Paintectorate of Menoth – Customized Avatar Part 3

The march to get my warjacks finished for Saturday continues!
Immediately after finishing the golds (including a second dry-brush with a lighter gold colour), I realized that I’m an idiot and I should’ve done the reds first. Whoops!


I’m actually really pleased with how they look so far… next to layer on some orange, then yellow, then white-yellow (for the red areas specifically). Hopefully it’ll look okay!

But, being the impatient sort, I moved on immediately to do the Menoth White Base after that first coat of red.


She is coming along nicely! Next to shade the white areas (and the Cryx bonejack under her feet), and then the Sanguine cloth, then I’ll probably call her done for this weekend… but when I have more time, I’ll go back and pick out the details in Sanguine as well and then do white highlights!

To give you an idea of my progress with everything else, here are my Paladins as they currently stand…
The middle one is basically done after I do the blacks, while the other two both need Sanguine and golds done.

And, lastly, my furthest-behind model, my Templar…
Normally I would do the metal areas first, but I had leftover white from doing the Avatar and figured it was better to not waste it. The metal on the flail (aside from the gold handle) is done, at least. Anyway, my 3 Crusaders are all much futher along… I may only end up needing 3, but I’m going to paint 4 just in case I do need that last one.

Anyway! Progress! Tonight is games night, so no painting, but hopefully I’ll get the Avatar “done enough” tomorrow! Heck, hopefully I’ll get EVERYTHING “done enough” tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Paintectorate of Menoth – Customized Avatar Part 3

  1. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzx tell me!!!!! How do you work the white from there??

    My Hyperion looks nice but needs a shade effect over the white.

    Have no idea how to start

    • Nick will be a better resource for Retribution-white than I will be… Menoth-white is very yellow-based compared to Retribution (which is more blue-white or grey-white, depending on who you ask).

      That stated, for my Avatar: shade with Sepia (GW), then highlight with Menoth White Highlight. I finished the shading last night, and I’ll post the pictures tomorrow… it looks pretty good as it is!

      The biggest pain in the butt with white is the patience required… a good coat takes at least 3 coats (the Avatar has 4 at this point). Otherwise it looks chunky or chalky.

      Good luck!

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