Paintectorate of Menoth – Warcasters, Ho!

Having finished basing my Judicator, it’s time to move on to my next project… all the warcasters I own for the Protectorate but have no yet painted. There’s only 4 of those, so I threw in the Journeyman Warcaster (Tristan Durant) as well, just to give me the same number as I worked on last time.

Here we can see them all primed and with their first touches of colour on them…
From left to right: Tristan, Thyra, Reznik, Vindictus, and eKreoss.

I am super excited to get all of them on the table, which means I’d really like to have them all finished in the next 2 weeks or so. The trouble (as always) is trying to decide what colours go where!

eKreoss I think will be the easiest: gold under-armour, white armour, sanguine trim, metal for the weapon and furnace. Done.
Tristan and Vindictus are going to be trickier… and Thyra? She’s a stunning model, but be damned if I can figure out what to paint what colour!

Reznik is big, and hopefully won’t be too complicated… but I guess we’ll see!

Anyway, more as I work on them today and the rest of the week!

Edit 1:
There they are after painting on Sunday…

I’ve started putting the browns that will work as a base for the golds on eKreoss, pReznik, and Tristan, while the maroons are coming along nicely on Thyra and Vindictus (Thyra also has her silvers and flesh tones already done).

This is my least favourite stage of painting… everything looks like crap. When I’m done, they’ll look… less like crap… but for now? Very discouraging.

But that’s okay! I’ll get more done tomorrow, and see where that leaves me! I’m hoping to get the maroons and metals shaded, and then move on to the golds and whites!

Edit 2:

Here we see the same pack of warcasters on Monday night…
At this point I had started the whites (obviously) and put the gold over the browns… although I will unquestionably have to do MORE golds before long, since I missed several areas.

As for Tuesday morning, Tristan looked like this:

Coming along nicely… ish… except that I don’t know what colour to paint his gloves (maybe Rucksack Tan under Menoth White plates?), and I missed painting his kneecaps metal when I did the rest of the metal areas. Oh well. Oh, and I touched the maroon section of his robes with white while painting. Obviously.


I don’t say this often about PP models… but eKreoss? He’s an ugly model. Just… bleh. Very clunky and lacking detail and poorly designed overall. But whatever, he’s a great warcaster so I’ll use him.
Couldn’t get the flags to stick for hell or high water, so they’re gone. Other than that, golds are coming along nicely, his mace-spear is okay, and his robes show promise. Next will be shading the rocks under his feet and the metallic areas.


For everything that eKreoss is ugly, Thyra is stunning. Beautiful details, delicate features, awesome design… she’s fantastic! Going to be a pain to shade and highlight, though… so many folds of cloth! But she’s coming along nicely.

Anyway, that’s it for now! Hope to get Reznik and Vindictus to about this stage tonight, but we’ll see!

4 thoughts on “Paintectorate of Menoth – Warcasters, Ho!

    • Why thank you! Less brave than insane, but still… it’s been okay so far.

      WAY better than painting Errants, that’s for sure!

      I’m reasonably happy with my progress thus far. I may get these guys (except Reznik, maybe) done on Sunday… which would be nice. Then I just have to build lists for them!

      • Yeah. I just recently bought a 2nd unit with UA (for Vindictus, obviously), and man, I am NOT looking forward to that… least fun painting I have ever had was those stupid Errants. Love them on the game table, hate them on the painting table!

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