Podcast 036 – Mercs Vs. Circle – Bartolo Vs. pKrueger

This week on the podcast we present a game between my forces of Mercenaries and Todd’s Circle.

Marc: Aaron’s connection gets dropped pretty early into the podcast, but through the magic of editing, I doubt you guys will even notice! This is a super-fun episode, and a huge thank you to Todd for being our guest host this week!

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Now, back to Nick’s commentary:

I brought 2 casters which I had not yet played. A Fiona the Black list which has Boomhowlers, lots of Kayazy and Alexia and the following Bartolo list.

Wrong Eye
*Snap Jaw
*Bull Snapper
Max Steelhead Halbs
Max Nyss Hunters
Dougal MacNaile
Gobber Tinker

This is was first time using Bart and this list seemed strong. They only thing I’m not sure about in the list are the Nyss hunters.

Todd brought a Grayle list but I suspected, since he had just finished painting the other caster that he was going to take his pKrueger list:

*Riphorn Satyr
*Warpwolf Stalker
Una the Falconer
*Razonwing Griffon (Trample-y)
*Rotterhorn Griffon (Shriek-y)
Gallows Grove
Gallows Grove
Shifting Stones
Shifting Stones
Blackclad Wayfairer

I don’t know what this list can do really but I know I don’t want to bring Fiona and her infantry swarm against it.

The Scenario is Process of Elimination (2 Vertical 12 x 6 zones with an objective in the middle which contests the zone)

I won the starting die roll and I chose to go first because I didn’t see a big advantage on either side of the table.


I pre-deploy the Galleon opposite the left zone.  The Tinker and Dougal go to his left.  To the right is Bart and Wrong Eye and his battlegroup, then the Steelheads, the Nomad and the Nyss Hunters on the right side.   IMG_3684IMG_3686

Todd deployed Krueger and his battlegroup in the center, and Una’s on the left side of the table and the stones and trees ADed in front.

IMG_3683  IMG_3685

Mercs Turn 1

-Galleon and Nomad each get a focus
-Galleon and Nomad both run forward their full 10″
-Tinker and Dougal run up behind the Galleon.
-Snap Jaw runs forward
-Bull Snapper runs Forward
-Wrong Eye walks up and puts Spiny Growth on the Galleon.
-Nyss Hunters run forward and spread out as much as they can on the right flank
-Steelheads run forward and spread out in the middle.
-Bart puts Hot Shot on the Galleon and charges a Shifting Stone and bumps into Snap Jaw

IMG_3687 IMG_3688 IMG_3689 IMG_3690

Circle Turn 1

-The tree on the left teleports forward and to the right towards the Nyss.
-The shifting stones teleport into some nifty Bow-tie shaped formation which is undoubtedly intended to make my life hell.
-The Satyr runs up into the right side of the stone formation
-Megalith runs up into the Middle of the Stone formation. He was going to Geomancy a chain lighting onto a Nyss but he didn’t have line of sight.
-Stalker also runs up in behind Megalith.
-Blackclad runs up
-Gorax runs up behind Megalith
-Krueger walks up behind the building and puts Skyborne on himself (+2 DEF,SPD and flight). He arcs Chain Lightning through the Tree onto the Nyss. He boosts and hits and rolls 2 additional targets and 3 Nyss die. No damage rolls required.
-Una runs up behind the tiny fence.
-Thrulg runs up on the far left flank behind the fence.
Both of Una’s Griffons run up towards the left zone.

IMG_3691 IMG_3692

IMG_3693 IMG_3694

Mercs Turn 2

-Upkept Hot Shot and gave Galleon 2 focus.
-Dougal Artillerists Galleon
-Galleon walks forward into the zone and rolls 2 total cannonball shots. The 2 shots kill a stone from each unit. So no more teleporting shenanigans for Todd. Capital!!
-Tinker walked up behind Galleon
-Wrong Eye put Spiny on Snap Jaw and the Galleon and walked up.
-Snap Jaw riled for 1 and ran forward to screen the Galleon.
-Bull Snapper walked forward and put Spiny on Wrong Eye.
-Nyss Hunter walked forward and do a big CRA to kill the Tree.
-Nomad walked forward.
-Steelheads ran forward and tried not to clump, unsuccessfully
-Bart walked up out of the kill box, cast Batten Down the Hatches and popped his feat.

IMG_3695 IMG_3696 IMG_3697 IMG_3698

Circle Turn 2
-Una went put and put the Shrieky Griffon’s animus on the Blackclad (lets you do a *action after your activation)
-Stones Teleport around. Each unit teleports to contest one of the zones.
-Blackclad walks forward and sprays 2 Halberdiers dead and teleports beack behind some stones using his *action.
-Megalith Geomancies Lighting Tendrils onto himself and charges the objective in the right zone. It takes 3 attacks to finish the objective and 3 Nyss also die from the electroleaps.
-Krueger moved up and feated put down templates on the Nyss and Halberdiers in the zone and another clump of steelheads. he feat kills 1 Nyss and 4 steelheads. He tried to fire a Tornado at the Nomad to throw him out of the zone and rolled snake eyes to hit.
-Satyr walked towards the right zone staying safely away from Bart’s control area.
-The Stalker and the Gorax rile but stay where they are.
-The Shrieky Griffon advances forward to toe in the left zone.
-Trample-y Griffon riled for 2
-Thrulg ran around the left flank.
-Tree teleported into the left zone.

IMG_3699 IMG_3700 IMG_3701 IMG_3702 IMG_3703

Mercs Turn 3
-Nomad gets 2 focus and Bart upkeeps hotshot.
-Dougal move toward the center of the board and artillerists Galleon
-Nomad Charges Megalith and does good damaage crippling his mind.
-Galleon activates and get 1 shot on the left and 2 on the right. He starts by firing the Harpoon at Megalith but missess. It also misses the Nomad so nothing happens. Right cannon ball fired at Blackclad and missed. It scatter onto the Shrieky Griffon and did 1 point. Second shot hit and killed the Blackclad and put 1 or 2 points on each stone. The left shot killed the Tree, 1 of my Halberdiers and put 2 damage on the Objective.
-Tinker aimed and fired at the Thrulg and missed with snake eyes.
-Wrong Eye put Spiny on the Galleon and moved towards the center of the Board to keep Snap Jaw in his control area.
-Snap Jaw charges in on Megalith and finishes him on his first bought attack.
-Nyss moved up and with Cylena aiming fired a CRA at Krueger and did 2 points of damage.
-Steelheads charged in a did 1 damage each to a shifting stone.
-I ran out of time here but I use my extension just to activate Bart and cast Batten Down the Hatches
-Bull Snapper also walks toward the middle and puts Spiny on Wrong Eye.

IMG_3704 IMG_3705 IMG_3706 IMG_3707 IMG_3708

Circle Turn 3
-Gorax primaled the Satyr
-Shifting stones shift.
-Satyr charged in a killed Snap Jaw
-Krueger moves up and Tornadoes the Nomad out of the zone toward the middle. Krueger shoots a stone to electroleap to a Nyss.
-Una aimed and shot a Halberdier.
-Shrieky Griffon advanced and killed a Halberdier
-Trample-y Griffon charges the objective and only did 9 damage to it with all its fury.
-Thrulg charges the Galleon and was just in range by a cunt hair and could do any damage but his attacks remove upkeeps and animi on hit.
-Stalker just repositioned

IMG_3709 IMG_3710 IMG_3711

Mercs Turn 4
-Galleon get 1, Nomad get 3 and shakes knockdown.
-Bart puts Hot Shot on the Galleon.
-Dougal Artillerists the Galleon
-Tinker charges the Thrulg and misses.
-Wrongeye puts Spiny on the Galleon and toes into the right zone.
-Bull Snapper puts Spiny on Wrongeye and walks up B2B with him so he can’t be thrown out.
-Galleon fires a cannonball at the left objective and kills it and damages the Griffon for a few points. Fires another cannonball at the Satyr and does a couple point. Fires the Harpoon at the Satyr and pulls it in to the Nomad and does 5 damage.
-The Nomad walks around the Satyr to toe into the zone and hits the Satyr with his initial ans 2 bought sword attacks and does pretty decent damage but doesn’t cripple anything.
-Nyss hunters activate. Cylena moves into the corner of the zone and another one aims and they shoot at Krueger and do 5 damage which gets transferred to the Gorax.
-The last Steelhead charges a Griffon and does 5 damage to it.

IMG_3712 IMG_3713 IMG_3714 IMG_3715 IMG_3716

Circle Turn 4
-Griffon frenzies on the Halb and kills it.
-The Satyr frenzies on the Nomad and does a couple points of damage.
-Gorax primals the Stalker.
-Stalker charges the Nomad, trying to get Wrongeye into melee as well, but he can’t quite get him. He does wreck the Nomad on the 3rd fury.
-Thrulg hits the Galleon again to smack off his upkeeps.
-Stones teleport into the middle of the board to keep Galleon from getting to the right zone.
-Krueger moved up to try to kill Cylena and Wrong Eye with melee attacks. He needed a 10 to hit Cylena and boosted an missed his initial. Buy and boost and he misses again. At this pint Todd cuts his losses and puts Skyborne on Krueger.
-Una moved over to the right zone followed by one of her Griffons.

IMG_3717 IMG_3718 IMG_3719 IMG_3720 IMG_3721

Mercs Turn 5
-Krueger is in the middle of my stuff and has 2 tranfers so I’m gonna try to kill him.
-Bart gave 2 to the Galleon
-The remaining 2 Nyss charged Krueger. Cylena misses but the other one had the back arc bonus and hit (still needed a 9) and did 10 Damage which used his first transfer.
-Bart put Hot Shot on the Galleon and moved over and sprayed across Krueger and 1 of the Nyss. He missed the Nyss and boosted to hit Krueger and hit. He did a few points of damage which Krueger took.
-Wrong Eye charged into Krueger and missed his boosted charge attack, he bought another and boosed and hit and did enough damage to force the last transfer.
-Bull Snapper charged in and boosted needing 12 and hit him putting Krueger into the dirt.

IMG_3722 IMG_3723 IMG_3724 IMG_3725

Victory to Mercs!!

Post Game Analysis (Added by Marc for now, certain Nick will come along and replace it with his own thoughts soon!):

This is a fun one… on the one hand, Nick only won because Todd was super-forgiving of a few of his critical mistakes (moving the Nomad, changing its facing afterwards, etc… etc… etc…). On the other hand, if we assume that Nick had played it clean, Todd over-extended Krueger… sure, the Galleon was going to be a problem, but he *probably* had one more turn to deal with the things in the zone? Ish? Una and her pet birds weren’t doing a lot because of her small CTRL range, but in my opinion, Todd should’ve tried to arc a Chain Lightning onto the Galleon early in the game to clear out as much of the support for it as possible… a couple good bounces takes out the Gobber, Wrong Eye, and Dougal, and suddenly the fight is back on more even footing.

I also don’t agree with his assessment that destroying an ARM24 Galleon was impossible. Difficult, certainly, but with a Warpwolf Feral AND a Riphorn Satyr? It’s gonna get done… probably. Especially if the Thrulg charges in and clears out the upkeeps/animi (which it did several times). A bit more energy from his warbeasts into wrecking that colossus would’ve served him well!

Anyway, that’s it from me (and chances are good that most of you won’t even see this commentary, after Nick deletes it and replaces it with his own!). Comments, questions, and and feedback is always welcome!

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One thought on “Podcast 036 – Mercs Vs. Circle – Bartolo Vs. pKrueger

  1. Could not hear the podcast, but reading the report and looking at the pics I saw something strange:
    The nomad moved after the riphorn smashed into snapjaw. Very strange as no throw/slam was reported to happen… (I think it might be a oversight in the battrep)

    other then that: A nice (and maybe a bit of an uphill) battle. well played.

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