Painting for Hire – Kayazy Assassins

Finished up my Assassins on the weekend.

I can’t wait to get these guys on the table with MacBAIN!!! or anyone for that matter.

A lot of people have been begging for a resculpt of the Kayazy Assassins for while now but other that the one guy who’s head looks like it’s melting the sculpts are actually really nice.  The leader especially is a really nice detailed model.IMG_3992 IMG_3993

Here is the full unit.


Next up I have a few more solos and Bartolo!!

7 thoughts on “Painting for Hire – Kayazy Assassins

  1. Very nice! I hate the models myself but theyre too good not to use. I used greenstuff to give them all goggles and hoods, i have yet to paint them though.

  2. I hadn’t noticed until now that the leader sports a goatee. That’s awesome!

    I plan to paint mine in AC2 Venetian blue, which will be quite an endeavour, since they DO have a good amount of detail.

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