Painting Short – Earthbreaker Part 2

I’m wrapping up the finishing touches on my Earthbreaker Colossal.


I using the same construction site yellow with black caution hashes scheme that I used for my Rhulic heavy and light jacks.  If you haven’t seen my scheme before (assuming you give a shit) check it out here.IMG_1919This is the finished base.  I magnetized his feet to the base so I can use it as a wreck marker if he dies. You can see how big this monster model is because the magnets can barely fit on the base.  They are actually hanging over the edge a bit an I used greenstuff to provide a little extra support.

IMG_1916For the caution lines I used masking tape as a mask then blotted with a semi-dry brush to give a ragged appearance to the black lines while maintaining a sharp edge. IMG_1926


Weathering on the armour is done by dry-brushing with silver. It gives a nice appearance of paint chipping or fading off.IMG_1923 IMG_1924

The torpedo launchers are not in place because I was short shipped one of the tubes so I’m waiting to get the replacement from privateer press before I put them on.IMG_1912With my Earthbreaker wrapping up maybe I can finally finish off my oft-delayed Vyros2 model.

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