Podcast 035 – Menoth vs Cryx, pSeverius vs Gaspy3: Simply Outgasped

This week’s game it was my turn to throw myself in front of the speeding Mac truck that is Adam and his nigh-unstoppable Cryx…

Also in this week’s podcast, I manage to almost keep my bitching about Cryx to a minimum (almost), Adam slowly warms up to Cryxian cavalry, Aaron politely mutes his microphone for potentially nefarious reasons, and Nick manages to keep us moving along at a healthy clip!

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So the plan for me this week was to continue trying out new casters to find other lists I like (aside from eFeora and Harby, both of which I love with all my heart). I just finished painting up Thyra, so I thought I’d try to put her on the table… I don’t have a 2nd unit of Daughters (which Thyra really makes shine), but overall I was happy with the list and its hordes of melee weaponry. To compliment that I went with a range-heavy Sevy list designed around a Judicator.

Adam brought two of his favourites, eDenny and Gaspy3, to the table. The eDenny list would’ve made mince-meat out of my Thyra list (she only had 1 unit of Errants for guns, and that’s not nearly enough!), so I was forced into taking my pSevy list. Adam decided to go with his Gaspy3 list, which was certainly a stronger matchup against Sevy.

My Sevy list was as follows:

Grand Scrutator Severius (pSevy, Sevy1)
– Judicator
– Blessing of Vengeance (BoV)
– Hierophant
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard
Holy Zealots
– Monolith Bearer
Knight Exemplar
Vassal of Menoth
Vassal Mechanik

Choir of Menoth (min)I like the list, and it has a lot of utility built into it, but I would keenly feel the lack of a Devout this game… I’m not sure if it’s worth swapping out the Knight Exemplar for a Devout, though. This list is *not* a good Cryx drop due to its reliance on the Judicator to project force at a distance, and the Raiders basically laughing at that.Adam’s list, on the other hand, was as follows:

Asphyxious the Hellbringer (Gaspy3)
– Vociferon
– Cankerworm
Satyxis Blood Witches (max)
– Blood Hag
Satyxis Raiders (max)
– Sea Witch (controlling a spout of water! It’s cool!)
Gerlak Slaughterborn
Darragh Wrathe
War Witch Siren
Pistol Wraith
Pistol Wraith
Mechanithralls (unknown number: many)
Necrosurgeon and Stitch Thralls

Soul Hunters (max)

A lot of solos, and swarms of infantry… Adam called this list “They Can’t Kill ‘Em All”, which seems an appropriate moniker. Certainly Gerlak loves being with the Blood Hag, and Carnage on Gaspy really cranks him up to 11… and I certainly wished I had the foresight to bring Aiyana and Holt!

Scenario was “Incoming” (two 12×6 zones, one friendly and one enemy, 2 objectives, one friendly and one enemy. Objectives give boosted damage to Light Artillery, 1CP for destroying enemy objective, dominating friendly zone, or controlling enemy zone, and 2CPs for dominating enemy zone).

Rolled initative, Adam won, and it was all downhill from there.


Soul Hunters and Mechanithralls on left with Necrosurgeon and Vociferon, Gaspy in the middle with Gerlak and Darragh, Blood Witches slightly to the right of center, then Siren, and both Pistol Wraiths to the right.
Raiders AD on the far right (opposite Judicator), Canker on left (opposite Blessing of Vengeance).


As for my deployment, the Judicator went on the hill on the right. Severius and his Heirophant went behind the house in the middle, while the Zealots and Knights went on the left.
Errants AD in front of Judicator opposite Raiders, and Wracks scattered away from my units/models. Also, the Choir and both Vassals (of Menoth and Mechanik) deploy behind the Judicator.

With that, I am ready to sacrifice wave after wave of my men in order to be a speed bump to the unstoppable tide of the undead!


Cryx Turn 1

Adam elects not to hand out any Focus with Gaspy, and we begin.
The Mechanithralls run forward. The Necrosurgeon runs up behind them.
Cankerworm walks forward and then “Gaspy-moves” forward a bit more, putting his toes into friendly zone, if he had toes.
Gerlak runs forward.
Vociferon runs towards middle of the table.
Darragh moves forward and uses “Death Ride” which results in Gaspy moving 1″ towards Raiders and the Mechanithralls shuffle forward.
Gaspy moves towards Raiders, casts “Ashen Veil” on them, and “Scything Touch” on the Soul Hunters.
Soul Hunters then run forward and spread out.
Blood Witches run forward and pop their mini-Feat (Incorporeal)
Pistol Wraiths both run forward into the forest.
Lastly, the Raiders run forward, leaving Sea Witch in the forest.

DSC03743 DSC03745 DSC03744 DSC03746

Menoth Turn 1

Adam has moved up cautiously (for a Cryxian advance, at least), and kept the majority of his army behind the mid-line. I’m hoping for a few lucky scatters from the Judicator and so I allocate it 2 (bringing its total up to 3 from the 1 Focus it auto-allocates itself), and camp the rest of my stack.
The Hierophant Harmoniously Exalts, and the Choir sings Battle. I’m sorely tempted to call that particular combination “Does Menoth-stuff”, since I have to write it once every turn for every game I play as Menoth… anyway, they do.
Severius tucks up close to the house. For the rest of the game, he does not move once… in fact, I don’t physically touch him for the rest of the game, just his Focus! At least he’s more-or-less safe there… He casts Defender’s Ward on the Errants, Vision on Blessing (BoV), and Eye of Menoth on himself.
The Judicator activates and walks forward, tucking up as close to the Errants as possible. 2 Rocket attacks and an Ancillary Rocket attack later, and I’ve hit mountains and mountains of nothing. Awful luck, and not a good sign for things to come…

Judicator activates and walks forward right behind Errants but still on hill. Lobs out 2 rockets and gets 3rd from Ancillary: everything scatters harmlessly by a mile.
Errants walk forward. They open fire, killing 5 Witches and 1 Raider (needing 11s to hit the Raiders).
Knights run up behind Errants
Zealots pray for No Spells and run forward, spreading out and sending 2 far forward as bai… scouts. As scouts.
Blessing walks towards middle of the table, wishing he had a Focus to run.

DSC03747 DSC03751 DSC03749

Cryx Turn 2

Adam is normally a cold, hard man… chiseled by the frozen, barren tundra which we call “Southern Ontario” into a man as hard as the stone, as cold as the howling winter winds. It has been many a year since the grim, ragged face of Adam has smiled, his heart pumping but ice through his veins and his eyes full of sorrow and death.
But as he gazed upon his army, pristine save the slightest of wounds, and the number of troops aligned before him… grim, cold Adam smiled.
And then he giggled like a school girl while clutching his dice. Very unsettling.

Gaspy drops Scything Touch from the Soul Hunters, upkeeps Ashen Veil, and camps the rest of his Focus.
He activates first, moves forward, and casts “Carnage”, catching most of my front line of Errants within its bubble. He camps the last 3 Focus, preparing to watch the ensuing slaughter from the shade of a nearby forest.
The Blood Witches activate and charge forward. They manage to Gang up and kill 1 Knight Exemplar and 2 Errants: they use their foul sorcery to convert one of my Errants into a puff of smoke, and get a lucky POW6 blast to kill a Zealot.
Vociferon, cursing that he missed souls, ran forward behind the Witches.
Darragh activates, moves up, and uses “Death Ride”. Gaspy shuffles forward 1″ to catch more of my Errants. Mechanithralls and Soul Hunters shuffle forward a bit.
The Raiders then charge. My DEF14, ARM18 Errants melt before their mini-Feat attacks… Adam kills 6 (despite some clever self-sacs from the one Errant out of range of the Blood Hag) effortlessly. Vociferon fills up on 3 Souls.
The Soul Hunters activate next, getting Charge/Run orders. Only 1 manages to get distance on the closest Zealot, but misses his Charge attack. The rest just jam forward into my Zealots.
The Mechnithralls activate and charge, killing 2 Zealots and jamming forward.
The Necrosurgeon activates and runs up behind the Mechnithralls.
Adam activates his first Pistol Wraith, which walks forward and *barely* manages to get the Judicator in range (boo). Three shots later and the Judicator has taken 4 points of damage and has been Death Chilled (boo!).
The other Pistol Wraith runs up onto the hill behind the Raiders.
The War Witch Siren activates, moves forward, and sprays a Knight Exemplar, hitting 2 and killing both.
Lastly, Gerlak activates and moves forward into the open.

DSC03752 DSC03756 DSC03754 DSC03753

Menoth Turn 2

So in a single activation, I have lost 8 of my 12 Errants (only 3 remaining have weapons), and my Judicator is now stuck looking not in the direction I need him looking. I suppose it could be worse… off hand, I’m not sure how. I over-extended, and Adam punished me for it. Could I recover?
2 Focus goes onto the Judicator, Sevy upkeeps Vision, Eye of Menoth, and Defender’s Ward.
The Hierophant exalts, the Choir sings Battle.
The Errants go next, shuffling around a little to clear space for the Judicator’s Flamethrowers. 3 attacks later, and I’ve managed to kill… nothing. Couldn’t find an 8 to hit with both hands.
Judicator activates and forfeits movement. First rocket goes streaking towards the Raider Sea Witch… needs a 14 to hit, I boost… and miss. It scatters away pointlessly.
First Flamethrower hits 3 Raiders. Needs 8s to hit… and I miss all 3 times. Oh joy.
Second rocket reaches out to hit Gerlak… boost damage, and manage to wipe out the general (who then fails his Tough!). Well, that’s something at least.
The Ancillary shot fires a rocket at Vociferon (just sneaking LoS past the cloud). I hit, and manage to wipe out the little assistant.
The Zealots activate and pop their mini-Feat and pray for +2/+2 for hits and damage. They shuffle around (ignoring Free Strikes… giving Cryx a small taste of their own medicine), and I manage to get one behind the Soul Hunters and unengaged by anything. That one lobs a bomb at the Necrosurgeon, but sadly misses. Still hits on the scatter, but only inflicts 2 points (curses!). The rest of the unit wipe out 3 Soul Hunters and 6 Mechnaithralls.
Blessing of Vengeance moves forward, careful to avoid engaging anything.
Sevy activates, pulls a Focus off a Wrack (boom) and arcs Ashes to Ashes through Blessing at the Necrosurgeon. He hits, rolls 5 additional targets: wipes out the Necrosurgeon, 3 Mechanithralls and a Stitchthrall, and I boost damage on Cankerworm… cranking the damage (14 points!) and crippling its Movement.
POW13 Ashes to Ashes? Yeah, pretty legit.
The Knights activate. 1 Charges a Soul Hunter (wipes it out), another Charges the Blood Hag (misses), and the last runs to engage the War Witch Siren.
With that, my turn is done and Adam scores his first CP for controlling my zone… the score is now 1-0 for Cryx.

DSC03758 DSC03761 DSC03760

Cryx Turn 3

If Adam’s turn 2 was a hammer blow to the soft, vulnerable jibblies, my turn 2 was a gentle tap to the side of the head… of a bronze statue. Aside from killing a few “utility” pieces (namely the Necrosurgeon, Gerlak, and Vociferon), I haven’t actually stopped Adam’s capability to make war. His army was still fully functional… and I was rapidly running out of tools.

Nevertheless, Gaspy starts by dropping Ashen Veil and camping his full stack.
Gaspy goes first, moving to put his toes into the back of my zone. He casts “Carnage” and puts “Scything Touch” on the Raiders. He camps the last 2 Focus.
The Blood Witches shuffle around and kill a Knight Exemplar and an Errant. Another puff of smoke goes up, while the POW6 blast pings off another Errant’s armour.
The Raiders activate. 3 are being engaged by 1 of my last Errants, but 6 others manage to charge onto the Judicator. The 3 stuck by my Errant manage to kill him (no surprise), and the 6 charging my Judicator get 5 successful charge attacks and 1 CMA from all 6 horns. The net result is 30 points of damage and 5 Feedback to Sevy. Thankfully, nothing is crippled.
The Mechanithralls activate and Charge. 2 get on Blessing of Vengeance, while a few others smack a couple Zealots. The first charge on Blessing hits but triggers Vision, while the second smacks him with a Combo Strike for 8 points of damage.
The last Soul Hunter activates and runs over between Blessing and Gaspy.
Darragh moves up to the edge of the zone and projects his bubble of -2POW to living models.
The Pistol Wraiths both activate and open fire on the Judicator, hitting all 6 times and inflicting next-to-no damage but Death Chilling it (Adam forgot for a moment that Death Chill doesn’t stack).
Cankerworm shuffles over a little, and Adam’s turn is over! He scores 2 more CPs for dominating my zone, bringing the score to 3-0.

DSC03763 DSC03767 DSC03766 DSC03765 DSC03764

Menoth Turn 3

Well… this is a bad situation. The odds of me getting something into the zone is low… Blessing has the best odds, but even there it isn’t a great chance. I decide that the best (only) way to pull this off is an assassination, and thankfully Gaspy is only camping 2 Focus… so Sevy gives 2 Focus to the Judicator, upkeeps Eye of Menoth and Defender’s Ward, and we’re off…
Hierophant exalts, Choir sings Battle.
Judicator activates and forfeits his movement (which sucks, because I really wanted to get both rockets onto Gaspy!). First rocket goes screeching into the iron lich… and hits! At dice-2 damage, I manage to inflict 9 points… not bad, not bad… and the secondary blast scatters onto Gaspy as well! Realizing that this is the only other time I will be able to spend Focus on Gaspy to hurt him, I boost the blast damage, but at dice-9 only inflict a single point.
I then completely and utterly forget that the Judicator has flamethrowers. Which is very, very stupid… could’ve made a huge difference to wipe out a few Witches and Raiders (assuming my rolls decided to wake up!).
I give the Judicator an Ancillary Attack at Gaspy… but needing an 11 to hit, I miss. The blasts both hit him, and both fail to wound.
The Zealots shuffle around a little and kill the Mechanithrall still engaging Blessing, and try to kill the Soul Hunter (but fail). One gets on Cankerworm and hits him with his little mace for 4 or 5 damage.
The Soul Hunter is still in the way of Blessing, and he’s gotta go, so I charge in with the last Knight Exemplar. He hits and manages to reduce the undead centaur into a fine ashen-grey mist.
Blessing of Vengeance activates and walks towards Gaspy… and wishes he had a Focus to run! Why didn’t I give him a Focus to run into the zone, hmm? Stupid, stupid… anyway, he doesn’t have it, so he just moves over.
Sevy activates, pulls a Focus from a Wrack (boom), and arcs “Ashes to Ashes” through Blessing onto Darragh… I hit! Now I just need to roll a 6 for number of additional targets… sadly, I only get 2. Darragh survives, but I do kill both the War Witch Siren and the Blood Hag. Small measure of vengeance there.
Sevy then pops his Feat, just catching Gaspy in the zone. Cause why not?
Lastly, the Standard activates and walks into the zone. Who know, miracles happen.
The score stays at 3-0 for Cryx.

DSC03773 DSC03772

Cryx Turn 4

Sure, he has no Focus, but Adam also only has to kill 1 model… he’s not exactly worried. Scything Touch must drop (no Focus).
The Blood Witches activate and shuffle around behind my Standard Bearer to clear a charge lane for Darragh, just in case. However, it turns out to be completely unnecessary… the 2nd (of 6) attacks manages to both hit and pierce Armour.
Adam ends his turn and scores 2 more CP, taking the win for Cryx!

Post Game Analysis

Okay, so I knew it was going to be an uphill battle the turn Adam wiped out most of my Errants… he played a solid game, made few mistakes (and they were minor), and as usual I was all over the place.

I think placing the Judicator on the hill was actually a bad idea… it put him in a position that was too hard to protect, and removed his ability to target things that could actually be hurt by his rockets. Additionally, putting the Errants against the Raiders was a very, very bad idea… I love my Errants, and they are unquestionably one of the best units in the game, but they are utterly outclassed by the Raiders.

Which is not to say the game was unwinnable, but it is to say that I needed Adam to make more mistakes for me to have much of a chance. Sevy’s +1/+1 from Eye of Menoth is trumped by Ashen Veil (-2 to hit), and Defender’s Ward is screwed completely by Carnage (+2 to hit) and Scything Touch (+2 Damage). The only tool I had over Adam was “Ashes to Ashes”, and I didn’t get it into the right place soon enough… not giving Blessing Focus to run over towards the Raiders was a mistake.

Still, fun game, and it never really felt hopeless… but this wasn’t a good Cryx-drop.

Thanks for reading! Comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome!

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