Paintribution of Scyrah – Sylys Nailer of Wishes

I recently gave away my fully painted Sylys model.

I know what you’re thinking. “Nick with your already glacial painting speed how can you afford to be giving away painted models.  I’m gonna slap you!”

There were some extenuating circumstances here because I wanted to do an epic mod which I spotted somewhere online. I’d give credit if I had any idea where I’d seen it.

Marc had an unpainted Sylys so I swapped my painted one for his because mine had been glued and painted and sealed in such a way that modding it would be nearly impossible.

Here is the ModIMG_1930

I cut off his staff and glued it to his left hand.  I ordered Admonia from the Withershadow Combine’s arm/book  from the PP parts store and used it to replace his right arm.


This is him fully painted up.  As you can see Sylys may be a Seeker and not actually a member of the Retribution but he knows where his priorities lie.  Kill All Humans.


Next up I am probably going to finish off my Houseguard Thane because I got excited when I bought him and painted him about 80% the next day but I swear someday soon I will move on to finishing my Dawnguard Invictors.

5 thoughts on “Paintribution of Scyrah – Sylys Nailer of Wishes

  1. I love… LOVE-love the “Round Ears No, Pointy Ears Yes” part of the book. Damn, that’s great.

    Now I have to paint my Covenant of Menoth to show “Pointy Ears No, Round Ears Yes”, and we’ll see what happens… 🙂

      • Also, I feel obliged to point out that I made off like a BANDIT from this exchange. Your fully painted Sylys you traded me for my unpainted one is probably in the top 3 Best Looking Models in Marc’s Collection!

  2. Excellent lookin’ model there ngrawburg! I love the book as well, awesome details on there! That freehand must have been hellish!
    Got a question for you: how did you do his cloak/poncho? I’m still a bit iffy on getting browns right and the cloak on Sylys is just what I’m looking for to get.

    • Thanks! I am not a freehand expert. This stuff was pretty simple and I still made an ordeal out of it so I’m not going to trying anything more elaborate.

      The cloak is Cryx Bane Highlight, with Agrax Earthshade.

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