Paintectorate of Menoth – Warcasters, Ho! Part 2

Trying to get the finishing touches on my warcasters before I pack up my paints for the big move…


Tristan Durant, Thyra, eKreoss, and Vindictus… at this point I have come to several conclusions:
1. eKreoss really is an awful, hideous model… I’m glad I have this one for tournaments, but I am absolutely going to mod a Bastion Seneschal for “house league” games.
2. Thyra is a stunning model, and my paint job is not doing it nearly justice. I’m almost embarassed!

Anyway, here you can see my finished models below…

Not super-happy with the spear, but it looks okay… and I managed to paint his eyes blue, which for me is pretty damn impressive.

Overall, I hate the pose (the non-Kickstarter one is WAY better), but he’s painted okay.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: ugly as sin model. Awful details, poor design, just ugly. But hey, eKreoss is done, and his rules almost make up for how ugly the model is!

I like how Thyra turned out. Not fantastic, certainly, but she looks good. I’m happy with it, at least…

And lastly,
Hate the sword, but otherwise he looks okay.

I feel like I’ve actually *regressed* in painting skill… I’m 95% sure my Cygnar stuff I was painting a year ago is higher quality than this stuff… but what can you do? I’m okay with the models, though. May try out a couple of them in for the game later today!

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