Paintectorate of Menoth – Wracked!

So now that I have finished my Harbinger (so… pretty…), it’s time to buckle down and get the 55 points of Menoth I need to get her on the table painted!

I’ve got a butt-tonne of warjacks that are primed or being stripped at the moment (3 fully magnetized heavy kits, 3-4 Crusaders, 2 Reckoners, 2-3 Revengers, a Devout, 2 Vanquishers), and a considerable number of support models and solos (Choir, Covenant, Vilmon, Allegiant of the Fist, Hierophant, Gravus, etc…), but no infantry. Well, not “no” infantry… I have 2 units of Knight Exemplars, 2 units of Cinerators, and a minimum unit of Deliverers… but nothing I actually want to field at the moment. No Errants, no Bastions, no Zealots, and no Flameguard.

But! No buying new models until I have the ones I already own painted… and since I desperately want to buy an Avatar, a Judicator, and a unit of infantry (probably Zealots first, since they’re so perfectly Menite), I have to get cracking! In a few weeks I am going to be the world’s fastest Menoth warjack painter!

Towards that end I have almost finished Vilmon and the Hierophant, and am about half done the Covenant and the Wracks.


I still need to do the brown undercoat for one of the Wrack’s chains and weights and on much of the Hierophant, but that shouldn’t take long (hopefully done tonight!). Then I have to do the golds on all these models, the gems on Vilmon, then some highlights (another coat of Sanguine as well), and they should be ready to base!

More updates probably… oh… tomorrow when I finish these boys off and get back to work on my 1st Reckoner!

Edit: Yep, started work on the Reckoner! And continued work on my Hierophant, Vilmon, Wracks, and Covenant.
IMAG1049 IMAG1050 IMAG1052

I really wish I hadn’t gotten the Reckoner pre-assembled, because the mold lines are driving me a little nuts… too late to do anything about them on this model, though. Maybe on the other Reckoner I can fix them. Either way, he’s coming along nicely! I think I can get him and the other Reckoner mostly done tomorrow… at least I’m gonna try!

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