Podcast 034 – Khador vs Circle, Butcher3 vs pKrueger: Sit, Argus, Sit! Good boy!

This week Aaron went axe-to-claw with Todd’s Circle Orboros army… and the results were… dare I say it… shocking
Butch3r vs pKrueger glamour shot

See… ’cause Todd was playing Krueger… who’s all about lightning… and… look, it’s very funny! Shut up.
Also this week, Todd is under the mistaken impression that we’re a family-friendly podcast (spoiler: no), Aaron falls in love with the new Butcher, and I question if Krueger is having problems getting the “spark” back in his love life.

Come on people… comedy gold here! Everyone’s a critic.

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I’m going to keep this write-up brief, since I wasn’t actually playing this game (but Aaron has been super-swamped by work), but it still has plenty of beautiful pictures and a solid battle… so without further ado!

Aaron brought an Irusk list that he was somewhat comfortable with, but really wanted to get the new Butcher (affectionately referred to as “Butch3r”) on the table… and he figured that if he’s doing a new warcaster, why not stick every model he owns that he hasn’t played yet in the same list?

As for Todd, his decision was between the brickiest-brick-that-ever-did-brick (eBaldur with all the Wolds), and pKrueger… the Baldur list would likely be cracked open by the ARM-obliterating forces of Khador , and so he went with the more infantry-reaping forces of Krueger.

That stated, here was Aaron’s Butcher list:

Kommander Zoktavir, Unleashed (“Butcher3, Butch3r”)
– Argus
– Argus
– Beast 09
– Sylys Wyshnylyr
Kovnik Andrei Malakov
– Demolisher
Kayazy Assassins (max)
– Underboss
Iron Fang Pikemen (“IFP”, max)
– Officer and Standard
Doom Reavers (max)
– Greylord Escort

An interesting list, but some redundancy… Beast 09 isn’t really needed with the Butcher (and is certainly more expensive than he wants), and Sylys is pretty useless aside from that 1 free upkeep every turn.

As for Todd, his list was as follows:

Krueger the Stormwrath (“pKrueger”)
– Megalith
– Warpwolf Stalker
– Gorax
– RIphorn Satyr
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove
Nyss Hunters (max, proxied by Mage Hunter Strike Force)
Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones
Blackclad Wayfarer
Thrullg (proxied by a WH40K Genestealer)

Those of you paying attention will note that there are 2 units of Stones, but no UA… an interesting omission, in my opinion, but Todd says it was to help keep the electricity bouncing around… distinctly possible. Otherwise, a very beast-heavy list, and while I can appreciate putting Megalith in this list (a free Chain Lightning every turn? Yes please!), I suspect that in most 2-list pairings, he’d most likely be with a Baldur. But still an interesting list!

The Scenario for this week’s game was Fire Support: 2 central flags (16″ apart) with 2 objectives, one friendly and one enemy. The Objectives give boosted damage to light artillery, but more importantly, the enemy objective contests the flag. Oh, and Killbox. 1CP for destroying the enemy objective or controlling either flag, and 2CP for dominating either flag. This is a very easy scenario to score 3CPs in a single turn, and theoretically up to 4CPs (destroy objective, control one flag, dominate the other).


The roll for initiative went in Todd’s favour, and he took the side of the table WITHOUT the massive clumps of rough terrain, specifically to slow down and screw-over Aaron’s army.

Aaron deployed Beast 09, Andrei, Demolisher, and Butcher on the right side of center, with the Assassins and Iron Fang Pikemen near the middle. The Doom Reavers would be Advanced Deployed to the far right flank eventually.

As for Todd, he placed Megalith and the Riphorn across from Aaron’s warjacks, with Krueger and the Warpwolf Stalker closer to the middle. The 6 Shifting Stones went in a line in front of Krueger, while the Nyss went to the right, opposite the Iron Fang Pikemen. The Blackclad went next to them, and the Thrullg went in front of him on the AD line. Lastly, the 2 Gallows Groves deployed, with one in the middle and the other on the far right flank opposite the Doom Reavers.


Time to rock and roll!
deployment (2)

Khador Turn 1

– Andrei allocates 1 focus to Demolisher
– Doom Reavers advance forward
– Beast 09 runs forward
– Demolisher runs forward
– Iron Fang Pikemen run forward
– Kayazy Assassins runs forward
– Butcher advances forward, casts Silence of Death on the Kayazy, Argus’s advance forward
DSC03687 DSC03688
Khador Turn 1 (2)
Circle Turn 1

Todd is gearing up for a Turn 2 Feat, and as a result:
– Nyss run forward
– Thrullg runs forward and away from Aaron’s lines.
– Stones shift forwards into Double Teleport Formation Alpha
– Krueger puts Lightning Tendrils on the Nyss (because SPD7 Weaponmasters with Reach and Electroleap is fair and balanced), moves up.
– Heavies all move forward Warpwolf loads himself into the Teleport Cannon
– Gallows Groves shift forward towards Aaron’s lines
– Blackclad runs towards middle of the table
DSC03691 DSC03694
Circle Turn 1
Khador Turn 2

– upkeep Silence of Death for free (Sylys)
– Doom Reavers advance forward
– Beast advances
– Demolisher advances
– Kayazy advance
– Andrei advances
– IFP advance and Shield Wall
– Butcher advances forward, forget to move Argi
DSC03698 DSC03699
Khador Turn 2 (2)

Circle Turn 2

Feat turn!
– Megalith moves forward and “Geomancy”s Chain Lightning into Beast 09, getting a full 6 leaps but only killing 1 (ONE) Doom Reaver due to piss-poor damage and some Tough checks.
– Krueger activates, arcs 2 more Chain Lightnings into Beast 09 to kill Doom Reavers, succeeds in killing 5 more, leaving Aaron with 3 and the Escort still alive. He then pops his Feat, dropping 3 Lightning AoEs between the Nyss and the approaching Khadoran infantry. Kills 3 Assassins.
– Warpwolf is Primal’d and double-ported into Beast 09. A mass of attacks later and Beast yet stands… with 1 box remaining (Movement).
– Riphorn loads himself into the Teleport Cannon
– Nyss move up, kill a few Assassins and 1 Pikeman.
– Thrullg moves B2B with the flag to control.

Todd forgets that you can’t Control the flag with the enemy objective nearby, and so he fails to score on this turn.
DSC03702 DSC03706 DSC03703

Circle Turn 2
Khador Turn 3

– upkeep Silence of Death for free (Sylys), Andrei allocates 2 focus to Demolisher
– Beast moves around Warpwolf staying in melee, both attacks miss (DEF14, after all)
– Demolisher advances, takes shot at Nyss, boosts, hits and kills 5, forgot about second shot or thought nothing was in range (could have shot stone or objective)
– Butcher advances forward, casts Impending Doom pushing Warpwolf up to fence and within Reach-range, initial attack plus casting Flashing Blade do medium damage, camp 1 focus for some reason, forget to activate Argi. Again.
– Kayazy advance, some forward, two against Warp Wolf, attack to light damage
– Doom Reavers charge Warpwolf, one stands and runs, back strike bonus attack hits and kills
– IFP advance and Shield Wall
Khador Turn 3 (2)
Circle 3

– Nyss activate and charge Iron Fang Pikemen, killing a few, but ARM too high for Electroleaps to do much.
– Thrullg charges Objective, inflicting a total of 1 point of damage over 3 attacks.
– Krueger activates, swaps “Lightning Tendrils” on Megalith.
– Megalith charges Beast 09 and Doom Reavers, kills everything except Greylord Escort.
– Riphorn slams Demolisher for enough damage to wreck his Cortex (bad luck coupled to an awesome damage roll), and slams him into/over 2 Assassins. Splat.
– Front unit of Stones shift themselves in front of Riphorn
DSC03714 DSC03717 DSC03715
Circle Turn 3
Khador Turn 4

– upkeep Silence of Death for free (Sylys)
– Greylord Escort advances sprays Gallows Grove and Megalith, hits and kills Gallows Grove, misses Megalith
– Demolisher forfeits movement to stand, shoots stones, hits and kills one, hits and damages another
– Andrei advances casts Razor Wind on stone, hits, no damage, takes shot at Stone hits and kills
– Butcher advances casts Impending Doom pushes Megalith and Riphorn towards him, initial attack on Riphorn hits, medium damage, casts Flashing Blade 4 times hitting and killing Riphorn, and leaving Megalith severely damaged, Feats (forget to activate Argi… AGAIN).
– Kayazy advance, hit and do light damage to Megalith (leaving it with 3 boxes)
– IFP charge Nyss, kill a couple, mini-feat (advance in Shield Wall), but Advance backwards out of Contesting range of the flag.
DSC03718 DSC03722
Khador Turn 4 (2)
Circle Turn 4

Without being able to heal Megalith (due to Kayazy having “Silence of Death”-> Grievous Wounds), Todd is basically without warbeasts at this point aside from his Gorax. As a result, he pulls heavy for Scenario.
– Thrullg takes his attacks on Objective, putting more damage on it.
– Nyss shuffle around, with 2 hitting and destroying Objective.
– Gallows Grove teleports forward to tie up Iron Fang Pikemen.
– Krueger casts “Skyborne” and charges a Nyss to get B2B with the flag.
– Blackclad and remaining stones move to put as many bodies between Krueger and Aaron’s army.

With the objective destroyed and the IFP held back, the score goes to 3 – 0 Circle
Circle Turn 4
Khador Turn 5

– Demolisher advances but doesn’t do anything, running out of time
– Butcher casts Energizer, spends 3 focus for additional 3″ on movement, trying to get close enough to pull Krueger off the flag but can’t get the range, Argi activate and kill Stone in front of Butcher.
– Kayazy’s hit and kill Megalith
– IFP advance and kill a Nyss and contest flag
DSC03728 DSC03733
Khador Turn 5
Circle Turn 5

There are only 2 IFPs contesting the flag… so this is straight-forward.
– Nyss activate and kill both IFPs.
– Todd ends his turn, scores 2CPs, and takes the win!
The final score is 5 – 0.

Victory for Circle!
Circle Turn 5

Post Game Analysis

I’m sure Aaron will add his thoughts here later, but for now:
– Solid game on both sides, although Aaron was screwed a bit by not committing his Doom Reavers further forward and by pulling the IFP back on their mini-Feat turn instead of pushing forwards
– Todd probably didn’t need to sacrifice 2 Heavies to Butcher on the same turn, but hard to say. Also, could’ve put more energy into killing the Demolisher instead of just slamming him away (and getting insanely lucky to cripple the Cortex).

Thanks for listening and/or reading! Comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome!

5 thoughts on “Podcast 034 – Khador vs Circle, Butcher3 vs pKrueger: Sit, Argus, Sit! Good boy!

  1. You’re right, I didn’t have to sacrifice my two beasts, but how else am I to appease the blood fury that is Butcher?!

    • Hey, you won, so I can’t throw too many stones! In the end it was a noble and worthwhile sacrifice! And to keep them safe from Impending Doom, you’d have to have them 13″+ apart? Not exactly easy!

      My only observation was that IF Aaron managed to contest that flag effectively, you were basically out of things that could even harm the Butcher… maybe the Gorax with Primal on itself, but even that’s Dice-10 or so. Unlikely. But it didn’t come to that, so no worries!

      Great game, and thanks for being on the podcast again!

  2. Actually, the MoW Drakhun has only P&S 14, is a weapon master, and does have reach. Clearly Aaron should play him more frequently. 😉

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