packing everything for the tournament! I’ll post more pictures next week as I actually start finishing the models, not just making them tournament-legal.

3 thoughts on “Paintectorate of Menoth – Custom Avatar Part 4

  1. Thanks Darrell! Super fun time, took a lot of pictures and a few videos… batreps will follow over the next week at some point!

    And your Paladin and Choir you lent me behaved like superstars! At one point I charged 2 of the Choir at a Prime Axiom, a Corollary, and (in a different game) several Immortals! Superstars!

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