Painting for Hire – Alexia and the Risen

A small update. I finished painting these guys a few weeks ago but just completed the bases now.IMG_3511

Alexia and the Risen are a fantastic unit that may have been one of the primary reasons I felt the need to branch out from Searforge-only Mercs.  She is just such a versatile power piece that I could not wait to get her on the table. More photos in the post

I went with a spectral-type paint scheme on the Risen, partly because I didn’t want to fully paint 20 of them and I also really like the way it looks.IMG_3515IMG_3513

Alexia and Thralls did get painted up in my typical Tan/Red mercenaries scheme.

IMG_3514 IMG_3512

Up next:  Galleon, Steelhead Halberdiers or Damiano.

3 thoughts on “Painting for Hire – Alexia and the Risen

    • Nick will post here eventually to clarify, but to get you on the right path:

      White base, blue paint, blue wash, light blue dry brushing.

      Alternatively, he MAY have just done white base -> Blue wash and then dry brush (no basecoat)… but I’m not positive about that. Usually he basecoats.

      Hopefully he’ll see your message and respond before long!

  1. I better chime in before Marc spreads too much mis-information.
    1. I start with White spray primer.
    2. Liberal soaking of P3 Turquoise Ink
    3. Very light drybrushing of Morrow White.

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