Paintribution of Scyrah – MHSF and Dawnguard Destor Thane

This week on the Podcast I declared that if I didn’t finish my Mage Hunter Strike Force by next week then I would not use them again until they were fully painted.

Good News Everyone!  I manged to plow through them this weekend so you need not worry about my poor elves needing line of sight to end the human mage menace.

IMG_1775 copy

The Leader model for the strike force is one of my favourite sculpts.

IMG_1776 copy

After I finished the MHSF I completed another long half-finished model in my arsenal.  The Dawnguard Destor Thane.  He is one of my favourite solos in Ret and now I can play him painted!!IMG_1778 copy

Now comes the arduous task of picking my next priority for the painting table.

One thought on “Paintribution of Scyrah – MHSF and Dawnguard Destor Thane

  1. Curses! You finished those MHSF way too quickly… you know what you should work on next? Stuff that DOESN’T make Cygnar cry when it hits the table…

    I recommend Destors! A maximum unit! Oh, and… uh… two Heavy Rifle teams! Definitely! And… uh…

    Man, Retribution has a lot of awesome stuff and very few duds. Maybe a second unit of Destors?

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